[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram

[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram

jvgold.comFor those of You who have a hobby of photography certainly is no stranger to the social media Instagram. Social Media with around 700 million users it is able to suck up the attention with a service that allows its users to share photos and videos publicly or privately. Social Media was initially considered as an application of this young man now began to be regarded as one promotional tool that sniper. A variety of ways to increase the number of followers and likes but not all ways able to deliver significant results.

[Tips and Tricks] 9 How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram
Social media use Instagram as a promotional tool is certainly not without reason. Instagram is one social media the most popular of which about 60 million photos or images shared and 1.6 billion likes given every day. In addition, in a research by Forrester Research in 2014 found that a users Instagram 58 times more likely to give likes, comment on, or share photos of a brand compared to users of Facebook and 120 times than Twitter users.

To be able to use Instagram as a promotional tool more efficiently of course You should have a number of followers and likes which is quite significant. For users who are just starting out or already have an account but the number of his followers is not too significant or the number of likes is minimal, will certainly make them get discouraged.

The increasing needs of the followers and likes, also increase services auto likes. In addition, in order to get the number of followers and likes that a lot, a lot of are using the services of purchasing followers or using bots which are usually composed of fake accounts. If you want to use Instagram efficiently, You certainly want followers who like Your niche so that they can become loyal followers of Your brand.

Then, what’s a good way to raise the number of followers and likes on Instagram?

1. Sync Instagram with Other Social Media

This is probably the easiest way because many users Instagram has also used other social media. There is a possibility the number of Your followers on other social media is already quite a lot so the chance to promote your account Instagram and get followers is great.

[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram
This method is used by one of the largest airlines in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia. Garuda provides information about their social media accounts such as Twitter, which has been first known by the number of followers more than 3 million.

Other advantages of the synchronization of social media this is a reduced load to install a post in each media. Social media users others can visit your account Instagram more easily so that it can increase traffic to your account and also gain followers and likes that more.

2. Create a Profile that is Easy to Find

If there are users who want to know about You and/or Your products will certainly be helped if You include a biography that is clear. You can also give a link to your site or other social media that You have in the biography section.

You can create a profile that is funny, unique, interesting that can help the user know who You are. Use a photo of yourself or company logo and make your description as interesting as possible. The user will see Your profile and then see the photo and can even visit Your site.

3. Use the Hashtag Tools

Use features the pound sign (#) or hashtag that was popularized by the Twitter social media can be one weapon in increasing the amount of followers and likes.

Instagram has a search feature hashtag that can facilitate You perform a search for a hashtag that is popular and in accordance with the business or niche of Instagram You. With the use of hashtags will help Your posts be seen by users who are not yet following Your account but was looking for a photo related to your business or Your industry.

[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram
But make its own hashtag this should be done with caution. Create a hashtag that is clear, easy to understand, and relate to Your business. Do not use abbreviations that not all people understand and use short sentences and dense.

The use of the hashtag as a feature of this promotion is to make the circulation of the hashtag such as #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #followback and other. Using the hashtag this indeed allows You to get followers and likes but usually users are not interested with Your brand and only interested in a follow back. Better create your own with the hashtag that corresponds with the photo, the product, or Your business.

4. Post Photos Consistently and at the Right Time

The photo that You want to install has been very good through the results of the edits many times and in accordance with the wishes. However You set it up early morning or when many users are not online. This significantly reduces the chance of You to get the followers through the photos of Your new pairs. Usually, people tend to access social media on his hours of rest or hours of free work.

In addition, other errors are You don’t have the time pattern in uploading the photo on Instagram. Based on the analysis of the Tailwind, by uploading a photo every day, You can increase the number of followers to four times faster compared to only uploading once a week.

[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram
You should begin to strategize when is the right time to upload photos and arrange a schedule installation of the photo. You can learn the habits of Your followers and adjust with the schedule of their online. If Your followers mostly are workers, You can set up a schedule date at lunch.

To help You strategize, You can test by installing a photo at a different time every day. From there You can see which photo received the most comments, likes, or increase the number of followers.

If you want easier, You can use Iconosquare, which is a tool of analysis and marketing Instagram.

5. Create Instagram You Visually Appealing

Instagram itself is an application that is designed to attract attention visually. Of course the user must be smart to determine the visual style that is able to attract attention and can become one of Your id.

In addition to the product, You can take pictures that can touch the emotions as the sun sinks, the hand grip tightly, a photo of a small child smiling, or other photos. Photo-this photo can You give the caption of motivation, the question of the day-to-day, or is associated with Your business.

Create Instagram You Visually Appealing

The use of filters that are consistent, or use the color theme of the photo such as black and white, beige, or full color can also be the traits that make Your account easy to remember.

