Effortless Rank And Rent Formula 2022 Review : Digital Landlord Coaching Program 2022 Earns $450,000/year As A Digital Landlord! No Dealing With Clients And No Cold Calling Or Selling Biz Owners

Effortless Rank & Rent formula is a brand new Digital Landlord Coaching Program 2022. This program is created by Luther – An expert-level local marketing consultant. Besides, he also helps marketers to make money for selling different services to local business owners. And this brand new Digital Landlord Coaching Program will teaches you how to rank simple 4-page lead sites in Google and rent them out to local business owners for a monthly fee.

In a nutshell, Effortless Rank And Rent Formula is as passive as it gets when it comes to local marketing. The trick is that he discovered a way to quickly rank these sites on the first page of Google for ‘low hanging fruit’ local search terms. Each site generates leads for a specific business niche, and each one earns him $500-$3,000 a month in ‘rental payments’ from biz owners who want the leads.

Rank as many sites as you can, and you can secure long-term rental payments. Tip: Luther has been ranking these sites directly in Google’s 3-pack. Biz owners would sell their kidneys to get their site in this spot and pay top dollar to rent (or buy) these sites. Check here!

Effortless Rank And Rent Formula is the all-in-one system that shows you:

  • How to easily create simple websites using free tools…
  • How to rank them in the hottest digital real estate, Google’s “3 Pack”…
  • and how to turn that into an amazing bonanza of ongoing monthly rent payments…

THIS is the ultimate passive income solution. Biz owners don’t want SEO… They want leads. Ranking simple, 4-page lead sites in Google, you can generate leads in any local business niche and simply give them away to biz owners to get them sold on buying more.

Read more in my Effortless Rank And Rent Formula Video below.

Booking renters is easy… Just give away a few of the leads your site produces to get their interest and offer them an affordable price to rent the site and get more leads.

Each site you rank earns $500-$3,000 per month in rent from biz owners who need the leads for their business. If their $500/month rental payment books them just one job per month, that’s 10x their investment. A complete no-brainer for them and a healthy passive income for you.

Think about it: The average job for a roofer or contractor earns $5,000 on the low side. You could create 1-2 of these sites for some extra cash. Or take the time to create 10… 20… even 100 lead sites to build a digital real estate empire that earns millions of dollars.

These sites are easy to build using WordPress, and the right plugin turns them into lead-generating machines. All it takes is the right Keyword formula to find untapped local search terms to get it ranked at the top of search results, so these sites generate dozens of leads each month.

Imagine this: You rank a simple, 4-page website directly in Google’s local 3-pack and biz owners pay $500-$3,000 a month to rent the site and collect the leads it generates.

My buddy Luther has been using this rank & rent approach to earn $450,000 a year passively from local business owners. He’s discovered a formula for uncovering low-hanging fruit local search terms that any website can rank in Google‘s 3-Pack in just 3 days.

Biz owners will approach you about renting out or even buying these sites when they see you on the first page:

  • This is one of the few ways to earn passive income from local business owners.
  • This is a much better approach than having to work hard for consulting clients.

Effortless Rank And Rent Formula” is the easiest way to earn passive income, hands down. The best part is that his ‘rank & rent’ strategy generates income with:

  • NO dealing with clients
  • And NO cold calling or selling biz owners
  • NO client servicing work once these sites are set up.
  • Rank it… Rent it… Profit!

Come to think about it: You don’t need to figure out by yourself what is the right path to make money online. Luther will walk you through what exactly he has been doing, give you free tools to create your 4-page lead sites, rank these digital “real estates” in Google’s 3-pack & renting them to local biz owners for $3,000/month.

You must buy this product because of the huge profit this platform gives you. You pay $27 for one time but get endless profits. There is no reason to stop this growth as long as the internet grows.

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