ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality : Create 3D Augmented Reality Video Marketing Materials That Sell Products, Build Lists, Generate Leads, And More As Users Interact

Step into the future of online shopping with AI-AR tech! Nowadays, most shopping happens on the internet, right? Well, the big brands that will succeed in the next year or two are the ones that let shoppers try stuff out using ‘augmented reality’ (AR). And guess what? Now you can do that too, with ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality!

It’s like magic – you can make AR experiences without needing extra apps or gadgets. Your customers can check out products in AR while they’re shopping online, no weird app downloads needed. Plus, you can create cool 3D AR ads that grab attention and boost sales. It’s like bringing the store to your customers’ screens!

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality Review & Training

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality Video Marketing is the groundbreaking cloud-based tool making waves in the marketing world. It’s designed for anyone, even those without technical skills, to craft captivating 3D video augmented reality experiences effortlessly. With ARMagic, you can make awesome augmented reality experiences without needing to know any fancy code. Just pick from lots of ready-made 3D scenes or search for cool stuff in the huge library of 3D things. It works on any device right away, and you don’t have to download any extra apps or buy special gadgets.

Plus, you can easily build your own scenes super fast with the drag-and-drop editor – no coding required! With ARMagic™, you can also easily create: ordinary web pages, landing pages, business cards, flyers, and more, and transform them into extraordinary, interactive AR wonders. And here’s the best part – no need for users to download any apps or buy extra gadgets to enjoy the experience. It’s a surefire way to grab attention, get more leads, and sell more stuff, and there’s even more cool stuff to discover!

If you’re tired of trying to sell the same old services to clients… or you’re a biz owner looking for a BRAND NEW way to grab attention and make more sales… then augmented reality is the HOTTEST tech breakthrough that you can’t afford to miss!

This innovative app is not just about fun and games; it’s a powerful tool for online businesses too. With its Commercial technology feature, you can effortlessly create and sell futuristic AR marketing campaigns to businesses. It’s like running your own agency, but with minimal competition and maximum profit potential. Say hello to the future of marketing with ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality. See ARMagic in action here!

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality

ARMagic Features

Get ready to boost your online business with ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality! These days, most of us buy and sell stuff on the internet, right? Well, to stay ahead, it’s time to try something new: augmented reality (AR). ARMagic makes it easy, no fancy apps or gadgets needed. Whether you’re a big brand or a small shop, ARMagic helps you stand out online. Say goodbye to boring shopping and hello to exciting AR experiences! Let’s see how ARMagic can make your business shine!

Here’s a detailed breakdown of ARMagic’s incredible features that set it apart from any other tool:

  • Interactive 3D Augmented Reality Experience Maker: Create captivating 3D augmented reality marketing materials that do more than just showcase products – they sell them, build lists, and generate leads as users interact with them.
  • Drag & Drop Zero Code Editor: Build your AR scenes effortlessly with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Add images, videos, 3D models, and more exactly where you want them.
  • Big DFY Augmented Reality Scenes Library: Access a vast library of pre-built 3D AR scenes covering a wide range of niches. Customize these scenes to fit your brand or start from scratch with endless possibilities.
  • Magical QR Codes or Images: Create QR codes or images that unlock immersive 3D AR experiences with just a scan. Engage your audience like never before with this magical touch.
  • Skyrocket Leads, Sales, & Brand Recognition: Place your 3D AR experiences anywhere – on websites, lead pages, business cards, flyers, and more. Stand out from the crowd and boost your marketing effectiveness.
  • Huge 3D Assets Library to Pick From: Explore a vast library of 3D models and assets by simply typing a keyword. Choose the perfect elements to enhance your AR experiences.
  • Built-in Ads, Business Card, & Flyer Builder: Customize your marketing materials with ease using ARMagic’s built-in templates. Personalize cards, flyers, ads, and more to feature your magic QR code prominently.
  • Import Your Own Marketing Materials: Incorporate your existing videos, images, and 3D assets into your augmented reality scenes. Seamlessly integrate your brand assets for a cohesive marketing experience.
  • Preview Products in Augmented Reality: Let customers visualize how your products will look in their homes before making a purchase. Increase online sales by providing this immersive shopping experience.
  • No Apps or Hardware Needed: Unlike other AR builders, ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality requires no additional downloads or hardware. Users can interact with your AR scenes hassle-free, boosting engagement and conversion rates.
  • Commercial Rights Tech: Unlock the potential to run your own AI-AR marketing agency with ARMagic. Leverage the growing demand for AR marketing materials and start selling your creations for lucrative profits, just like many others are doing.

The future of marketing involves switching from boring 2D marketing materials to immersive 3D augmented reality experiences that captivate attention. Small biz owners are seeing big companies doing futuristic AR marketing to rake in billions & want in too.

The problem is that creating 3D interactive augmented reality experiences is super expensive for the little guy and requires downloading external apps. But, now you with this amazing tools you can easily transforms boring marketing materials into magical 3D interactive augmented reality video ones & sell them to biz owners. This lets you run a highly lucrative agency with almost no competition from complete scratch.

