MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik – The Best All-in-one Email Marketing & Automation Tools That Will Help You To Build Easily Huge Email Lists & High Open Rates Easily! Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Customers, Instant Optin and No Need for Verification, Automate Your Email follow up, & 100% Delivery Rate and Stunning Open Rate.

MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik – The Best All-in-one Email Marketing & Automation Tools That Will Help You To Build Easily Huge Email Lists & High Open Rates Easily! Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Customers, Instant Optin and No Need for Verification, Automate Your Email follow up, & 100% Delivery Rate and Stunning Open Rate.

What is MailJam Software?

MailJam is an all-in-one cloud-based email marketing software which includes everything you need to create, send, track, and profit from email marketing. This tools allows you to send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers it’s also helps you to build Easily huge Email Lists & High Open Rates. We all know the list is the most precious asset an online marketer has. “The money is in the list” is key to earnings, profits, success and fame, but there is a BIG problem that’s stopping all of us from making MORE money from our lists. I’m talking about being dependent on autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse or Mailchimp, that maintain and mail our lists… because if there’s EVER a break in their service, your business is as good as dead. And Email marketing is always been very profitable, but you can even earn more if done correctly. Yes, you can earn more if you are able to reach more inboxes, and talk to more people. How do you do that? By using the right services of course. And this cloud software solves your problem! This software is a lifesaver for both newbies and experienced marketers alike. You can Send Unlimited emails to unlimited customers, Instant Optin and no need for verification, 100% Delivery Rate and stunning open rate, Automate Your Email follow up with the advanced technology, Beautiful Looking Email Templates for Huge ROI, No monthly and no restrictions, and High Converting Email Templates. With MaillJam you’ll be able to build profitable email lists with only a few steps. Just 3 Simple Steps to Make Huge Profit using MailJam: Step 1, Purchase and Login to Mailjam. Step 2, Upload List or Capture Leads using MailJam Software. Step 3, Enjoy the Profit Making Campaign Right away. Get Rid of Money Sucking Autoresponder services that ban you without any reason. Take Control of Your Email marketing efforts Today and Purchase Your Own email technology with one time Fee! But that’s not all that MailJamcan do.It essentially replaces a ton of email marketing tools that you’re currently paying monthly fees for. And it does it for a low one time investment. Well…that is during this launch special. So if you truly want to dominate your email marketing and build profitable email lists without all the technical hassles, then head over  now and checkout MailJam (link here) I’m 100% sure you’re going to love what you see.

MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik  MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik

Just take a look at some of these amazing features:

There’s also included items such as

  • Powerful Email Marketing Solution with No recurring fee and Nothing
    MailJam is the solution you need for your email marketing automation without any monthly fee or whatsoever. It comes with powerful
  • features that no other third party provider is offering at the reasonable one time price.
    Manage lists & subscribers easily with MailJam
    You can do mass import of subscribers or use API to import the contact to MailJam. We have all the variety of tools to integrate MailJam with any third party application to build your subscribers list.
  • Unlimited Everything Without any Restriction
    In MailJam you can email unlimited number of times and can create as many as campaigns you want without any restrictions at all. Also You can manage unlimited number of subscribers and create unlimited list segments.
  • Single/double opt-in support
    MailJam is the solution you need for your email marketing automation without any monthly fee or whatsoever. It comes with powerful features that no other third party provider is offering at the reasonable one time price.
  • 100% Cloud Based Software
    Mailjam is a cloud based mobile responsive app that lets you work anywhere. Even you can use your mobile or tablet anything to access Mailjam and all things are made easy for you to automate the process.
  • Autoresponder for subscriber welcome/goodbye emails
    We have an automation sequence for welcome and Goodbye emails for you to use. These templates made your work easier for you. So, you don’t need to write any welcome emails if someone recently subscribed. Everything is Done For You by us.
  • List segmentation support
    You can segment Your list and keep a separate name for each list. Also you can even segment a campaign as well for unopened subscribers. So, everything became easier in MailJam.
  • Open/click/unsubscribe tracking & statistics reporting
    Track delivery of every single email sent out from MailJam. You can always find out whether or not your emails reach subscribers’ inbox. Opens / Clicks / Bounces / Complaints are automatically recorded and are visualized using interactive charts & data tables.
  • Advanced email template builder
    MailJam comes with an advanced Email Template Builder as well as dozens of pre-built email templates/layouts for you to start on. We have beautiful and high converting email templates that you can use to succeed in your online marketing.
  • Subscription form builder
    We support embedding a subscription form to collect subscribers for your campaign. That is, after creating a mail, you can design and customize the subscription sign-up form for the list and embed it on your own website, your own brand and look-and-feel.
  • MailJam Helps you to Build Massive Email List Faster
    It does not matter if you have a small list or big list. In MailJam we have proven high converting optin forms to build huge lists faster. Also our High Converting Optin Forms helps you to convert any online visitors into loyal fans.
  • 100% Easy to use Beginner Friendly Technology
    Everything is Done For You and makes it easier for you to make easy money with email marketing. You can easily Copy and Paste to start mailing your subscribers.
  • Automation & Auto-responder
    You can also configure the application to automatically follow up an email when it is opened / clicked by the recipient. Just set up your Automation/Auto-responder once and have emails automatically sent for you. List subscription, List unsubscription, Subscriber’s birthday.


