Benefits of YouTube Shorts For Marketing in 2022

YouTube Shorts for marketing was officially launched worldwide in July. Many businesses must have realized the potential of this feature for a business especially for video marketing.

Many people think YouTube Shorts will be a big competitors for Instagram Reels and TikTok. Then can we use YouTube Shorts for marketing more effectively than Instagram Reels and TikTok?

What are YouTube Shorts?

If you are familiar with the TikTok app or Instagram Reels. Simply put, YouTube Shorts are duplicate versions of both that we can use on YouTube. But if the definition of YouTube Shorts is clearer, it is a short video with a duration of up to 60 seconds that is published on the YouTube platform, and this video has entertaining value and provides other interesting content to YouTube viewers.

YouTube Shorts have also been predicted by many to be a tough competitor of the TikTok app. So if you are using this new feature of YouTube. Videos that appear in this feature sometimes don’t come from channels you subscribe to. So we can imagine that the YouTube Shorts algorithm tries to recommend videos according to user interests.

Note: Currently the hashtag #shorts be the main hashtag to search for these videos. If you are a content creator or want to apply YouTube short for marketing. Be sure to use this hashtag for uploaded shorts.

Benefits of Youtube Shorts For Marketing in 2022
Benefits of Youtube Shorts For Marketing in 2022

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How to Make Youtube Shorts Videos?

First, when the YouTube Shorts feature is added by YouTube, you can see in the Video creation section when you press the + icon on the homepage of the YouTube application on the phone that there is a new feature has been added named Create Video Shorts.

And then once you hit the Create Video Shorts app will take you directly to the phone’s Camera. Now you can optionally use the Front or Rear Camera easily to create shorts.

And when you hit the record button, the app will perform a 15-second video recording for you. Or you can use the “Timer” feature to change the duration of the video recording time from before the video starts recording. In addition, the “Speed” feature of video recording can also be adjusted. Once done, you can adjust the Filters to make the video color better and more attractive.

And most importantly, the Music feature. This is what determines whether your video will attract people’s attention on YouTube or not. Surely TikTokers and or regular Instagram Reels are familiar with this music-enhancing feature.

Once you have done everything you need, you can proceed to the next step by adding text and color to edit the video to fit the one you want. Here you can also customize your text to appear at different intervals. Moreover, you can also customize the Music and Filters if you are not satisfied.

Once you’re done, the next step is:

  • Enter the Video Title and Description of your YouTube Shorts Video,
  • Set the Video option for kids?
  • Do you want the video to be shown to the public?
  • All of the above is the basic knowledge on how to make YouTube Shorts.

Benefits of YouTube Short For Marketing

Even if you don’t take advantage of Youtube to make money from YouTube. You can use it for marketing business products or services.

1. Create brand awareness your Business.

Of course, every marketing campaign wants to bring brand awareness, and so do YouTube Shorts. YouTube Creators has released a metric showing that 6.5 million people have been watching Shorts on YouTube every day since its global launch.

Shorts promise to give you more channel subscribers and definitely increase your brand awareness on this platform. The era of short videos becoming king has become very interesting now. YouTube Shorts is a platform that you have to develop in parallel with TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

You can take advantage of Shorts to show off your most unique product samples. And navigate to the link of a longer product introduction video or to the main marketing video of your business product/service.

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2. Increase Total YouTube Channel Video Views

First, using YouTube short can increase video views on the YouTube Channel of the business you have. YouTube’s search algorithm will look at the number of videos on a Channel to show them in search results and homepages of users who share the same interests as the videos you uploaded.

So the more videos you have on YouTube channel, the higher the priority of appearing in search results and YouTube shorts homepage based on interest from YouTube viewers.

When you want to use the YouTube short feature as a good marketing medium, try to make the title of the shorts video that you create contain keywords that are relevant to the video and there are keywords that you want to target for marketing.

3. Increase the Frequency of New Video Uploads.

Secondly, it can be useful to increase the frequency of new video uploads. When you create a long video, it usually takes 4 days to 1 week to upload the new video because the video creation and editing process takes a long time.

So of course there are a lot of viewers who are tired of waiting for your YouTube channel who don’t upload new videos. Before you can upload a long main video, you can first upload a short video via YouTube short.

4. To Conduct Experiments

With short-form video content, it becomes easier for you to do a marketing content experiment on YouTube. So before you make a long video, you can test it first using short videos shorts on YouTube.

Whether the interest from the audience from the short-duration content video is large or not. If short videos in shorts attract viewers to see the next video, then you produce a long video.

So in conclusion with shorts you can quickly identify whether the content is right on target or not.

5. Repurposing TikTok Videos and Other Short Videos

As we said earlier, YouTube Shorts were born to help you diversify your business communication channels. If you’ve ever used a short video app like TikTok to create marketing content, you can reuse those videos on Shorts YouTube. With only a few editing steps, videos that have been published to TikTok can be compatible with YouTube Shorts.

However, keep in mind to remove the watermark on videos captured from TikTok. No platform wants to see users post videos with watermarks from competing platforms. So remember to save the original video for easy reuse when needed.

Are YouTube Shorts For Marketing Suitable To Be Used As Media Marketing?

After you read about what YouTube shorts are and the benefits of YouTube short for marketing. To answer the question of whether YouTube shorts are suitable for use as a digital marketing medium. The answer is Yes.

As mentioned above, there are some very obvious benefits when we use YouTube short as a marketing medium for a product or service. Especially when viewed from the development of the shorts feature on YouTube, it is increasingly showing positive trends from YouTube users.

We can also see how the TikTok application can be successful with its short video application and is now widely used by companies or businesses to be used as an effective digital marketing medium.

Of course, this can also happen on YouTube short, with a positive response from YouTube users. Currently, the daily display of this short feature has reached 6.5 billion views in Australia during the trial period of this feature.

If you are still indecisive in optimizing designing this marketing strategy, you need digital agency services that can help your business grow with this channel.

Some other marketing strategies that can be implemented are Service or courses marketing, Email marketing campaigns, Viral Video Shorts Marketing, and Local Business Coaching Program to help local marketers grow their business..