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality

Unique Features Never Seen Before In Any App Include

  • Launch AR-Enabled Marketing Campaigns Lighting Fast. Breathe new life into your products, boost sales, raise brand awareness and increase customer loyalty with interactive augmented reality marketing campaigns.
    » AR Sales Campaigns. Advertise products and include links to buy them.
    » AR Lead Generation Campaigns. Add optIn forms and CTAs to AR experiences to build your list quickly.
    » Interactive eCommerce Product Experiences. Let users try on and showcase products in their own home without driving to a store.
    » Social Media Viral Experiences. Add social media and WhatsApp links to make your pages and social media skyrocket in popularity.
    » Augmented any type of product packaging. Add AR experiences to product packaging to increase sales and brand recognition.
    » Educational Experiences. Educate your buyers with any AR element you want for an immersive experience that will get them to buy again from you.
    » AI Easy-to-Use Zero Code Editor. Simply choose a template, drag and drop images, videos, 3D models and other assets onto your scene, add buttons and actions then hit publish and you’re done!
  • Big DFY Augmented Reality Scenes Library. Choose from tons of already pre-built 3D scenes in small business niches like insurance, florist, event planning, ice cream parlor, real estate agents, marketing services, restaurants, and more.
  • Tons of AR Assets to Build From. Choose from many amazing 3D assets to build your incredible augmented reality experience. Just type a keyword and pick from tons of 3D augmented reality assets. Preview what it will look and add to your 3D video scene in just a click.
  • Built-in Ads, Business Card, & Flyer Bulder. Automatically place your AR QR code directly into ads, business cards or flyers and edit them in the cloud. Customize everything how you want by adding text, editing layers, adding shapes and emojis, then exporting to the dimensions of your choice.
  • DFY Templates for Magic QR-Codes. Choose from already DFY business card, ad, and flyer templates to pop your augmented reality QR code into. These are in the most popular business niches that can match with the augmented reality 3D scenes.
  • Make AR Lead Generation Campaigns. Generate far more leads with AR lead campaigns. Add opt-in forms and CTA videos to interactive AR scenes that engage people and help you build your list faster.
  • Offline or Online Tracking Technology – Display augmented reality content on surfaces of the real world like cards, flyers, packaging, and more. Or create AR experiences on the web like on sites, lead pages, blogs, and more.
  • No Apps or Hardware Needed. For the first time ever, let users experience augmented reality marketing without having to download annoying apps from the app store. Or, have to invest in metaverse and VR gear.
  • Multiscene 3D technology. Recognize multiple images through the same camera view without scanning a QR code each time. Build entire 3D scenes that play out with many parts.
  • Interactive AR Experiences – Let users interact with your AR experience as they view it. Include videos to play and hear, CTA buttons that sell products, social media links that build your tribe, and more.
  • Import Your Own Marketing Materials. Add your own videos, images, icons and more into the app and add them to your augmented reality scenes in a simple tap. Just drag and drop them into place — no coding needed.
  • Wide Range of Supported Content. Combine different types of content to design immersive experiences with realistic 3D models, images, videos, sound effects and music.


  • Fully Cloud-Based App
  • Fast Support & Knowledge-Base
  • Works on Any Device
  • No App or Hardware Needed
  • In-App Training
  • Easy ‘No-Code’ Solution
  • Huge 3D Library
  • Upload Your Own 3D Files
  • And Much More

Why’s ARMagic the Future of Marketing?

Well, it’s because ARMagic makes fancy AR technology super easy and affordable for everyone. Before, making cool AR stuff was hard and expensive, but now, with ARMagic’s simple platform and smart AI, anyone can do it! You don’t need to be a tech whiz or have lots of money – just jump in and start creating.

With ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality, businesses can stand out from the crowd, catch people’s attention in new ways, and sell more stuff. It’s like waving a magic wand over your marketing efforts – making them way cooler and more effective! Here’s how simple it is:

  • Step #1, just pick a ready-made AR template or design your own.
  • Step #2, drag and drop 3D stuff, videos, pictures, and whatever else you want, without needing to know any fancy code.
  • Step #3, turn it into a magic QR code or image that people can scan to see a jaw-dropping 3D video that not only looks cool but also helps you get more leads and sell more stuff.

It’s like turning your marketing into magic! ⇒ Watch Demo Video here!

