Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross – Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Videos Positioning Any Business And/or Product As A INSTANT Expert

Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross – Creates A “ted-talk” Like, “newsy” Video Interview With You Or Your Clients, That Looks And Feels Like A Segment From “60 Minutes”, “20-20”, You Get The Idea!

Video Leads Machine App is a brand new automated video app AND extensive training by the #1 expert in gaining authority David Sprague and the video-guru himself Todd Gross. The software actually creates a “Ted-Talk” like, “newsy” video interview with YOU or your clients, that looks and feels like a segment from “60 minutes”, “20-20”, you get the idea. (Like you see in the video below) . You & your client doesn’t have to be on camera either, it can all be done with just a voice-over if they wish!

with Video Leads Machine App, Whether you are working with clients, or are trying to get your own business going, you can immediately attract leads, and subsequent sales, if folks know, like and trust you! And without that kind of “Authority” that sets you apart from everyone else, you’re going to “get stuck”, while OTHER people in your niche (or you client’s niche) climb right over you.

Not only app this product also comes with the training that will teach you how to properly position yourself, or your client as the “authority” using the video app, and way beyond. David Sprague is actually the #1 authority-trainer of businesses worldwide, and usually charges hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars to share his knowledge on the subject, so that you or your client can get ahead. and simply put… get a TON of leads!

There’s no where else you’re going to find a powerhouse package like this, addressing this glaring problem So many of us face. It takes most people years to establish the kind of authority that can make a difference to their success. And this proven step-by-step strategy can give you results in just DAYS! Especially when you combine it with the AuthorityVids software included with Video Leads Machine. You know for a fact, that more Authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your business can make the difference in more getting more leads and ultimately making more sales…

Try your software here: Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross – Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Videos Positioning Any Business And/or Product As A INSTANT Expert

Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross
Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross

Here’s what will you get

An in-depth strategy you can use for ANY niche to start gaining hot leads ready to invest with you! ​You’ll be getting resources and information from one of the best in the business in Authority and Brand development…

  • Module #1 – Lead Conversion Strategy
    Inside this module you will learn: An Ingredients to getting leads: Authority Trust Value Formula. Also you will learn a ​Video Authority Multiplier. This strategy show you a Video Stats Break Down Types Of Videos which ones are best for authority Authority, & Comparisons. And then, you will learn about Ted Talk Conversion Formula that Break Down Ted Talks And Case Study Success in minutes. And the last is you will learn a Video Lead Machine Strategy.
  • Module #2 – Video Conversion Strategy
    Inisde this conversion strategy you will learn: The HPITA formula, the offer, the headline, the problem, the illustration, the take away, and the action.
  • Module #3 – Authority Video Formula
    Inside this video formula you’ll learn: First, Authority Video Framework. This formula will Break down how the psychology and framework for a 5 minute interview video. The second is Authority Video Creation. This formula show you how to manually create a video, and outsource it on Fiverr. The third is Video Lead Capture Strategy. Show you How to build lead capture page and leverage your video. Next is Supercharge Lead Generation formula that show you How to get reviews that will supercharge your lead gen. And the last formula is an Instant Authority To Get Leads. Inside this formula you will see the summary of what you have and who you are not as an expert, & Leverage it for niches and services.
  • Module #4 – Video Lead Marketing
    Inside this module you will learn on how to: Leads with email marketing, leads with social media marketing, leads with seo, leads with cold traffic, leads with retargeting, and leads with networking.
  • Module #5 – Video Lead Marketing

Inside Video Leads Machine App You’ll also get

  • 300 Logo Templates In The Top 20 Niches
    These logo templates will help you create your own eye catching logos. Included are . rdw, .psd, and .jpg files to get you going.
  • Todd’s Handbrake Tricks
    Video files too large to use? Can’t add them due to restrictions on file size? Always have perfectly optimized videos for the web!. Watch Todd’s full instruction of how to use Handbrake to optimize ALL of your videos. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this simple-to-use FREE software!.
  • Free Advertising Credits Worth $500
    This bonus will get you free advertising credits worth $500 for all your advertising needs on Google, Linkedin, Bing ads, Yelp, Tiktok, Apple Search ads, and Amazon Ads.

