Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker: Best Software For Running Group Coaching Programs With 2+ Days Of Live In-person Coaching, Speeches, Panels & Interviews With The Exact Step By Step Strategy For Selling, Delivering Then Scaling Virtual Events & Challenges And Access to LIVE Speakers + Q&A

Welcome to Virtual Event Summit review my Sam Bakker. This is the base software for running Group Coaching Programs. It includes a wide range of features that help users to sell, create and manage their group coaching programs.

Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker

Did you Ever heard that if you want to make money online you need a product you can sell?

These days… technology, ideas and products are evolving faster than ever before… the old model worked a few
yeas ago but now its almost a guaranteed way to lose to your competition. Why? Because top marketers know that you need to sell in advance then deliver later.

Think about it? Why spend weeks building products without knowing if anyone will buy it or not… when you can immediately start selling from the idea stage – then deliver on that idea in the future.

It might be easier than you think it is… Answer these questions do find out:

1. Do you create products before you sell them?
2. Do you get stuck or lost while trying to make money online?
3. Have you been spending more time learning that taking action?

Well then – Virtual Event Summit is here to help you. THIS is the ‘New Model’ top marketers are using to test, launch and grow their brands. And now you can use it to… here’s how:

Sam Bakker started using this very model earlier this year and since has made hundreds of thousands of dollars ‘Pre-selling’ products then delivering them in the future. He is a 7 figure marketer who has put together an event where over 3 days he’s going to share a NEW model of making money online… it’s called: Virtual Event Summit” Sell, Deliver THEN Scale.

On the event Sam will show you how he pre-sells EVERYTHING… THEN delivers it into the future. And how ANYONE can do it to!

This Virtual Event will run from the 23rd of September until the 25th… it’s going to feature a number of leading speakers, coaches and marketers using Virtual Events to skyrocket profits.

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Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker
Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker
Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker
Virtual Event Summit Review by Sam Bakker

What works in 2022 is different from what worked in 2021… these days if you’re building products before you sell them you’re doing it wrong and you’re missing out.

The New Model for 2022 that’s working is: SELL – Sell your idea, DELIVER – Deliver it fast, And SCALE – Get the word out to more people as you improve your offering.

If you’re not using this model right now I have some amazing news… Sam Bakker is an expert at this new model – it’s what he’s done to generate hundreds of thousands this year alone… he helps his clients to sell at the idea stage then
deliver products customers LOVE.

And he’s running a one-time private 3 day workshop that’s going to show you how to do the same. With your ticket you receive everything you need to apply this new model in your business to immediately profit:

  • 2+ days of LIVE in-person coaching, speeches, panels & interviews.
  • The exact step by step strategy for selling, delivering then scaling Virtual Events & Challenges.
  • Access to LIVE Speakers + Q&A
  • 1-on-1 networking with 1000+ attendees
  • Customizeable agenda
  • 3 Week all-access replays
  • Download process & resource documents
  • Note-taking guide
  • $1000s in giveaways
  • And much much more…

Not only will Sam reveal how to sell more from your Virtual Events but he’s going to be joined by other 6 and 7 figure marketers doing the same thing… network with them, build relationships and grow your own successful business with their help.

This Virtual Event Summit strategy is working better than every other model out there right now. Why? EXPECTATIONS…

  • When someone buys a course from you they EXPECT you to deliver it right away.
  • When someone joins your community they EXPECT to hear from you frequently.
  • When someone buys tickets to a Virtual Event they EXPECT to get access to the event at the time in the future you say.

So when you sell tickets to a Virtual Event Summit your customers EXPECT to receive access to that event during the dates that you say they will gain access.

So you can set a date months in advance… sell tickets, then when you’re ready maybe 1 – 2 months before the start time of the event you can start putting things together.

Benefits of Virtual Event Summit by Sam Bakker

When you gain access today you’ll receive a notification of your purchase and a ticket to the event. 2 weeks before the event begins you will receive logins to an event lobby. In this event lobby you’ll be able to watch the event stream live. Recordings will be available after the event has finished.

  • Proven & tested Funnels. Walkaway with the exact funnels we use to sell from our Virtual Events. Use our proven, tested sales funnel. Apply it immediately to your business or your clients business to make money utilizing this new model.
  • Downloadable process & resource documents. Walkaway with our downloadable processes for running slick, profit-pulling Virtual Events. Download and printable process sheets that outline the entire strategy and every step. Follow this process sheet and apply each step.
  • Note taking guide. Pre-created to make note taking effortless for you. Join our customized online notebook to fill in notes you learn from each day. You can use this to save ‘takeaways’ and breakthroughs from the event.
  • 3 Month replay pass. Watch, rewatch whenever it suits you. You can watch the replays from this event at anytime for 3 months after the event.
  • $1000+ In Giveaways. Win prizes throughout the event. Attendees will automatically go in the draw to win $1000+ in prizes. You qualify immediately when you reserve your ticket.


  • Start selling immediately because you can sell from the ‘Idea’ you have without having to create anything first.
  • Make more money because you’re able to dedicate the time you need to sell your training in advance before having to work towards delivering it.
  • Discover what your audience actually wants before you have to create or deliver anything. Your customers will tell you.
  • Build better products because your attendees tell you what they want to learn at your Virtual Event or what they want inside of your product.


Join me as I reveal over 3 days the ONLY training that will show you how you can apply this NEW model to generate thousands of dollars selling tickets, THEN delivering your product as a Virtual Event in the future.

Virtual Event Summit by Sam Bakker – How to get started?

Reserve your ticket below. The price will continue to rise right up until the virtual event begins on the 23rd of September 2022. The event will run over 3 days. Each day will include different talks and a strategy for creating and profiting from your very own virtual event.

>> Go here now to get access: Reserve your ticket to Virtual Event Summit

Remember: Don’t get seduced by anyone selling anything using one of the older, tired methods mentioned above. Join a community utilizing new technology to drive change through this new model with the help of Virtual Events. You will not regret this if you act and join us for this 3 day Live Virtual Event. This WORKS and it absolutely will make a difference for you and speed up your journey online.