SociJam Extreme Membership Done For You Templates, Save Posts, Automated Social Sharing & MORE.

SociJam Extreme Membership Review

Hello my friend… Thanks again for being here. Before we go any further I want to address a that big 1 tonne elephant that seems to ALWAYS stomp it’s way into the room…

And really get to the root of one of the single most common question I hear online.

How can I REALLY be successful online?

People will usually say … “work hard, stay focused and you’ll get there eventually”. Which can be frustrating when you feel you’ve been working as hard as you can (and then some!)

The REAL way to make things work… isn’t to DO MORE WORK…

And today I’m going to share with you how to be successful online in 2020 using a Done For You Templates, Save Posts, Automated Social Sharing & MORE. It’s called SociJam Extreme Membership.

What is SociJam Extreme Membership

SociJam Extreme Membership is upgrade version from SociJam Software! With SociJam Extreme Membership You Can Learn, Earn & Automate Everything!

  • Training
    Step by step bite sized videos (approx 5 mins each) in case you want to understand the ‘how’ of online marketing
  • Done For You
    Each training piece has complete templates formatted and ready for you to use. 1 Click and they’re ready to go!
  • Save Your Posts
    Save countless hours reformatting your posts every time you find a winner! Save them!
  • Automation On 30+ Sites
    Profit even easier using this social sharing bonus software. Automate your social shares and save time!
  • PLUS Our Exclusive Bonuses Currently Totalling Over $3,000 In REAL WORLD VALUE

Keep reading to discover everything you’ll get, including access to training via live event feed, normally $1,000 a seat! 😀

Features And Benefits

Here is What You’ll Get Inside Extreme Level SociJam Upgrade

SociJam Extreme Gives You The Ultimate Advantage In Your Social Media Marketing! You’re not ‘just’ getting another piece of software, or a ton of training you might use some day. You’ll be getting your hands on the latest Internet Marketing training, done for you written templates, software and bite-sized step by step actionable training. Add that together with an entire year of piece-by-piece training and support you’ll be able to start making more money in these next few weeks than you’ve ever done on line before.

  • Get access to our MAGIC THESAURUS
    The Magic Thesaurus is like “Grammarly” for Marketers! When you run the Socijam Spam FIlter over your content you’ll find words that are considered spam by Social Media platforms and Email Service Providers. These will be highlighted in yellow. With this upgrade, you can use this Magic Thesaurus to simply ‘hover’ over a highlighted word and the software will ‘suggest’ alternative words based on ACTUAL words used from other Socijam customers. The ‘thesaurus’ is updated frequently and will continue to evolve as more and more people suggest better and more professional ways of expressing the same thing. For example, did you know that the phrase ‘for you’ is one of the words that is flagged as spam? It’s very easy for ‘bots’ to see that if you use the word ‘for you’ it is commonly associated with marketing and advertising, so your emails and sometimes even your ads can get flagged. Here are a few sample replacements of ‘for you’ as suggested by the Magic Thesaurus:

  • Private Facebook Group & Live Masterminds
    ProExtreme members get access to our Private Facebook group. In this group you’ll be able to connect with other EXTREME members, share your best ideas and connect and network with with other like minded marketers. Members share their best posts and these are added into the Magic Thesaurus to grow it organically.
  • Font Menu & Dynamic Code Sharing
    Our goal with SociJAM is to build the ultimate social media editor that you’ll want to use every day. For that reason, we added a large selection of fonts you can use with your Social Media to really make your messages standout. You can also save your posts to the cloud and share a unique code with other Socijam members or your staff so that they can use the exact same format. This is a real time saver.
  • SociJAM PRO Extreme is designed with the word ‘FLOW’ in mind.
    We’ve designed Socjjam Pro Extreme to be so streamlined that you have everything you need at your fingertips to craft any post, article, tweet, ad or email. All in one place. As you write, you can save, work, check your words, save, share and insert emojis. All in one place. No need to switch back and forth between different applications. You’ll quickly find that SociJam 2 PRO Extreme will save you a TON of time and improve your workflow for all your marketing. It is the tool that our customers use EVERY DAY for all their marketing and promotional needs.

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Everything you need at your fingertips. Our training modules show you step by step.

  • BONUS #1: Done For You, 1 Click IMPORTED Templates
    Learning is useful, having it done for you by the professionals? PURE GOLD! In each training area we’ll show you how to use it, and then give you our tried and tested templates. As an EXTREME member you’ll unlock a secret button that lets you click and import any of our ads and posts, edit however you want and use as your own!

