DEVINOU Business Management Software – The Best Inventory Management And Invoicing System Whether You Are A Boutique, A Small Business Or A Large Business, You Can Always Take Advantage!

DEVINOU Business Management Software is a simple and secure online solution adapted to any commercial activity, integrate your sales, your purchases and your inventory in a single system. Our goal is to digitize all businesses. With Devinou, whether you are a boutique, a small business or a large business, you can always take advantage of this software.

Nowadays, Inventory management is very important for all business. Products are being purchased, shipped, and returned across all channels—in-store, online, and through mobile applications, shipped from both stores and warehouses – in every combination possible, as consumers are forming higher expectations and demands from their retailers.

These omni-channel efforts complicate inventory tracking, as products can be moved to multiple locations during their selling lifecycle due to haphazard returns, cancelled orders, and shipping changes brought on by new shopping technology.

Thus, accurate management of this inventory is critical and may require newer technology to track properly and create a positive customer experience. Inventory management systems are valuable tools in helping to provide a clear view of all stock, allowing retailers to better handle things like inventory allocation, excess inventory and other stock related processes.

Here, we will take you through DEVINOU Business Management Software demo why updating your inventory management system is worth your time and money.

Key Features

Adequate IT Solution – Best advanced inventory management, point of sale and invoicing software. Complete ERP for all growing businesses.

  • Sales & POS Terminal
    – Improved Cash Register.
    – Integrated Barcode Reader.
    – Multi Room
    – Sales On Credit And Multiple Payment Methods.
  • Staff & Salesman & Cashier
    – Advanced User Mangement.
    – Permissions And Roles.
    – Multi Room
    – Add A Cashier For The Business Location.
    – Predifined Roles, Administrator And Cashier.
  • Report
    – Powerfull Reports With Filters & Graphs.
    – Profits And Loss Report.
    – Buy And Sell Report.
    – Report On Suppliers And Customers.
    – Cash Register Reports.
  • Product Management
    – Add Brands, Categories, Units, Tax Rates.
    – Products With Expiration.
    – Low Stock Alert.
    – Expiration Alert.
    – Print Barcodes & Labels.
    – Import Products In CSV Format.
    – Enable/Disable Inventory Management.
  • Suppliers & Customers
    – Add Contacts As Supllier, Customer Or Both.
    – Payments Alert.
    – Payment Detail
    – Detail Buy And Sell Transactions.
  • Others
    – SMS & Email notifications.
    – Interactive Dashboard.
    – Stock Adjustements, Expense Management, Cash Register.
    – Fully Customize The Invoice
    – Barcode & QR Scanner, Thermal Printer (ESC/POS)

Why Do Experts Prefer To Use Cloud-Integrated POS Software?

The trade is extremely competitive. We offer you several competitive advantages: Grow from one store to many. Make smarter business decisions. And Sell your best products more and more.

Why Should You Use Management Software?

Management software has become essential for any commercial store. Using our software will benefit you if:

  • You do too many calculations every day and you often get it wrong.
  • You have several repositories/local and you are having trouble managing them or synchronizing incoming and outgoing flows.
  • You want to avoid worker infidelity.
  • You lose transaction tracking.

Why Choose Management Software?

We simplify commercial and administrative follow-up processes, offering you the following benefits:

  • Data Security – The protection of data stored online via cloud computing platforms against theft and deletion.
  • Least Expensive – High quality and low cost, we have designed our product to be useful to every business owner regardless of industry.
  • Speed – We improved the UX overall. In general, fast online software will give you a better experience and avoid any delays.

Whatever Your Products Or Your Services!

Our Online Software is suitable for any business activity. Works On PC, Mac, Tablet, Or Even Smartphone.

DEVINOU Business Management Software - The Best Inventory Management And Invoicing System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are my data backed up?
A: We have high availability servers. All your data is backed up and secure, even if you have deleted an important document we always keep a copy of your data in order to recover it!

Q: How do I turn my tablet into a cash register?
A: Simply authenticate to DEVINOU from your tablet’s browser as you do on your computer. An Android version is coming soon!

Q: How to disable auto-printing of invoices in the POS?
A: Go to Settings > Shopping Sites > Settings > Uncheck “Print Invoice”

Q: How are flows synchronized between commercial premises?
A: Our DEVINOU solution is Cloud; this means that our application is implemented in a server, which gives you the possibility of doing different processes (sale, purchase, etc.) in different commercial premises instantly! All you need is an internet connection.

Q: I forgot the authentication password, what should I do?
A: In the authentication page, go to “Forgot password” > Enter your email address. A password recovery link will be sent to your email address.

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