Video Leads Machine App Review – Is it worth buying?

Have you ever heard of “TED Talks?” They’re short and powerful speaking events where an expert comes on and talks about, whatever they want to talk about usually in less than 18 minutes. Some of the very best Ted Talks are even 5 minutes or less! There is a reason for this shortened speaking engagement. It gives the expert a platform to deliver information the audience can easily absorb to have the greatest impact. A lot of these speakers aren’t known to the audience, there’s no previous connection, there’s no trust established – but by the end of the TED Talk, the audience is enthralled, and the speaker gains INSTANT AUTHORITY with the audience on the subject matter…

Keeping This In Mind, We Set out To Develop A Video Creation Software That Made It Easy To Create Your Own “Mini Ted Talk”! A powerful interview style type video where you can be the speaker, and talk to your audience on a platform that positions you as the EXPERT for whatever it is you want to talk about.

Look At These Examples For Yourself…

  • Imagine if YOU were being introduced by the TV anchor in this video below…
  • Imagine if YOU were the star of the interview!
  • BOOM! Instant AUTHORITY for you… or your clients!

You get both the software (which positions you as an instant expert, like you see in the video clip above) AND the training to turn yourself into THE AUTHORITY out there in whatever niche you OR your clients are in! This is a two-in-one deal you don’t want to pass by…

Here’s the full story!

You know Todd Gross the video marketing expert, and one of the first to bring video to the Internet marketplace? He gained his authority through VIDEO! It’s how he “jumped” to the head of the line as the expert in video! And now he wants to show YOU how it’s done…along with David Sprague, the EXPERT on Authority training!

It’s the “Missing Puzzle Piece” for Your Business…the software and training that will make you an instant authority in any niche you can imagine.. Not convinced that your sales will skyrocket if you gain instant authority?

Let me ask you.. WHY do so many people choose to buy from one brand, and not another if the product is the same? It’s all about reputation and trust, also known as AUTHORITY! (Of course!)

That’s right, without having authority, your business just won’t be able to reach its full potential. People buy from those they trust.  So if it’s the missing puzzle piece that will step up my business to a new, higher level than ever before, how do I get authority?? Don’t worry… Todd Gross and David Sprague of Strategic Marketing have you covered!

Video Leads Machine is the ALL IN ONE package that allows you to harness the power of Video to boost your Authority and take your business to the next level, no matter what niche you’re in! So, If you Want to see examples of success or Want to learn all about the bonuses included in this exclusive VideoLeads Machine package… Click below to get started on your journey to INSTANT AUTHORITY!

Try your software here: Video Leads Machine App Review By Todd Gross – Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Videos Positioning Any Business And/or Product As A INSTANT Expert

Video Leads Machine App Review OTO:

» OTO 1 – Video Leads Machine App Sales & Marketing Power Pack

  • Feature #1 – Emails, PPTs, Resources to get and close clients + Social Covers, Social Posts, Presentation Template.
  • Feature #2 – Bonuses – Business Finder App, Service Client Contract

» OTO 2 – Video Leads Machine App Unlimited AuthorityVids Pro

  • Feature #1 – – Create Unlimited AuthorityVids.
  • Feature #2 – 32 Niche Scripts for Video Creation.

» OTO 3 – Video Leads Machine App Unlimited Leads Landing Pages

  • Feature #1 – – Unlimited Lead Landing Pages & Lead Capture System.

» OTO 4 – Video Leads Machine App: Part Live Masterclass

  • Part 1: Quick Start Activation Training
  • Part 2: Build your System for New Clients
  • Part 3: Advanced AuthorityVid Strategies

» OTO 5 – Video Leads Machine App Bundle

  • Full Funnel for ONE price
  • VideoLeadsMachine FE
  • Sales & Marketing Power Pac
  • Unlimited AuthorityVids
  • 1 Year of VideoLeadPages
  • 3-Part LIVE Masterclass