  • BONUS #2: Bite Sized, Extreme Level Training videos
    Step by step, bite sized actionable videos ready for success. These videos are all content based, showing you exactly why and how SociJam works and what to do to see wild results really quickly.
    Here are some of the things you’ll be an expert in after this easy to follow FIRST training series.

-How to Get Your Name Seen in Facebook Groups
-How to Find Niche specific articles to share in
-How to Get Your Name Seen in Comments on Influence Posts
-How to Create and Post Relevant Comments
-How to Identify Key Social Influencers in Your Niche
-How to Get Your Name Seen on Review Sections
-How to Find products and services your ideal customers might want or be interested in.
-How to Write Simple Reviews that Your Fans Love to Share
-How to Getting Your Name Seen as a Page Fan
-How to Fill the ‘Suggested Pages’ Box on Right Side with Your Name

  • BONUS #3: Save Your Posts, Build Your Own Swipe File!
    Create your own frequently used templates and save even more time! Having to repeat a task over and over is frustrating, time consuming and a waste of your resources. With this extra feature you can SAVE your templates, add a keyword to that template and call it up whenever you need it. Simply load a saved template, edit and JAM It and you’ve got your posts live in a snap!
  • BONUS #4: Share Your Pre-formatted Templates
    Got something that’s working and want others, your friends, clients or affiliates to use?
    Save it as a template and create a share link. When people click that link, your formatting will load in their SociJam account with all of your pre-formatted text ready for them to use/edit and share themselves. This is part is a more advanced tool that product owners and people using affiliate marketing drool over. Equipping your affiliates with copy that you KNOW is going to grab people’s attention? Complete goldmine!
  • BONUS #5: Vik’s $500 Facebook Relevance Course
    You’ll get first access to Viktor Grant’s expert FB Relevance Course. If you’ve ever wanted to COMPLETELY DOMINATE Facebook, then this is the training for you. Our SociJam training modules are one thing, this is an entire course covering the most important parts about Facebook marketing, getting seen and turning it into cash. You’ll get access to it now!

  • BONUS #5: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic JAM Livestream From Hollywood
    As a world recognised leader, Viktor Grant is presenting & you get IN! Viktor shared the stage with the world renowned marketing expert Peter Wolfing in a live marketing event ‘MASTERMIND’. You’ll be able to watch the replay of this presentation. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a private invitation to Viktor & Peter’s next training webinar after this launch. Join via live stream for FREE as part of the extreme bundle.

  • BONUS #6: Search Triggers Author Edition Software
    You’ll get a 1 yr license to this must-have tool! A key part of getting attention to your facebook posts, or any posts on the Internet – is making sure that you’re starting with the right foundation.
    Search terms that draw an audience
    Without it, you’re going to be posting to yourself and getting a handful of people seeing them. Don’t think it counts for social media? Actually, it does and it’s one of the most underused strategies to fast traffic.Using this secret hack – AND .. powerful tool is going to give your traffic and sales a boost like you wouldn’t believe. Vik uses this tool in parts of his training, so you’ll be equipped with a full year of access – so you can make the most of an insane amount of keyword driven traffic.

  • BONUS #7: Automated Social Sharing Software
    Unrestricted Access, Use Anywhere/Anytime
    Publish Content to 30+ Social media networks
    Post images, videos, messages, links or anything
    Connect your blog to directly publish content
    Create RSS Feed from Amazon and eBay for ecom profits
    Reply on comments directly form dashboard
    Create Unlimited email campaigns and lists
    Social Group to post in 1 click
    Post Planner to schedule for days months or years

You’ll Get An Entire Year’s Worth Of Templates Each Month

To Use Over & Over, Customise, Save & Profit. All at this once-off price ONLY available from this page today. Or if you’d prefer to pay monthly, we’ve also provided that option for you too! Still not sure? Well, we want to remove any doubt – so we’re also going to include our no questions asked money back, 30 day guarantee.

We Know You’ll Love It, So Why Not Try It?

We have absolutely no doubt that you’ll love the extra benefits, training and SociJam upgraded features that;

You can try this out for 30 full days. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your EXTREME upgrade you can simply ask for a refund. Your investment is covered by my 30-day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with this fantastic offer and guarantee.


So now it’s your turn to get the results and success you’ve always wanted online starting today! We can’t keep this open forever though, so I urge you to take action if you still see the button below. As you can imagine, we have a LOT of people visiting this page who will understand the insane profit potential we’re presenting here, so join them… and join them quick while the offer is still available. The only way you can guarantee your EXTREME membership is by clicking one of the buttons below to claim yours right now – before we close it and give these memberships to other people.

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