  • No need Pay any monthly fee or any expensive recurring payment.
  • No need to waste time in optimizing campaigns for better deliverability. (MailJam is designed to provide best results for you)
  • No need to do any double opt in to collect the leads anymore.
  • No need to worry about open rate or landing on spam folders anymore again.
  • No need ro scared of getting banned from the third party autoresponder.
  • No more hurdies and no more struggles anyone to get best result with email marketing.

When you pick MailJam then you can start seeing the below results in your life:

  • You will start getting daily income online.
  • You will Enjoy your Freedom.
  • Financial Freedom & Financial Stability in Life.
  • Time Freedom to spend time with your Family & friends.

MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik

MailJam Software OTO/Upgrade Version Details:

→ OTO/Upgrade #1 – MailJam Pro Version

MailJam Pro is first Upgrade version from MailJam software. With this Pro Version you can Get 10X more Profit by Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited emails, and Unlimited Subscribers. This provides all the things you need to succeed in Email Marketing. What if you could remove all the restrictions, and unlock Extra Email Templates to 10x your profit. But that’s not all, you will get Unlimited Emails, UNLIMITED AUTOMATIONS, and unlimited subscribers. Inside  MailJam Pro Version you can Unlock unlimited Imports, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Segmentation, and Unlimited email. Also you will get 10x Profit and Huge ROI for your business, Build List Faster than ever. No more restriction and nothing. More Advanced Automation and save time for your loved ones. And Make Consistent Passive Income like a clockwork. Rinse and Repeat the success with the MailJam Pro version.

MailJam Pro Version Features:

  • Unlimited List Import – No Restriction at All
    Import Unlimited Lists To Use MailJam Pro For All Your Business. No more holding back when you need to expand the success magnum to your diversified niche businesses. It’s just a one-time Pro upgrade and for years you can scale your business without limits!
  • Clean List in a single click Easily
    Built-in list cleaning tool to remove all those dead and undeliverable leads. One little thing that can simply boost your delivery and inboxing by 200%.
  • Import all List without Losing a single leads
    Import unlimited subscribers list without any hefty charges and the best part is that you won’t lose even a single ID in the process. So, you can mail freely to your subscribers without any restrictions whatsoever.
  • Advance Subscriber Management To Send Exclusive Emails
    Using this Latest & VERY Powerful feature, you can assign tags to your subscribers and segment them based on the suppression list, message wise, bounce wise, export, create custom fields etc. n a very simple manner. Now you can send emails exclusively to the subscribers related to any smart Tag or group
  • Advanced Messages & Campaign Management To Save Time With Fast Campaign Re-Use
    Managing emails and campaigns can be a tedious task, you must follow so many steps and then you get your favorite campaign to work on. But now, you don’t need to do anything as our software gives the power to duplicate, edit or delete your campaign in just 1 click. It’s a time-saving feature.
  • Work Seamlessly With Almost Every SMTP Service
    We have integration with almost every SMTP on the planet, simply fill in your details from your SMTP provider and start sending emails right away.
  • No Restrictions In Managing Multiple Lists
    Creating a separate list makes it super easy to personalize your email marketing automation because if you don’t segment your subscribers, you’re leaving tons of money on the table.
  • Send Unlimited Mails Per Month Without Any Restriction
    Send unlimited emails or newsletters with your SMTP service and get rid of endless complications of email marketing. Just configure SMTP settings once and forget about it forever. You can send emails right away or schedule them for later date and time. Forget highly monthly fees, a limited number of emails, or fear of account being suspended.
  • Deep Analytic Of Every Campaign’s Growth Accurate Reporting To Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not
    Get accurate analysis for every action and tracks the success and performance of your emails sent, leads generated, opens and clicks, and a lot more. So you can see how successful your campaigns are and scale them accordingly
  • Advanced List Management To Easily Copy, Move, Or Delete Your List & Contacts To Manage Them Better.
    MailJam Pro Upgrade leverages you with the power of creating and managing multiple lists for your multiple businesses, without any upgrade warnings or contact restrictions
  • Get Media Library For Faster & Optimized Usage Of Your Images & Files
    Eye-catchy images are the best way to attract the attention of the audience and get them hooked to your emails. Yep, MailJam Pro Edition gives you the power to centralized manage files and images through the library for faster and optimized usage like you always wanted.
  • Complete Media Integration to Send Any Kind Of File Or Images through Email
    Now, you can easily integrate images and files directly into your email campaign in a hassle-free manner to build a better relationship with your customers and optimized usage like you always wanted. If you want to get a Huge ROI on your email marketing effort and reduce your Email Marketing tool expenses then you need to upgrade now on this page.

