SociJam System – The #1 secret for getting more people interacting with your FB posts

SociJam Software Review

Hello my Friend, Cindy Donovan here, and after spending 10+ years of quite a successful time in this market and having 142,300+ happy and successful customers with my products.

​It was clear, good online marketing comes down to just one thing.

If we go wrong in that first step of engagement and really fail to grab their attention, our efforts in building the product, the sales pages, fussing over getting the perfect design and all that other stuff are in vain.  ​Whatever niche, product or service you sell, you need to be noticed.

Don’t ever lose social media traffic again!

What if I told you there is a simple secret hack that less than 0.001% of marketers know about and are using right now?

This minuscule group of people are mostly developers, coders, and hackers who’ve worked out the fact that they can manually write a code every time they want to use this attention-grabbing formula on Facebook to make their posts really stand out.

​I have no doubt that you – with enough time on your hands – could learn how to write the programming coded needed.

​And afterwards, put in the 30 or so extra minutes it would take every time you wanted to go and put up a post on Facebook.

​But don’t worry, I’m here to save you a lot of time and help you easily see the results you really want.

And let me introduces you “The Secret 1 Minute Trick To Turning Your Basic Facebook Post Into Profits”! Its called SociJam!

What Is SociJam?

SociJam is the secret software system to getting more engagement on just about any post, story, ad, or more that you post on Facebook. SociJam allows you to basically be a David to the FB Goliath and take down the 10ft giant stranglehold on how to create amazing engaging FB posts that wow and attract leads, sales, and more!  As a matter of fact, it’s the easy no installation needed app that allows for you to get up to 300% more comments, clicks, shares, and more by using the SociJam dashboard. You’ll be able to take your ordinary posts from nerd girl with black policeman shoes to smoking hot model in stilettos! And there’s no limitations of where you can use SociJam! SociJam works in groups, featured posts, comments, and even Facebook ads! Use this software to visually entice your visitors while getting them to take action.

There’s nothing to install and there are no coding or design skills necessary. You just point, paste, and profit! In a nutshell, it’s a total game changer when it comes to getting your content noticed on Facebook. For all those who need to be caught up to speed, SociJam is basically a way of creating great looking FB posts that wow and attract readers while creating massive engagement. So in other words, those old boring & bland posts that most people scroll through are a thing of the past with SociJam.

In the details, ??????? and is a cloud based app that allows you to place formatted text (plus emoji’s) into Facebook Posts and Ads. It allows ???????, ???????, u͟n͟d͟e͟r͟l͟i͟n͟e͟s͟ and s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶s̶ (plus emojis? ) to allow your posts/ads to stand out and get increased engagement. All done in a couple of clicks.

Also included on the Front End we have training on ??? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? as well as a comprehensive ???????? ??? ???????????. Now you can style your FB posts that make readers hit the brakes in their feeds like a winnebago trying to avoid a Mack truck!

Best of all? SociJam is 100% cloud based so there’s no messy software to download and install on your computer. And SociJam works across every major internet browser that you can think of. (And maybe a few underground ones too… but we won’t tell).

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this SociJam Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

How To use

In this section of SociJam Review, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with this software.

So I’ve got the tool in front of me now and what you want to do is either type some text in or paste some text in from another source like a notepad or a word doc or wherever… then you just want to make it look nice with the formatting which are bold, italics, underline, strike through, and add emojis just make it look really really nice

Start using and profiting from SociJam in less than 60 seconds from now

  • Step #1 – Add Your Content WYSIWYG Editor. Just log in to your SociJam dashboard and add your content to the editor that allows you to bold, italicize, underline or add emojis to your content and see the changes in real time.

  • Step #2 – Generate and Copy the Profit- pulling content. . Once you have stylized your content to engage more with the audience in the editor, simply click on the generate button and copy the generated profit-making content ready to use on Facebook anywhere.

  • Step #3 – Paste and Profit. SociJam has made sure to get you the most engagement without any extra effort or cost involved. All you have to do is simply add an easy but powerful twist to your posts, stories, and ads and unlock ways to get more profit than ever.

Demo Video

Watch the demo video for SociJam in action and to experience an IMMEDIATE spike in Facebook interactions

Features and Benefits

Here’s just a snippet of what SociJam is all about when it comes to creating engaging eye popping posts, stories, and ads on FB:

  • Add bold, italics, underlines, emojis and more!
  • Copy/paste simplicity
  • Works on all major browsers and devices
  • Tap into massive potential you have been ignoring
  • Boost engagement on your posts in seconds
  • Works in posts, featured posts, comments, groups and even Facebook ads!
  • 100% Facebook compliant
  • Unlimited posts, ads, or comments
  • Visually entice your visitors to take action
  • Nothing to install or host, all done in the cloud
  • No designing or coding skills required
  • 100% newbie friendly


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SociJam Is What You Need to Lift Your Business to the Next Level!

This is a real game-changer. With that much of an engagement boost, your online business will explode! Just imagine what you could do with all this authority and traffic.

