Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro – This LinkedIn Loophole Banks Me $500 – $5,000 per month!

Connect N Cash By Luther Landro is an on-demand coaching program that earns you passive commission payments using LinkedIn groups to connect clients with referral agencies without any selling or servicing. You create simple LinkedIn groups that LinkedIn promotes and fills with local business leads. You forward these leads to marketing agencies that pay a significant commission on all sales generated.  This method has NEVER been revealed publicly. The lead sources are entirely new, and the agencies are hand-picked. This is the first time I’m showing any of this. Everything is presented in a step-by-step fashion that uses copy/paste materials. No experience is needed. If you can send an email, you can run this business from home.

Everything You Need Is Included. Connect N Cash gives you everything you need to earn a passive income exploiting this LinkedIn loophole successfully. You’re getting the same checklist that my student Wanye used to get out of debt and find financial freedom. Follow this checklist to have your first group set up in just 30 minutes... A group that will generate leads the next day and start earning commission checks within a week.

How much can I make with this?

Legally, we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, the commission on each client can range from $500 – $5,000 per month. Depending on how many clients you land, this can earn anything between $50,000 – over $1,000,000 a year in fees.

And the best part is you’re also getting Luther’s master list of referral agencies. As a customer of Connect N Cash, you’re already approved to start sending leads to these agencies and earning a commission. Send them the leads your LinkedIn groups generate, and you’ll be earning a fast commission on each one that gets sold. And to make sure this is the last income opportunity you ever need, I’m including an on-demand coaching program to cover every detail of running this business.

Inside Connect N Cash Coaching Program you’ll discover:

  • How to run this opportunity in 30 minutes a day with $0 out of pocket expense
  • How to create LinkedIn groups that attract the hottest buyer leads... Not all leads are created equal! This method ensures you generate the leads that agencies want and pay top dollar for.
  • The crucial group settings you MUST enable for LinkedIn to promote it and fill with business leads every week.
  • How to automate this entire process, so you only work 30 minutes a day
  • When you should (and shouldn’t) quit your day job. Know with confidence before you make any big life decisions.
  • How to keep your groups growing organically so your passive income increases every month even when you’re not starting new groups.

Connect N Cash is an entirely different approach that leverages a LinkedIn groups loophole to generate local business leads and earn a commission sending those leads to agency referral programs.

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Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro

Connect N Cash Coaching Program Proof
Connect N Cash Coaching Program Proof

My number 1 source of leads to sell: LinkedIn Groups.

Regular folks around the country have been earning small fortunes exploiting this LinkedIn loophole, with some taking to YouTube to show off their earnings:

Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro

Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro
Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro

Think about it: At $5,000 per commission, you only need 2 referrals per month to earn $120,000 a year.

You’d have to sell 1,000s of copies of some ClickBank ebook a month to earn that kind of money.

LinkedIn Groups + High-Fee Referral Programs = Big $$$

When you set up your LinkedIn groups the right way, LinkedIn will fill it with business owners that need help with their business. Every day you’ll see a new business posting in the group asking for things like SEO, mobile sites, web design, etc.

Sending these leads to the referral agencies is all it takes to earn a huge commission.

They do all the selling and closing the client…

They handle all the servicing, giving the client everything they need…

YOU collect a recurring commission on any fees collected from the business owner. The best part is that many of these programs pay commissions for the client’s lifetime. That means you’ll receive monthly checks for YEARS from a single referral.

The More LinkedIn Groups We Set Up, The More Money We Make!

When you set up a group the right way, LinkedIn will promote it across their vast network attracting top-quality local business leads. These LinkedIn groups are set and forget money makers. For example, let’s say each group you create generates just 2 referrals per month (very conservative) And that referral earns you $1,000 in commission plus $200/month in retainer fees.

  • 1 Group would earn $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year
  • 5 groups would earn $10,000 per month or $120,000 per year
  • 10 groups would earn $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year

That’s NOT counting the recurring commissions earned from long-term clients…

The best part: These groups keep growing every month, so even if you stopped creating new groups, your passive income would continue to increase. YOU are in total control of how much you earn. The more groups you create, the more you connect, and the more you earn.

All The Work Is Already Done For You! These agency referral programs do ALL the work for you, so there is:

  • NO Selling clients…
  • NO services to provide…
  • NO websites or sales funnels to build…
  • NO email lists to build or manage…

Pro Tip: NEVER try to sell these leads or do any work yourself.

Sure, with LinkedIn groups full of hot local business leads, it might be tempting to sell them consulting services to collect all the fees yourself. Remember that these referral agencies have TEAMS of professionals behind them to handle every aspect of consulting:

  • Their sales team calls your leads and closes deals with a professional sales presentation.
  • Their staff of marketing experts runs every aspect of your client’s digital marketing.
  • Their SEO experts guarantee your client’s first position ranking in Google over their competitors.
  • Their 24/7 support staff answers all your client’s questions.

Bottom line: Let these agencies do ALL the work and pay you your commission (I’ve already negotiated top dollar payouts on your behalf).

I mean, why do all the work yourself when there’s already a program that does it for you?

Connect N Cash earns you passive commission paychecks in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Create!
    Follow a step-by-step checklist to create LinkedIn groups that attract the most profitable local business leads.
  • Step 2: Connect!
    Use an automated system to send your leads to agency referral programs.
  • Step 3: Cash!
    Agencies sell, service, and manage the clients. YOU get paid a huge, recurring commission for each referral.
  • Optional Step 4: REPEAT!
    Repeat this process as many times as you like to build the recurring income you desire.

