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Make Money Online Training 2022: How To make $500 From Restaurant owners?


For the last 10 years, Luther Landro has been working with restaurants as a consultant providing them with SEO, reputation management, website design really anything that can bring more patrons through their doors.

A few months ago, one of his clients called him up out of the blue, furious… Complaining that his restaurant was not on Google.

But his place was the first result on Google when you searched for Italian restaurants in his town… “No no no” he said. The steak house down the block from him was taking reservations right inside of Google and his restaurant was not.

Still confused, Luther decided to see what he was talking about. Luther went on Google looking for this steak house, and sure enough this place was taking reservations right from the Google search page. It’s effortless to set up, only about an hour’s work.

Luther called his client back explaining that this reservation system was a new service and he could set it up for a small $500 fee.