Types of AR Experiences Possible with ARMagic

The possibilities are endless! Here are just a few examples:

  • Generate Leads: Design AR experiences that entice users to opt-in, boosting your lead generation efforts. With ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality, you can create interactive experiences that capture users’ attention and encourage them to provide their contact information.
  • Educational Content: Develop AR educational experiences tailored for coaches, consultants, and educators. Whether you’re teaching a new skill, explaining complex concepts, or guiding users through a process, ARMagic makes it easy to create engaging and informative content.
  • Sales and Retention Marketing: Craft AR experiences specifically designed to drive sales and enhance customer retention. From interactive product demonstrations to immersive storytelling, ARMagic enables you to create compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results.
  • Virtual Product Try-Ons: Allow users to virtually try out products before making a purchase, eliminating the need for them to visit a physical store. With ARMagic, you can create immersive AR experiences that simulate real-life product interactions, helping customers make informed buying decisions from the comfort of their own home.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of AR experiences you can create with ARMagic. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, educate your audience, drive sales, or enhance the customer experience, ARMagic empowers you to bring your ideas to life in stunning augmented reality.

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality
ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality

ARMagic Beat Your Competition and Sell Like Crazy!

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality is perfect for anyone looking to beat the competition and boost sales. Whether you’re an affiliate, agency, local business owner, coach, e-commerce seller, side hustler, or just starting out, ARMagic has something for you.

Best of all, you don’t need any fancy equipment or special software – ARMagic makes it easy for anyone to create amazing AR experiences. Say goodbye to expensive gear and complicated tech – ARMagic is here to make AR simple and accessible for everyone!

  • Affiliates. Stand out from all the other competitors by offering AR review pages and experiences on your site to build your list.
  • Agencies. Get paid selling magical flyers, sites, cards and more to small businesses offline or online.
  • Local biz Owners. Replace dead flyers, business cards, sites, and packaging with magical ones that get customers talking.
  • Coaches & Consultants. Create AR demonstrations in your info-product materials that brand you as the authority.
  • Ecommerce. Let customers demo products in their house like they actually bought them before buying online.
  • Side Hustlers. Sell AR creation on massive freelance sites where there’s little competition still.
  • Newbies. Overwhelmed on how to make sales online? Start an AI-AR agency that’s different from everyone else.

No special equipment or 3rd Party software needed! Anyone regardless of experience can make these now thanks to ARMagic. There’s… No meta-verse gear needed… VR expensive technology needed… No additional software or apps needed!

ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality Funnel OTO 

Hey, a bunch of people have gotten access to ARMagic™ 3D Augmented Reality & already reporting amazing results. FYI – the ‘bundle deal’ which bundles all the upgrades for a Special price

Or, Get Your Bunlde Deal for all the upgrades here! (Use coupon ARSECRET $50 off)

Here are all the upgrades again:

  • Upgrade #1. ARMagic Gold
    This upgraded, more advanced edition of ARMagic includes the unlimited license and advanced features like… Agency License (15 Accounts) – let clients log into the software to make the AR campaigns how they like, Create Unlimited AR Campaigns, Unlimited AR Experiences, Import Unlimited Assets, Create Unlimited Business Cards, Flyers, & Ads… Get 20 More AR Templates in Hot Niches, Get More Business Card, Flyer, & Ads Templates… Faster QR-Code Load Time, VIP Support, Unlimited VIP Bonuses, And many more.
  • Upgrade #2. ARMagic Platinum
    Upgrade to ARMagic Platinum for even more awesome features! With International Technology, you can create AR experiences in any language and translate campaigns super fast. Say goodbye to the ‘Powered by ARMagic’ link and get a professional look. You’ll also get a ready-made AR Agency Site, cool AR ads, and free hosting. Plus, join the ARMagic Template Club for extra design options, and enjoy special VIP bonuses just for Platinum members. With ARMagic Platinum, you’ll see amazing results and take your business to new heights!
  • Upgrade #3. ARMagic Enterprise
    Upgrade to ARMagic Enterprise, the ultimate edition packed with advanced features to supercharge your business! With Agency Whitelabel Technology, you can customize ARMagic with your own logo and domain, giving your clients a personalized experience. Manage up to 100 client accounts seamlessly with 100 Account Agency Access and become an Enterprise Reseller to expand your revenue streams.
    Plus, empower your team with Enterprise TMA Tech, allowing you to add unlimited team members to handle tasks efficiently. Unlock the Enterprise Outsourcing Suite to scale your AR agency business faster, complete with training and templates for platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Streamline your outreach efforts with DFY Cold Email and Teleswipes, and enjoy exclusive Enterprise Bonuses for maximum success. With ARMagic Enterprise, you’ll keep clients longer, boost your profits, and take your business to the next level!
  • Upgrade #4. ARMagic – Voiclet Special
    Voiclet is a groundbreaking app that creates new ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnels 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to just a click, closing leads with high-converting HD video selling.
  • Upgrade #5. ARMagic – Voicely Special
    Voicely is a radical text-to-speech software product designed to convert written text into the most natural-sounding speech possible. It offers a variety of voices and languages plus is the only one to add emotions and other advanced voiceover features.
  • Upgrade #6. ARMagic – Goo.Chat Special is your ALL-IN-ONE customer messaging platform that tackles conversation across all channels in one place. This 2x ProductHunt product of the day provides a 4-in-1 smart chat widget solution with live chat, FAQs, chatbots, video tutorials, and more all in one widget.

See ARMagic in action here & get access to the regular version.