Facebook SEO Doctor 2022 Review : A Step By Step System That Allows Anyone To Quickly Fix Facebook Pages And Rank Them At The TOP of GOOGLE’s Results!

Facebook SEO Doctor 2022 is a brand new step by step system created by an expert local business consultant, Luther Landro. This system allows anyone to quickly fix Facebook pages and rank them at the top of Google’s results! You can use this system to get hired as a Facebook consultant, commanding $500, $1,000, even $20,000 fees from local business owners who need their Facebook page fixed.

This system is tested by Luther itself and this 100% works even if you have never done SEO or Facebook marketing before… even if you have never worked with or been paid by a local business owner… and even if you have tried everything else in the past.

You have everything you need to claim expert status from day one, getting Local Business to come to you for this service, running your consulting business exclusively on referrals. Inside Facebook SEO Doctor 2022 you are getting not one, but three checklist to help you start and build this business quickly including:

1. The Facebook SEO Doctor 2022 Checklist.

This checklist takes you step by step fixing this issue to unlock the SEO potential of any Facebook Page. Follow this steps, and you will see the page you are working on appear on the first page of Google in as little as 48 hours… This checklist also includes other tricks and tweaks that will increase your client’s rank, traffic, and help you convert that traffic into customers including:

  • Step-by-step instructions to enable the hidden SEO features on Facebook to leapfrog your client’s page to the first spot in Google’s results.
  • Backlink source you can use to rank pages for highly competitive keywords beating out Yelp, Google Place, and any competitor websites.
  • Full instructions on how to get your client’s page verified and certified by Facebook… displaying a checkmark next to their name. You could even charge extra for this service.
  • Fast keyword research to uncover the search terms used by your client’s customers and content strategist to not only help rank your client’s site but convert page visitors into paying customers.

2. Luther Landro’s Client Prospecting checklist

Follow this checklist when starting out to build a network of referrals that establishes your client base and follow it anytime you want to grow your business and revenue.

  • You’ll also learn how to spot fan pages that don’t have SEO enabled
  • How to use Facebook’s quick search to find business in any area that needs Facebook SEO.
  • Lead Sources to find direct contact information of owners and decision makers for any business… as well as all the copy/paste outreach message that get the clients on the hook in the first place.
  • Use this checklist to sell business directly or offer it for free in return for referrals so you can build a referrals  network of clients from day 1.
  • And help you earn the most from every business owner that pays you.
  • Luther also including his Facebook Ad management checklist in this bundle as well. This checklist takes you through every step of setting up Facebook Ads for local clients.

Check all the details about Facebook SEO Doctor 2022 system inside the video below:

Want to have all the work servicing clients handled for you?

As a special bonus, I’m including access to the very same client day care outsourcing company that Lither use for his own clients.

This outsourcing will allow you to drop off your clients and let them do all the work for a fraction of the fees you charge.

Your clients get their own dashboard that has been fully branded with your name and information, so they NEVER know you are outsourcing the work… They will think you have a team working for you which is precisely what this company does. Works for you on demand.

And to make sure you can get started today

I’m including a full walkthrough guide that outlines all the tips, tricks, and pitfalls along the way to learning this business. So you can avoid the mistakes that rookies make and start earning a profit from day one.