You can also combine multiple photos into one or a collage. You can use this tactic to introduce some of the products belong to You, reliving the best moments, or a combination of the picture interesting.

Make sure the photo You attach is the photo quality and attractive to be seen. No one wants to be Your followers if Your account has too many photos that are not useful or not interesting.

6. Do a Giveaway

The contest is one of the most powerful way in attracting attention. Who doesn’t like getting something for free? By holding a contest or giveaway, You can increase the number of followers, likes, traffic to Your site, and could even help sales of the product.

Held a contest with terms that are easy such as become followers of Your social media, give a like or a comment on one of Your photos, or use a hashtag that is specific. You can promote the contest to other social media and ask Your followers to tag friends so that the number of followers You increasing.

[Tips and Tricks] 9 Ways How to Increase the Number of Followers and Likes on Instagram
In this way, the account Instagram You will have a greater chance to be known through posts made by friends of Your followers which is one of the effective ways to gain the trust of followers new.

The contest is unique and potentially other large can with how to involve the user such as asking them to share the most beautiful moments that they have to include a hashtag of Your business. In addition to increasing the number of followers and likes, the hashtag of Your personal will be more known.

7. Working with Influencers or Other Brands

Known with the term of the endorsement, promotion system is considered quite significant in increasing the number of followers and likes. You can ask influencers such as celebrities both famous through movies, songs, and other and celebrities on Instagram or commonly called “amazing unexpected rap”.

Working with Influencers or Other Brands

Influencers can display their photos with Your products in their account that will certainly become a means of promotion to followers them. In addition, You can also ask them to take over Your account for a little change of routine Instagram so followers do not get bored. Make sure the influencers tell followers they are ahead of the takeover that they will use Your account. This will make Your followers know about Your account and increase the number of followers and likes.

Along with the celebrity or influencer, You can also work together with other brands that are not rival Your business that can help raise the number of followers in your target market. To further enhance the promotion, held a giveaway with a prize package that contains products from both brands. With this promotion, the followers of the brand working together with You will find out more about the products You offer and also Your brand.

8. Create Your Followers Feel Involved

Users who feel involved with Your account will be more likely to be followers and faithful, who also help promote Your account. Build a community of followers who feel engaged are far more better compared to have a lot of followers who are not interested with your products or Your account.

Engagement with followers this can be started by replying to comments that are given by friendly, use a caption that invites the user to engage like share your moments, tag a friend, tell us in the comment and other. Users who feel involved not only love Your photos but will also repost Your post. Content like this will encourage other users to share Your content so You get more likes and followers.

You can also ask something to user questions on a daily basis or something related to Your product. For example, the account @powerrangersmovie that displays movie posters of the Power Rangers with the caption “Who’s ready to get their tickets for the #PowerRangersMovie?!” and provide the date of ticket sales. This will make the user know that the film will soon be aired and that the tickets will be on sale at that date had been mentioned. On posting, the account powerrangersmovie managed to get more than 6,000 likes and 155 comments. User comment will be more likely to give likes and even become followers.

When Your account is large enough, give appreciation to Your followers. You can make a post specific to say thank you to the followers faithful, or call them in Your caption in posting special moments like Your birthday or Your business.

Account large that diligent to give an appreciation to the followers of his are usually more quickly build the trust of the community and also followers new. Without followers, Your account will not be as successful as You expect. Therefore always engage followers and to say thank you as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

9. Use the Features of Instagram Stories and Live Video

In using Instagram as a promotional tool, do not just fixated with one of the features Instagram just because social media also offers other interesting features such as Instagram, Stories and Live Videos. Although it is not a a powerful marketing tool because it can be lost in a certain time, the use of both of these features allow You to share video without the edits that feels more real to the followers so that they feel closer.

What could be the Instagram Stories You? You can display the clip image that You do not use as promotional photos such as cute pictures, sad, or unique for the content of the original help build Your personal branding. You can also view behind the scenes clips which is a favorite of many people, such as displaying the process of event planning or launch of a product, the process of before-during-after photos, or clip without edits other.

Use the Features of Instagram Stories and Live Video

If you want something more interesting, use the features of Live Video where You share something at the same time. This can make users more close and involved with Your account. You can share videos of a birthday party or team day to day activities and promote it to other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to using the above method, you can also share likes like in the photos included in the top photos or give likes on the photo that is not too popular. In addition to providing likes, You can also follow a number of people that You think are interesting to follow. This gives a greater chance for them to visit Your account and become Your followers.

If you want to use Instagram as a promotional tool, it certainly requires creativity and hard work to increase the number of followers and likes. If social media is used with the correct strategy, Instagram could be the container of visual advertising potential for your products and Your brand can help increase sales.


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