Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora – A Brand New WordPress Plugin That Can AUTOMATICALLY Add Adsense, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Offers, CPA Offers, Call-To-Actions ALL over Your Sites In Under 60 seconds

Adtivate WP Plugin is a brand new WordPress Plugin created by Joshua Zamora. These guys literally Created The Best, Fastest And EASIEST way for ANYONE to to monetize their sites at RECORD speed. This WordPress Plugin allows you to easily create, add, manage, and display high-converting offers on your sites in a way that no other plugin can – GUARANTEED!!!

Because Everyone is ALWAYS talking about: helping you get more traffic, helping you get more rankings, helping you get more social media traffic, helping you run better ads to get more traffic, talking about the latest “untapped” traffic source, etc… But here’s what they DON’T tell you.. If you’re not providing their visitors with MULTIPLE chances to buy (or click) on offers on your sites, you will NEVER make ANY green.

That’s just a simple fact:

✅ you can have HUNDREDS of Page 1 Rankings
✅ you can have HUNDREDS of Visitors going to their sites every day
✅ you can have their content going VIRAL on social media…
✅ you can have the MOST Beautifully designed website

BUT WITHOUT Monetizing Your Sites PROPERLY, You will NEVER Make Money – PERIOD! And that’s they’ve created Adtivate!

With Adtivate You will be able to: INSTANTLY monetize ANY site in MULTIPLE different ways, AUTOMATICALLY add pr0fitable offers to your sites in under 60 seconds, MAXIMIZE the pr0fit you make from every site you own or manage, Quickly Add Adsense, Affiliate offers, Your own offers, CPA offers, Call-To-Actions (or ANYTHING you’d like) all over your sites, PLUS, you’ll be Unlocking their Powerful Ad Creator to quickly create and deploy, Ads In SECONDS from PROVEN templates! This is PERFECT for: Affiliate Marketers, CPA Marketers, Agencies, eCommerce Blogs, Digital Marketers, Authors, Service Providers, And EVERYTHING In-Between.

So, If you have a WordPress Site and you want Your Site to make More Profit, then You Need Adtivate WordPress Plugin!

Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora
Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora

Now I’m going to show you exactly how you can monetize your site in a matter of seconds… and how you can turn any site like this:

Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora
Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora

Where you can see within a matter of seconds I am turning these sites into profit pulling machines by having offers everywhere!

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Create and Deploy High-Converting Offers To Your Sites With Adtivate.

Check out the demo video here:

About Joshua Zamora

Joshua Zamora is a well-known internet marketer. He has now been working in this industry for a long time. He is also the creator of a number of video production and marketing products available on the market today.

Joshua has created a number of trendy digital products that he sells on a variety of internet marketplaces. DFY Chief 2.0, MyTrafficJacker, MyVideoSpy, Sendiio 2.0, Video Traffic Genie, DFY Manager, SyndLap Pro, X Ranker 360 Pro, Sociible, Sendiio Pro-ag, Creaite, DFY Suite 3.0, and a slew of more programs are included. And now, with Adtivate WordPress Plugin he’s come up with something truly unique.

Let’s Walk-Through ALL of The AMAZING Features At Your Fingertips With Adtivate:

  • Quickly And Easily Create Your Offers Using Our Built-in Ad Creator with a TON of PROVEN Templates
  • Choose Between Pop-Up or Banner Ad. With Pop-Up Ads You Can Choose From MULTIPLE Different Triggers To Maximize Profit
  • You Can Also Upload An Image Ad or Create a Custom Ad Using The WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add An Attention-Grabbing Border To Your Ads
  • Add Your Offer Link To Ensure You Get Paid
  • Add An Entrance Animation To Grab IMMEDIATE Attention
  • Add Periodic Animations To Your Offers at ANY Time To Get even MORE Clicks
  • Add an EXIT Animation To Grab Attention ONE Last Time
  • Position Your Offers At The Top, The Bottom or Set To A Random Spot
  • Make Your Offers Sticky So That They’re ALWAYS On Screen To Maximize Your Profit
  • Include and Exclude Your Offers Based On Geo-Location To Maximize Conversions
  • Set an Automatic Start Time And End Time if You’re Selling Ad Space On Your Sites
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Clicks or Total # of Daily Clicks
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Impressions or Total # of Daily Impressions
  • Create Group Of Offers That Will Be Automatically Rotated On Your Sites So You Find Which Offers Convert The BEST to Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Rotate Ads In A Group To Avoid Banner Blindness and Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Turn Keywords Within Your Content Into Clickable Offers To Generate Even MORE Profit
  • Leverage Our Shortcode Feature To Have Your Offers Show Up When Your Readers Reach A SPECIFIC Part Of Your Content
  • Built-In “Bad User” Blocking Mechanism So Your Ads Do NOT Show To “Bot Traffic”
  • Built To ByPass “Ad Blockers” So You Can ALWAYS Maximize Your Profit
  • Get FULL Impression, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate and Location Stats For Your Offers To Quickly Turn Off The Losers And Push ALL Traffic To The Winners

Here’s what will you get inside Adtivate WordPress Plugin:

  • 15 site license
  • Access to ALL Banner types
  • Access to Pop-Up Overlay Ads
  • Access To Keyword-to-Ads feature
  • Access To Bot-Traffic Blocker
  • Full Traffic Stats of Banners
  • Access To Automatic Start-Stop Feature
  • Access To 1 year of Updates
  • Unlimited Access To our Tech Support
Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora
Adtivate WP Plugin Review By Joshua Zamora

At This Point There’s Not Much Else To Say

✅ You either want to be able to quickly create and add offers to your sites, or you DON’T
✅ You either want to maximize the PROFIT that your sites make, or you DON’T!
✅ You either want to have access to the EASIEST and FASTEST ways to monetize yours sites, or YOU DON’T!
✅ You either want to pick up Adtivate at the BEST possible price and value that you will EVER see it at, or YOU DON’T!

However if you DO want to pick up the BEST, FASTEST and EASIEST Plugin To Deploy High-Converting Offers To Your Sites at the BEST price you’ll ever see it at, I highly recommend picking up your copy NOW.

You can Try Adtivate WP Plugin For Free Here!


You can get you copy of Adtivate WP Plugin here!

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