The Pro Version is Only Available for theFirst 50 Customers! So Act Fast Now!Grab this upgrade now if you want extra features, Traffic and More Affiliate sales. If you want to grow your list 20x Faster this for youIf you want 10x More Profit to your email marketing business then this one for youIf you want unlimited everything without any restriction then this one is for you.If you don’t want to pay a hectic monthly payment then this one is for you.If you don’t want to get banned by the third-party autoresponder then this for you. Remember, Because of high demand we are offering this upgrade to the first 50 Customers. First Come first serve basis. So Act fast now here!

→ OTO/Upgrade #2 – xLinks Smart Cloaking Software

xLinks Smart Cloaking Software is World’s Smartest Link Cloaking Cloud App that can Boost Your Email TRAFFIC, Sales & Profits With World’s SMARTEST LINK CLOAKING SYSTEM. xLinks smart cloaking algorithm bypasses Google, Facebook and Yahoo backtracking check every single time for your every single link to save your sales and profits. Imagine you and 99 other competitors promoting the same product via emails and only you are hitting primary folder of subscribers while others mail to land in the spam folder or get blocked by Google and Yahoo. Imagine facebook giving warning to a prospect when they click on a link of your competitor and blocking the link but letting it through smoothly when the same prospect clicks on your link for the same offer without any warning or issue. That’s the power of xLinks It bypasses Google, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Every Site Worldwide and it works everywhere you advertise.

xLinks Exclusive Features

  • Link Cloaking
    To protect your profits and commissions by cloaking-masking your links smartly with our latest algorithm.
  • High Inboxing
    Links cloaked via xLinks means more inboxing and click rate in Google, Yahoo, and all email ISPs. Ultimately, make the most from your email marketing efforts.
  • Inbuilt Re-marketing System
    Add your facebook pixel in xLinks, and it creates your re-targeting audience on Facebook for each campaign. Re-Market them on facebook to get 300% more profits and hook them to your brand.
  • Geo-targeting
    Only used by Top brands till now. This strategy helps you show personalized offers based on the geo-location of the subscribers & provide an unmatched user experience.
  • Device Targeting
    Imagine if you had the opportunity to identify & deliver offers to various customers based on their specific devices. A strategy used only by big brands till now is in your hands to leverage maximum potential.
  • CTA Overlays
    CTA Overlays helps you make profits by adding little banner-like ads in your emails. Must have for newbie email marketers today to boost profits.
  • Link Expiration
    Create time bound links that expire after a certain time or redirect to a different page. This forces your visitor to take action in time bound offers and save you profit by redirecting them to other offers.
  • Mass Cloaking
    Saves you a lot of time by cloaking multiple links at once to boost your click-through rate.
  • Custom Domain Authority
    Take Control and Make a cloaked link on your own domain for superior authority and branding. It helps in better exposure in search engines & maximizes your profits.

Benefits of xLinks Smart Cloaking Software

  • Strong Link Cloaking which bypasses Google & Facebook Smartly
  • Ultra High Inboxing In Primary Folder Of Your Subscribers
  • Smart Building Of Fb Re-marketing List via xLinks used in Mails
  • Geo-targeting to show personalized offers
  • Device Targeting To Leverage Maximum Potential
  • CTA Overlays to make extra with little banner-like ads
  • Link Expiration After Specific Time or Redirection To Different Page
  • Mass Cloaking To Boost Click-Through Rate
  • Custom Domain Authority For Super Authority, control & Branding
  • Auto-Promotion Sync Of Links On Fb, Instagram and Other Social Channels
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software
  • Winning Support and regular weekly webinars
  • Complete Step by Step Video training
  • Completely FB and Google Friendly Links, Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software

