Video + Email = First Ever All-in-One Marketing App?

Video + Email = First Ever All-in-One Marketing App?

Hi, Lucas here. And thank you for visiting my website review… Today I’m going to share with you about a wordpress plugin that can Guaranteed your Traffic using Video.

Nowadays, Video & email are the BIGGEST niches in online marketing.

Video has taken over the world of internet marketing.

And it happened so rapidly that many marketers and brands are still scratching their heads and trying to figure out what happened.

To give you an idea, Facebook videos received around 4 billion daily views in April 2015.

By January 2016 that number had shot up to more than 8 billion daily video impressions, with Facebook users spending more than 100 million hours watching videos every day.

But Facebook is just one of the video platforms that have contributed to this rise.

YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter etc. are serving more video content than ever before.

More than 100 million internet users watch online videos each day and studies suggest nearly 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.


According to Statista, the number of mobile video viewers in the U.S will exceed 150 million by the end of 2016 and approach 162 million by the end of 2017.

In short, digital marketing of any kind is incomplete without effective use of video content

Which is why video needs to be a key part of your niche marketing strategy.

And it’s not really that hard either.

In fact, it becomes really enjoyable once you get the hang of it.

In this post I’ll share a a plugin that you can use to make your video + email niche marketing strategy more effective.

Now – for the first time ever – you can tap into BOTH of them without needing to waste a ton of money or time. it’s called VidSite Pro!

VidSite Pro is a powerful new WP platform that creates traffic-generating video sites that RANK & PROFIT – all with just 1 click.

Best news yet? These sites also build your list on autopilot!

You will realize that with the RAW power of VidSite Pro it takes 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select a niche and keyword
  • Step 2: Auto-generate a complete SEO-enabled video site
  • Step 3: Sit back and enjoy organic traffic AND a hungry list of subscribers

That’s correct – this setup has an in-build lead gen module that builds your list while you sleep.

In fact, users so far have been able to bring in thousands of leads to their sites AND get a ton of sales. And that’s because VidSite Pro automatically monetizes those sites with offers from the likes of Amazon, meaning… You are getting PAID to BUILD your list!

This plugin is a Perfect way to help yourself to higher profits and more sales!