  • Sell More Products
    With the main bottleneck (engagement!) out of the way, you will be able to build super profitable campaigns for your ecommerce products at an astonishing pace. Just follow our simple SociJam system and start enjoying more sales without spending any extra money.
  • More Reach and Engagement
    With so many features available at your fingertips, you can start encashing over the free traffic that you have been missing just because of your low attraction rate. Your visitors are simply glued to your posts and this is easily achievable with SociJam, even if you’re just working part-time as an online marketer at the moment!
  • Easily Build High ROI Ad Campaigns
    If you choose to use it for Facebook paid advertising, you’ll know that Facebook is the goldmine of highly targeted traffic. However, for your ads to be profitable, your creatives should be super engaging for low ad costs. With SociJam, you have 6+ features available to make your ads impossible to scroll past!

And If You’re An Affiliate Marketer, You Can Use The SociJam System To Start Seeing Results Like These:

Create an Omnichannel Profit Experience

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what kind of product or service you sell. This will work for everyone.

  • Social Media Marketers
    If you’re using Facebook in your marketing tooklit, or have been wanting to break into it this gives you a huge advantage, getting your posts and ads seen first and most!
  • Affiliate Marketers
    Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start online, but it can also be the most competitive. Use SociJam to smash your competition with more clicks and sales
  • Ecommerce Marketers
    Use our SociJam system to get cheaper and more targeted clicks to your ecom offers at a much lower price, so you’ll be able to pocket much larger profits
  • Local Marketers
    Are you using Facebook to get actual foot traffic to your offline store? SociJam works in groups, events and pages, so you can make sure you get noticed
  • Website Owners
    It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what kind of product or service you sell. This will work for everyone and is ready to use just moments from right now
  • Bloggers
    Our more successful members are using this to build a strong following via Facebook to their blog, with the use of emotion you get more connection too!


“Finally, a tool that lets you create your posts how you want to on Facebook. I’ve always wondered why these options aren’t available on Facebook as they’d prove to be helpful in getting more people engaged with my content. But thankfully SociJam has answered that issue and now I can drive more traffic to any offer or product just by making my content more noticeable!”James Carter, Social Media Marketer

“There is a HUGE PLAGUE all over the internet. And the marketers and brands online saw a HUGE drop in traffic because of that. More and more of our following is “suffering” from Banner blindness. SociJam is the remedy for that! Since we started to use SociJam we noticed an increase in engagement from our following. IT WORKS!”Stoica, Internet Marketer

“I just used the SociJam tool and all I can say is WOW! This is definitely going to make my FB ads and posts stand out from the crowd. It’s so easy to use, plus they have a great training included that teaches you how to make money straight out of your Facebook newsfeed. Talk about overdelivering! This comes with my highest recommendation.”Art Flair, Internet Marketer


To be honest, this is Amazing!

It’s great for both beginners and experienced marketers. It really makes all posts and Ads on Facebook stand out from the crowd, so that you can get way better results! It’s so user friendly that even an 8 year old can use it, and I love the fact that they show a simple technique that will allow anyone to make money simply by posting on Facebook.

And Yes, now you can set up your super profitable posts and ads in less than one minute! Imagine…

  • Having 5x more clicks, likes, shares and comments on your posts.
  • Selling any product or service with less ad cost.
  • Generating more leads than ever before.
  • Profiting from old content that was not getting the profit that you deserved.
  • A cost-free channel that runs itself and gets you more sales and leads.

And No more wasting money or leaving profit on the table!

Don’t… Waste money on ads that aren’t getting you results,
Don’t… Worry about low engaging posts.
Don’t… Deal with higher content creation costs.
Don’t… Deal with any technical or designing hassles.
Don’t… Leave the money on the table.

This software will be a game changer for social media marketers and I am DEFINITELY excited to have been able to add this to my marketing toolbox! Rockin Product! And the best part is that you can start using SociJam to start pulling in the profits in the next 5 minutes! Get ready to have an unfair advantage over your FB competition by dinner tonight! Get access here:

Check Also : Product Funnel of SociJam (Pro Edition, Extreme Takeover Bundle, Agency License & Reseller License)

If you’ve been struggling with making money online or offline and you’re ready to take things to the next level, SociJam can turn things around for you the moment you invest in it.

​Picture right now, how it would feel when your audience begins to crave your content and are practically forced to fork over cash.

​You feel excited and filled with anticipation.

​You see profits flooding your account week after week.

​You are experiencing the energy, the confidence and life-changing results you deserve at long last!

​All because you decided this is the day to take the necessary action.

Just do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How newbie friendly is it, really?
A: OK, cards on the table here – if you struggle to turn your computer on… you might want to close the page – but, if you can follow basic instructions (we’ve got training in video format and access to our friendly support team too), then you will have no problems using our system.

Q: Does SociJam work on my Mac or Windows PC?
Yeah Socijam is cloud based software, so all you need to make is work is an internet connection and a browser. You can use it from any device, operating system or platform. Noting to install or host.

Q: Is it Facebook Compliant?
Yeah! We are not using any dubious practise here… all the content and formatting generated using SociJam is FB friendly and 100% compliant.

Q: Does it cost a monthly or yearly fee?
Nope, with this special charter launch, you will get unlimited access to SociJam for one time price. No need to pay any monthly or annual recurring fee.

Q: What if I have more questions?
We have included end-to-end training videos inside the dashboard. However if you have any other question or need support, our support desk is all ready, just visit the helpdesk or email use and we will.