Imagine Sending Same Email Campaign, Sent to the Same List and getting 5X better results by Supercharing Your Links. REALITY CHECK FOR YOU. Sure, there are tons of tools that promise you traffic, fb traffic, Instagram traffic, ads training and hell lot of other things, but most of it require lot of investments, efforts, learning curve with high chances of failure AND nobody was really doing the complete thing for long term traffic to your campaigns. Now you have Combined Power of xLinks and MailJam. No other company in the world can give you this deadly untapped fresh Fusion Combo. Only we in world own such software’s with power to give you 10X fresh traffic, grow your profits by up to 10 times We Own. The Catch? This upgrade is ONLY available for limited time ONLY. So Click Here To Secure Onetime Access To xLinks For  Highly Discounted Price.

→ OTO/Upgrade #3 – MailJam Reseller License

MailJam Reseller License is the third OTO/Upgrade version from MailJam Software. This version is a revolutionary method where you can Build Your Online Business EASILY By Selling MailJam Accounts! You just have to Sit Back & Get Paid.. Where We Will Do All The Hardwork FOR YOU! Zero Experience Needed | Zero Technical Skills Required | Get Easily Instant Commissions. As we know… To start a business it takes Investment, Hardwork and TIME! But today we totally Fool-Proofed it FOR YOU! You don’t need to hireExpensive Developers You don’t have toresearch ‘Anything’. You don’t need to hire any costly Support Desk Professional! You don’t have to even pay for any type of sales material like sales pitch, Sales page design, videos, mockups, social posts, complex graphics etc.

MAKE Benefits In 3 Easy Steps Using MailJam Reseller License

  • Use Our Pre-provided,Tested & High Converting Sales Material (Pages, Funnel, Videos) to Sell Mailjam.  Use all the similar High converting Sales Page and other material which we use to CONVERT YOU! Get complimentary access to tested and proven marketing material to reap the best Conversions!
  • Accept Payments directly In your Paypal or Stripe or Bank Account. Charge them monthly, yearly or one-time Fee for just
    simply reselling them accounts of the most needed tool in the online industry today!
  • Create Unlimited accounts for your customers with a Simple 1 Click procedure! Simply enter the Email ID of Your New Customer In
    MailJam Reseller Panel and Create their Account In Seconds with Just a Click.

Here’s what you’ll get insideMailJam Reseller License

  • Get Professionally Written, Customized Sales Pages & Other high converting Marketing Material to attract high paying prospects and
  • Start making quadruple PROFIT INSTANTLY!
  • Easy return on investment.
  • Get paid directly in your paypal, Stripe Bank account etc.
  • We’ll handle all your support tickets with 24*7 high priority availability by our Experienced Staff.
  • Get 5 Fast Action Hand Picked Bonuses to start with!

We already told you that this is ONE-TIME CHANCE to grab our Reseller License & make pure Profit in the explosive Email Market. Jump in the Explosive Email Market with a BOOM! Grab MailJam’s Reseller License Today here.

→ OTO/Upgrade #4 – FreshMails Software

FreshMails Software can Creates New Channel for Leads, Traffic and Revenues that Gmail Loves. Simple 1 Min Trick to Turn Your Email Marketing into More Revenues & Traffic. you can create future ready smarter emails in 3 simple steps: Step 1, Enter The Subject of Email.
Step 2, Enter Your Discount Coupons, Features image and logo. And Step 3, Add the generated code inside your emails and Shoot. Plus with Step by Step Training on How to Get Started with Smarter Email Marketing. Use Freshmails with 3 Simple Steps so Easy that Anyone can do it! Without ever spending a single penny on paid traffic. This is a must-have email solution for every business and marketer. You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks that this will do for you in minutes.