YOU are in control of your earnings with Connect N Cash.

Most online businesses require that you create a product or have a service to offer clients. Then you have to deal with customer support, refunds, and of course, building funnels to generate sales in the first place.

Connect N Cash is different… You leverage a powerful LinkedIn loophole to generate business leads, then get paid a referral fee to forward those leads to the agencies that need them.

Here’s how it works:

Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro
Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review By Luther Landro

Many folks who try to make money on LinkedIn fall into a few traps that you MUST avoid:

  • DON’T Buy LinkedIn ads – They are way overpriced and never convert profitably.
  • DON’T send mass messages – Spamming LinkedIn does not work and will only get you banned.
  • DON’T try to sell over direct message – No one likes a sales message in their inbox, and it will only turn business owners off to join your groups.
  • DON’T do any of the work yourself – The agencies in this guide do all the work for you while paying a huge referral fee.

Connect N Cash is guaranteed to work for you,
or you pay nothing.

Now legally, I can’t guarantee that you will make money; however, I can guarantee your satisfaction. And so I want you to try Connect N Cash on me for a full 60 days. If during that time you don’t get the results that you desire. If you don’t find this to be the easiest way to earn passive income from home… Or even if you don’t like my color choices in the member’s area, any reason at all… Just send me a support ticket with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No questions, no hassles. You can even keep your copy of Connect N Cash as my gift for trying it out.

Look At Everything You Are Getting In The Connect N Cash Coaching Program

  • LinkedIn Profile optimization checklist
  • LinkedIn Group creation checklist
  • On-demand coaching program
  • Agency refferal program access
  • Emergency cash booster (first few sales only)
  • Zero-hour workday automator
  • LinkedIn graphics pack

Connect N Cash Coaching Program Review: My Opinion

Connect N Cash Freed Me To Have The Life I Desire, On My Terms. I live a fairly simple life… I don’t drive a Ferrari or fly a private Jet. Sure, I have a huge 6,000sq foot house and take 6 vacations a year with my family. However, I’m just an ordinary family man who values his time more than flashy objects.

Having a passive 6-figure income source makes life easier in the little ways:

  • Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  • ZERO debt, tremendous savings, and 800 credit score – My debts are entirely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  • Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  • An emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  • Work on my own time – Some days, I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  • Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I can run my business from my laptop. This has been a fantastic experience for myself and my children.

If You’ve Ever Tried To Earn Money From Home And Failed, It’s Not Your Fault! 

If you have ever tried a ‘make money from home’ program in the past, you’ve probably realized they are not as easy as they are made out to be.

The case against most online income programs:

  • Affiliate marketing – spend hundreds of dollars per day on Facebook ads to build a list, then try to earn that back promoting affiliate offers with tiny $10 commissions (half of which never approve new affiliates anyway.) Few affiliates ever break even, let alone profit from these campaigns.
  • Amazon FBA – Huge upfront cost buying products from China then waiting months for them to arrive at Amazon’s warehouse. Then cross your fingers, hoping people buy them, only making a 5-10% markup if you sell your inventory. And even if you are successful, odds are someone else will copy you at a lower price and run you out of business within a year.
  • Local Consulting – Consulting on your own means you need to cold call and sell businesses dealing with painful rejection every day while competing with the big agencies to provide a better service (impossible on your own or even with a small team).

I’ve been involved in all of these business models with varying degrees of success over the years, and I’d rather earn my $50,000 a month passive checks any day.

And Connect N Cash Coaching Program is An Easy, Proven Way To Earn Money Online.

Imagine: You create a few LinkedIn groups that attract local business leads… They grow organically as LinkedIn promotes it across their vast network, and the leads get sent to referral agencies automatically.

YOU get paid every time a sale is made! And I’m not talking about tiny $9 commissions like you get with affiliate marketing… I’m talking $500-$5,000 payments for each sale!

Listen: It doesn’t take that many referrals to earn a 6 or even 7 figure income. “Connect N Cash” is all about earning as much money as possible, working as little as possible. Maximum money in minimum time.

You can set up as many or as few groups as you like to earn the income you need for the lifestyle that you desire. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to help with bills… Or you want to build a multi-million-dollar local business lead empire…

Connect N Cash will get you there. The best part is just how passive this income source is… You set it and forget it!

Right Now, You Have 3 Choices.

  • Choice 1 is you can do nothing, which leads to a place called nowhere. Your debt will continue to pile up while slaving away for 40 hours a week, helping make other people rich.
  • Choice 2 is you can take the information on this page and try to go it alone. Sure, if you took careful notes, you’ll see some success… However, you’ll be learning the hard way through trial and error.
  • Or Choice 3, the smart choice. Join the Connect N Cash coaching program to have all the work done for you and start experiencing financial freedom today.

I know you’ll make the only smart choice, and I’ll see you inside. – Luther Landro.

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P.S. Regular folks all around the world are using Connect N Cash to bank $5,000 commissions after just 30 minutes of work from home. YOU have a full 60 days to put this to work for you with your satisfaction backed by an iron-clad 100% 60-day guarantee.

P.P.S. This offer is only good for the next few days, and I am NOT keeping this promotion open for long.


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