Url.LV PRO Unlimited Full Review OTO Upsell Include by Christof Schlinkert – The Only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker You’ll Ever Need! Best Cloaking Service Hide Destination URL For Your Short Links, 100% working cloak for Fасеbоk & Adword

Url.LV PRO Unlimited by Christof Schlinkert – The Only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker You’ll Ever Need!

What is Url.LV?

Url.LV is the only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker you’ll ever need. With Url.LV Link cloaking, you can hide destination URL for your short links. You can also Split testing of your links. You can split test multiple links to see which is working better. If you track 2-3 versions of your page you will be able to see which the winner is. By split testing your pages and offers you can add 20-30% more sales. And then you can also Track your links with ease just paste in the url and test which is working best for you. Our system gives you all the indicators that you need to track. When you track your links add in your conversion goals and track how much each goal is worth to you. Once you start using conversion goals you will instantly see if your traffic is converting well and repaying you your outlays. And the best part is you can cloaking your affiliate link. Cloaking of your links is very important if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing. Cloak your links to stop your links getting blocked via social networks and autoresponders. This also perfect Cloaking for Fасеbооk and it’s 100% working cloak for Fасеbоk. And 100% working cloak for Аdwоrds – Cloaking for Gооglе. Track your sales and stats. And make sure you know where your leads are coming from. In a nutshell, This is Best cloaking service. Url.LV is the only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker you’ll ever need!

What Is Link Cloaking?

Link cloaking iLink cloaking is the process of making your affiliate link shorter and visually appealing to visitors. This is the process of disguising the affiliate link URL provided by an affiliate program to obfuscate the affiliate ID and make the link shorter. Link cloaking protects your affiliate commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible. At the same time, it makes the link more visually appealing to visitors.

Should I cloak my affiliate links?

If you are someone who uses affiliate links in your blogs to make money, then you should to cloak links. Many site owners cloak links to properly manage their affiliate links. Link cloaking allows you to create easy to understand URLs for your outgoing affiliate links.

  • It’s a consumer-friendly practice: A URL that contains the merchant’s name makes it more comfortable for consumers to click on the link.
  • To hide the affiliate’s identity: Cloaked links can hide unsavory search marketing tactics and keywords from you, the merchant.
  • To protect against commission hijacking: Some affiliates worry that spyware running on a consumer’s machine will replace their affiliate ID with the ID of another affiliate, thus hijacking their commissions.
  • To boost quality score: Google doesn’t seem to like affiliates very much which is very apparent in the low quality scores of many affiliate ads. Think about a landing page with nothing but ads and affiliate links that take the consumer from an AdWords listing to a landing page and then immediately through an affiliate link. Cloaking the affiliate link is a method used to beef up the quality score in this scenario.
  • Tracking: It is easier for the affiliate to track clicks and visitors when using its own URL.

There is nothing worse than sending traffic to a offer from various links and not knowing which link or url sent you the sale. You are flying blind and it is hard to capitalise on the links that are sending you the sales. Finally, “link cloaking” usage increases URL click-through rates. Naturally, users tend to trust and are more inclined to click on short and intelligible branded links, while the link cloaker stashes long and unsightly URLs. And Url.LV is the only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker you’ll ever need! Get Url.LV now!

Powerful Funnels:

Url.LV Comes with 2 Powerfull OTO:

  • Main Product – Url.LV

Track Your Sales And Stats and Make Sure You Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From!

With URL Pro version you can show different versions of your page to different audiences. Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile. Plus You Can Create A Conversion For Each One. Stop Losing Your Traffic And Get It All Back Using URL Pro. GET MORE SALES with PRO version! Tracking your links correctly and split testing will help you add more than 20-30% to your bottom line. Knowing audience helps you understand your audience better.

Url.LV UNLIMITED is The Big Brother Of Trackers! This does everything you need to keep track of what is happening with your links and more. This is the full enterprise version which is built to be able to track and split test 100’s of links per minute. Has a full share facility built in and has a user system ready:

  • Unlimited Split testing of your links
  • Unlimited Link tracking
  • Unlimited Link tracking with conversion goals
  • Unlimited Cloaking of the links
  • Unlimited Tracking by conversion multiple links
  • Unlimited Tracking by conversion A/B split testing
  • And much more

If you’re promoting affiliate links without hiding your affiliate details, then all a potential thief has to do is replace your affiliate ID with his own ID while making a purchase. He gets the commission, and you get absolutely nothing! Affiliate commission hijacking is an annoying reality, especially in affiliate networks like ClickBank that actually encourages affiliates to buy with their own affiliate link. With Url.LV best cloaking service you can start tracking your links and get the right data about your traffic. So go ahead and create your url.LV account right now to start cloaking your affiliate URLs and make more sales and get more leads than you are right now..