Fresh Mails Software Features

  • Unlimited Smart Annotation Emails and Campaigns
    Send Unlimited Smart Annotaion Emails to your subscribers and make your email campaigns “Stand ont of Crowd” in Gmail’s Promotion Tab
  • Add images, logo coupons and discounts in point and click ease
    Attract your subscribers by adding images, logo, discount coupon codes with expiry and guess what… Your Email will start appearing in Top automatically when your coupon is about to expire.
  • 25+ Ready to use annotation templates
    We are providing 25+ ready to use high converting annotation templates with Content and Images to help you out increasing attention for your subscribers
  • Real Time Campaign Builder
    Freshmails have in built real time campaign builder which means you can see LIVE how your email will appear to your subscribers
  • 10+ 1-Click, RSVP, Webinar templates
    Along with Annotation Templates you will be getting 10+ 1-Click, RSVP & Webinar templates for tempting your subscribers to take action immediatly
  • Integrate with Any Autoresponder or mailing client
    Doesn’t matter what mailing client you use. FreshMails is compatible with Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Drip, ConvertKit and all other mailing client.
  • Copy paste Simple Dashboard
    Easy to use and user friendly interface. No technical hassles and nothing to host. You can use FreshMails like Copy & Paste simplicity.
  • 50+ Customizable Featured images templates
    You will be also having access to 50+ Customizable featured image templates to help you out broadcasting in a more better way.

More features

  • Turn Your Basic Emails into Future ready emails With Over 90%* Open rate
  • Send unlimited emails and broadcasts in 3 simple steps
  • Gmail automatically groups and highlights email promotions that people are most likely to be interested in.
  • Stay on the top of your subscribers inbox in just mins
  • Send Smarter emails today with 25+ Ready to use templates
  • Works better than traditional emails, push notifications
  • Your Own Futuristic Emails Ready in Minutes with your favourite autoresponder
  • Companies like Samsung, Dominos,, Ubisoft, Amazon already Using It
  • Make it easy to highlight key information like deals, expiration dates, and promo codes.
  • Add images to your annotations and bring your promotions and make them more discoverable and inspiring.
  • Increase business revenue and growth up to 3 Times with Copy paste simplicity
  • Don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars on advertising to get noticed
  • No Coding Skills Required
  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Completely Newbie Friendly
  • A-Z Video Training Included
  • 60 Days, No Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • Comes With Commercial License

with FreshMails Software you can Start Getting 300% More Opens, Clicks, Traffic and sales form the latest technology endorsed by Google. Create futuristic emails that stays on the top your subscriber’s inbox and stand out of the crowd. Claim YOUR Piece of the Technology That Boosted profit upto 300%* for Brands like Samsung, Amazon, Dominos! Get Instant Access to Freshmails Here.

→ OTO/Upgrade #5 – ChatFox Software

ChatFox Software is World’s Most Powerful Messaging Cloud Based Platform that combines thePower of Messenger, SMS and Email with Zero Monthly FEE. Chatfox Allows You to Make Money from Every Single Platform that your potential customers are on…. All under one hood. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what kind of product or service you sell. This will work for everyone.Affiliate Marketing, Ecomm Stores, Local Businesses, Consultant Agencies, Bloggers, Video Marketers, etc.

MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik MailJam Software Review & OTO By Uddhab Pramanik


MailJam Software Is Best Email Marketing Solution for All Marketers!

Listen We all Know that we need email marketing for selling our own products, services and affiliate offers. Also Email Marketing is the Only marketing that offers HUGE ROI for marketers. Let’s face the Truth, you already know that you need an email list to make consistent income every month. I hope You Heard of “Money is In the List” is the fact everyone of us knows. Also Remember Your Email list is your Bank Account. If you are still not using email marketing in your business, or not building your list, or sending out emails then you are missing out something important in your business.

So What is the Best Solution for this and also avoiding money sucking Third Party Autoresponders?

You need the easy to use autoresponder with incredible performance with Zero monthly fee. That is why our team built MailJam for you. MailJam Provides you Awesome deliverability rate also there is no downtime – Also No monthly fee and low one time fee. MailJam is an all-in-one email marketing solution that you need To create, send, track, and profit from email marketing.

» Get MailJam Software Here «

Check Also Upgradde Version From MailJam Software By Uddhab Pramanik

• OTO/Upgrade #1 – MailJam Pro Version
• OTO/Upgrade #2 – xLinks Smart Cloaking Software
• OTO/Upgrade #3 – MailJam Reseller License
• OTO/Upgrade #4 – FreshMails Software
• OTO/Upgrade #5 – ChatFox Software

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Do I need any hosting or website for this ?
NO!! You don’t need any hosting or website for this. MailJam is a fully Cloud-Based Software

Q.2 Is it Beginner friendly?
Yes, it is completely beginner-friendly and we did all the hard work for you. SO, there is not much manual work for you. And also we added a Free tutorial to get started.

Q.3 Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience For using this tool ?
No!! We have step by step tutorials for this so you don’t need to do anything else

Q.4 Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, you are covered with 30 Days Money-back Guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now.

Q.5 how do I get Instant Access?
Click the Below Button and Lock Your Discount now.

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