Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates: Best 440+ DoneForYou High-Quality eCommerce Promotion Ads Templates for Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and more.

Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates – Help You Make Stunning High Converting Animated ADS Promotions Easily In Minutes !

Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates is the most eye catching & profitable 2021 designs including in 20 niches: google ads animated templates, social media ads animated templates, static marketing pack. This is an amazing PowerPoint Video Template Pack. It’s NOT a Software, and you need PowerPoint to edit it. Quick Adz new product by my friends Shelley Penney and DeSafa Media. They always do amazing work so I took a look and I was BLOWN AWAY! Quick Adz is a massive portfolio of eCommerce animated and static advertising templates. This is DEFINITELY not “same old thing”! These are animated and static ads (banner, feed, sidebar and more) that you can use in nearly any social media or online space you can think of! (Including Google ads which kind of gets overlooked these days!). They are all ultra-modern ad templates in many local niches. Just add your business branding and it’s done! Here is what you DON’T have to do any more: No more market research (The’ye using all the 2021 marketing trends), No more hiring artists, graphic designers, or other costly professionals, No costly time suck, No more guessing what works, No technical skill needed, No hassle, no stress, And no problem!

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Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates Comes with:

  • 20 Profitable 2021 eCommerce Niche
  • 100 Google Ads Animated templates
  • 100 Google Ads Static templates
  • 60 Social Media Ads Animated Templates
  • 60 Social Media Ads Static Templates
  • 60 Static (YouTube – Facebook – Twitter) Cover
  • Personal License
  • Module #1 – Animated Google Ads Design Templates available in the 5 highest converting sizes on Google Ads, in 20 eCommerce niches
  • Module #2 – Animated Social Media Ads Design Templates available in the 3 highest converting sizes on social media ads platforms in 20 eCommerce niches
  • Module #3 – Static Cover Design Templates For Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates is the easiest & fastest way to create engaging ecommerce promotion ads design in just 3 easy steps:

  1. STEP 1 – Choose : Choose 440+ Ready to use animated or static templates!
  2. STEP 2 – Customize : Click, edit, and replace your image, video, and/or audio using your chosen template.
  3. STEP 3 – PRODUCE : Export PPT to gif/video/jpeg/png as per your choice

That’s it! And ready to help you create unique designs for eCommerce promotional ADS! With over 440 animated PowerPoint templates done for you. Sized for the best advertising platforms in 2021 such as : Google ads and Social media ads. (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and more.

Niches include:
Travel, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Real Estate, Branding, Education, Cooking, Health Care, Sport, Business, Coffee Shop, Fashion, Winter Sale, Food, Vacation, Black Friday, Natural Health, Bakery, Men’s Fashion, General Animated Text

So, What makes Quick adz different from others?

  • 2021 Concept, multipurpose And Easy To Use
  • Most Internet Marketers designing Powerpoint ad templates don’t bother with things like market research.
    They just create what “they think” will sell, slap it into a package and present it to you with all the glitz, hype and empty promises!
  • You don’t have to bother worry about current ad trends, because WE DID IT FOR YOU! The lazy way is just not good enough for our customers!
  • We’ve provided everything for you. The only thing you need is Microsoft PowerPoint and 3 simple steps: select templates – edit as desired – export!

Here is why you will love Quick Ad:

  • Create Ads Animated Promotions In minutes
  • Create Ads Static Promotions In Minutes

Here’s What You will  get Inside Quick Adz HQ eCommerce Promotion Animated Ads Templates

  • 20 Profitable 2021 Ecommerce Design Ideas

  • Google ads animated templates

  • SOCIAL MEDIA ads animated templates

  • Static Marketing Pack (YouTube – facebook – twitter) Cover

Niches Include: Back to School, Fitness, Fast Food, Furniture, Pet Shop, Gadgets, Pet Store, Delivery, Shoe Store, Photography, Make-Up, Hotel, Car Dealer, Ice Cream Shop, Fruit Store, Interior Design, Laundry, Life Insurance, music, Pizza, Plumber, Dental Care, Wedding, Gym, Game Store, Barber Shop, Children’s Fashion, Healthy Food, Beauty Spa, Camera Store