Vidyz 2.0 Video Platform Software – Control 100% Of Your Traffic For More Views, Leads & Sales

Vidyz 2.0 Review

NEW Video Platform: Control 100% Of Your Traffic For More Views, Leads & Sales With ZERO Monthly Fees!

Hi, James Here and thanks for visiting my website review

On Sunday, April 26th at 10am EDT, Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky are releasing a new and improved Video system designed for you to be able to host your marketing videos and play them on your own website OR on our cloud-based SEO optimized pages WITHOUT losing traffic to external links like Youtube has on them.

It includes the ability to autoplay your videos and even redirect people to ANY link you want when the video ends.

This system includes EVERYTHING you need to host your videos professionally and not lose ANY traffic

According to statistics, 78% of social network users are watching live video. Local businesses, events, weddings, vloggers or many others are using videos on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to make a profit every day.

Why do I say that video has a higher conversion rate than other marketing forms? With videos, you can convey your message and advertise your products to visitors.

But do you know how to make money without losing power with videos? If I say you can post different videos on multiple social networking sites at the same time, do you believe it?

If you’re sceptical of what I say, scroll down to the bottom of my Vidyz Review to learn a secret.

What is Vidyz 2.0?

Vidyz is a brand new Video Platform that Control 100% of your traffic for more views, leads & sales. It helps you market videos more successfully by adding a dynamic call button inside the video. With this software you can attract customers with deals, discounts, rewards – they will be displayed inside your video and many other exclusive features. In short, Vidyz uses secret features to help you create the highest passive income every day.

What’s new in version 2?

  • New and improved video player, redesigned to be more streamlined, faster and fully mobile responsive for 2020 devices
  • Commercial license included right on the front end with smart-folders for each client’s videos so you can sell this as a service and keep 100% of your profits
  • Improved redesigned video pages, to get more engagement, and organic traffic than ever before
  • Integration with all autoresponders so you can capture leads from right inside of your video regardless of the email platform you use

What happens to 1.0 users?

The current users get all the new features for free. However if they want to get UNLIMITED videos and bandwidth they need to upgrade at the OTO2 link. Affiliates can link directly to it saying that it’s for 1.0 users only.

Main Features & Benefits


  • Add a call-to-action button
    In case your marketing goal is interactive, you can’t add a call-to-action button to an existing article or even if it doesn’t have a call-to-action button. To add a call-to-action button, you must create a new video ad. But with Vidyz, You can add a call-to-action button to video ads to attract people to visit the website or app. You can add a call-to-action button to ads running on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.
  • Automatic redirection
    The auto-play feature on YouTube makes it easy to decide what’s next. After you watch the YouTube video, we will automatically play other related videos based on your viewing history. The Autoplay feature does not start if you are connected to a mobile network and is inactive for 30 minutes.
  • SEO Optimization
    Youtube is a very competitive, social network, every day millions of videos are uploaded and many of them have interesting content … more than your video. Therefore the content is compelling, but it is not enough to make money with Youtube especially if you want to make a lot of money. Vidyz will automatically optimize SEO for your videos with extremely difficult words.
  • High resolution
    Your video will come with the highest resolution. You can choose their level to suit your needs. You have a video presentation card of the version in full-screen mode.
  • The video player is customizable
    You can use PowerPoint playback options to control how and when the video will appear in your presentation. You can play videos in full-screen mode or resize to the size you specify. You can also control the volume, play video continuously (in the loop) and display multimedia controls.
  • Click the call on the video
    Your customers can click the call on the video to slide the action for your video. Optimized video pages for Social Media – It will help you interact with customers and continually promote achievements.
  • Maximize views
    autoplay videos in ANY browser to get your message seen by more people
  • ZERO cost to host your videos
    on our cloud-based, SEO optimized video pages … or embed them on any website
  • Increase sales naturally
    with clickable links, buy buttons, coupons & calls-to-action you can add to ANY video.
  • Leverage up to 47% MORE traffic
    with videos that play on all mobile devices
  • KEEP your traffic
    don’t lose another visitor to external platforms or ‘related videos
  • 100% beginner friendly
    no tech skills needed to enjoy the full benefits of the platform
  • Auto-redirect
    visitors to any link you want Record & upload directly from your smartphone


Vidyz is the ONLY marketing video hosting you’ll EVER need!

  • Autoplay all your marketing videos.
  • Add clickable call to actions
  • Embed on ANY website…or use our cloud-based SEO optimized video pages. (no domain or hosting needed)
  • Auto-redirect viewers to ANY link you want WITHOUT them clicking a link
  • All This With ZERO Links Taking Your Viewers Somewhere You Don’t Want Them Going!
  • you’ll EVER need!

  • How many videos can I have in Vidyz?

You can have up to 10 videos in your account at any one time. If you hit this limit and delete one, you can add a new one.

  • Do I need a website or hosting?

No! Your videos are hosted on our high end secure servers. So are your auto generated video pages

  • Is Vidyz mobile friendly?

Yes! Your videos and your auto generated video pages will work on any mobile device and are mobile responsive

  • What if I need help?

Our support is here for you, we respond so fast you won’t believe it.

  • Ok this sounds good, but why should I use this and not YouTube?

Good question 🙂

YouTube is a great platform, and we love it, but let’s be honest they are a business and a social network. Their primary goal is to make money for themselves. They do this by pulling traffic from other peoples’ websites to their website by having all kinds of links in your videos back to them. That’s fine, if you want to be social, but if you want to make money you can’t have some other business leaching your traffic away.


This software can Make 2020 YOUR year! with the most POWERFUL video marketing system created BY marketers FOR marketers. And the best part is You can take Vidyz for a test drive for 2 full weeks and all the risk is on us. Start seeing a SUBSTANTIAL increase in video views and ZERO loss of traffic to external video player links… Use our video hosting an player on our dime! And we’re confident you’ll never want to go back to “the other guys” again. But in the unlikely event you decide – for any reason – this isn’t for you… Just let us know and we’ll promptly refund every penny of your small investment.