Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects – Getting Higher Rankings Is Easier Than You Think. With Some Amplified, DA 90+ Backlinks, You’re On Your Way To Your Website Ranking Higher!

Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects – Getting Higher Rankings Is Easier Than You Think. With Some Amplified, DA 90+ Backlinks, You’re On Your Way To Your Website Ranking Higher!

JVGOLD.COM – My name is Tony and I’ve been ranking websites since 2005, which is a long time ago. I remember, even back then, it seemed like a mystery. I remember trying to get advice from whoever I could. The SEO (search engine optimization) industry was nothing like it is now. There were only a few people, it seemed, who knew how to do it. It wasn’t easy but I finally cracked the code. And once I finally figured it out, I was ranking websites left and right. It was super easy and I was really enjoying seeing my websites rank in the top spot for lots and lots of keywords. Life was great. Then it happened: The “Google Slap!” Millions of web pages went from ranking to disappearing in a single day! I couldn’t believe it. All our sites were nowhere to be seen! It was a dark day. I was pretty mad but mostly shocked. I remember contacting others to see if they had any clues. We eventually figured out that Google changed their rules. So now we’re in a different world. As online marketers and business owners, we’ve learned how to adjust. It’s not quite as easy as it used to be. Sure, you might run across a few shortcuts here and there. Some of them are even long-lasting, which is great. One such method, as I’ve learned, is the redirect.

Why Are Redirects So Powerful and Yet… So Safe?

A redirect is when you have a web page or a domain name that isn’t needed anymore and a redirect is set up to send people to the newer content. Having redirects is helpful because people bookmark websites and search engines also follow links to websites. Sometimes pages change, so the redirect makes sure people get to where they’re supposed to go. The reason why redirects haven’t been banned by Google (and probably never will be) is because they happen naturally.

This is because:

  • It’s natural for a new page to replace content of an old page
  • It’s natural for a business to buy another business
  • It’s natural for a business to change names
  • It’s natural for two businesses to merge
  • It’s natural for businesses to come up with a new domain name that is a better fit for their current business model.

To make sure these natural events don’t cause problems, we use the redirect. Google and other search engines actually appreciate the help on where to find the replacement content. We’re leaving less “dead ends” on the Internet and that’s a good thing for everyone. Redirects are powerful because you get all the ranking “juice” of websites that link to them. Google sees this as something that makes your website stand out from the others, giving you the EDGE you need for higher rankings.

Redirects Can Help Rank Websites SAFELY, But There’s a Problem.

Redirects are 100% natural. They pass on all SEO power going to them, too. All you need is a few authority website links to start ranking higher. The problem is… that’s not so easy to do. To get a link from a news website, they need to do a story about you, right? That’s usually the case, but think about this… What if they linked to a website in a story but then that website is no longer around.

Big companies make money spending their time and energy adding NEW content – not going back and fixing old content. Updating links isn’t worth the time, so it’s often just not done. The great news is… those broken links are just out there… ready, waiting, and available. So all you have to do is find these expired domains and set up a certain kind of redirect, which passes on ALL the power of that domain to your website. Of course, you could spend hours and hours of your time trying to…

  • Figure out where to find sites that pass on ranking power
  • Figure out where to find these broken links to take advantage of
  • Figure out how to choose the best domains that give the best advantage
  • Figure out how to set up the proper redirects to get the full linking benefit

Or you can hand it off to a team of experts. The type of experts who have already figured it out and do it extremely well. In fact…

We Find the Right Domains and Redirect Them in a Special Way That Gives 10x the Boost!

Many of our competitors will offer to do a regular, boring redirect. Not us! We found a way to AMPLIFY that redirect, giving you the full power of the domain. This amplification works 10 times better than normal redirects do. Take a look at all the Domain Authority (DA / DR) and backlinks you get…

Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects
Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects
Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects
Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects

And because our special redirects actually AMPLIFY the power of regular links from high authority websites… You need less of them. On top of that, there’s often extra traffic that comes along with these redirects. So we make sure you get to take advantage of ALL that EXTRA traffic, too. I mean, these links are perfect for:

  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Service businesses like plumbers, dentists, mechanics, home repair, etc.
  • Online marketers
  • E-commerce websites
  • And more

Any website that needs to rank higher can benefit from high authority redirects. And that’s why…

Most SEO Agencies That Charge An Arm and a Leg, Do This… This is one of the methods SEO agencies use to help boost their clients’ websites. They get these same links or redirects and charge their clients LOTS of money – usually starting at about $1,500 per month. But not all of them know how to amplify the links. Here’s a quote from a well-known SEO company:

“The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included. Most SEO projects in 2020 cost between $750-$2,000/month based on the scope of the project. A one-time project will range between $5,000-$30,000 and hourly rates for consultants fall between $80-$200/hour.”

One-time projects can be up to $30,000! Sure, they’re doing more than just buying some backlinks in that month – or are they? When it comes to SEO, there’s a specific strategy you need to think about… You don’t want to do 20 things in a month. Because if you do and your website starts ranking higher, then… How do you know which of those 20 things made the difference? You won’t! And that’s why they often just do 1-2 things a month… but charge you for everything in the meantime… what a scam! And that’s often for just one link, not an amplified redirect of an ENTIRE domain.

Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects
Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects

Don’t make the mistake of overpaying!

Not when you can get AMPLIFIED redirects with these benefits instead:

  • Redirects are set up to best match your target website or page…
  • Redirects come from DA 90+ websites like major news websites…
  • Redirects are amplified to give you the most power possible…
  • Redirects are set up quickly to give you power as soon as possible…

The Process is Simple…

  • STEP #1: Select Your Package (the 5-pack is the most popular)
  • STEP #2: We Set Up Amplified Redirects for the Domain(s) You Choose
  • STEP #3: Enjoy a Boost in Rankings

I don’t want to waste your valuable time, so I’ll get to the point. If you’ve been wanting to rank your website higher than your competition, the one thing you’ve been missing might be right here. That’s right, getting high-authority backlinks has been a struggle for most website owners, but this safe and powerful alternative is a great way to boost websites in rankings. Go to the page below to get the full story and find out how to rank higher organically by giving Google what it wants: Check Here! (Site Boostr DA90+ Amplified Redirects)


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