$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro – A Proven Consulting Strategy BANK Over $80,000 a Month By Helping Local Business Owner To FIX Their Bad Yelp Reviews And Low Google Ranking

Welcome to my $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro,

Hey, I’m Luther Landro, and in this review, you’re going to learn about the completely unique consulting strategy that my friend Kenny Clark used to bank over $80,000 a month in consulting fees from his laptop computer. This is a system that doesn’t require you to provide any service to clients yourself, requires absolutely no direct selling to get clients on board, and most of the money comes in on a recurring plan every month. Sound like your kind of opportunity?

Well, here’s the deal: Kenny found a bunch of “white-label programs” that offer everything from SEO to mobile apps to reputation management—everything that a business owner would need to grow their business. White label means: that the entire service is branded with your name, logo, and information; the client never knows that someone else is servicing them.

The unique thing about these services is that they also offer sales executives who get on the phone and sell clients for you. All you have to do is: find business owners who need a service like reputation management and pass the name onto these sales executives. They call the business, get them sold, and pay you 50 to 75 percent of the fees collected.

Kenny has been collecting $80,000 a month worth of fees after just six months “as a consultant”. It turns out nearly all of the major consulting firms are using white-label services to grow their business and offer new services to their clients.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

In this $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro, I am going to walk you through “how Kenny built his business over the past year to $80,000 a month”. So you can go to work duplicating his success.

And if you read until the very end, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on Kenny’s master list of these white-label services for just $5. This way, you could start using these services to sell business owners in your area and collect outrageous fees in the process.

>> Get your copy of $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 by Luther Landro and Earn $80,000 a month, just like Kenny did!

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

Luther’s former members already have a copy of Kenny’s book. Just see to some of the results they have achieved with this system:

Ella Watkins from Fort Lauderdale emailed me saying, ‘Hey Luther, I wanted to send you a quick testimonial about Kenny’s white-label book. I’ve been offering one of his reputation management contracts to businesses near me who have bad reviews on Yelp. I’ve managed to book five shops, each paying $997 a month for the service. It was an easy sell since the service closed three of the deals for me. This list is a gold mine, and I can’t thank Kenny enough.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

Jimmy from NoCross, Georgia, says, ‘The SEO services in this book are really top of the line. I used one for my biggest client, and they got his site to the first page in three weeks with some on-page tweaks. They reworked his local listing to give it a boost as well. The client is more than happy, even though he doesn’t know I use the service to deliver this boost. Overall, I’ve collected about $6,000 in fees from this client, and I expect to keep them paying for years. Thanks for the tip.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

Warren Peterson from Gibson, North Carolina, says, ‘The lead gen service in Kenny’s book is an entire business in itself. I offered the leads to a few of my current clients as well as new businesses that I knew would be open to buying leads. I cleared fifteen thousand dollars this month just selling this lead service, and it looks like every business will keep buying the leads for months. Please use me as a case study in your webinar with Kenny. I can give you complete examples of these services in action.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

Forum members who got access to this list have been earning passive income as consultants, letting these white-label services do all the hard work for them. These services literally sell themselves. Many even have their own in-house sales teams that will get on the phone and close clients for you. And now, for the first time, an insider is revealing these services to the public.

Kenny wasn’t always the James Bond of consulting, spending most of his time on hobbies and traveling while these white-label services work on his clients. Like most people, he started from the bottom, literally knocking on businesses’ doors, trying to sell them everything from credit card machines to websites to SEO. Unfortunately, he could never seem to compete with the bigger agencies out there.

The big consulting and SEO firms have huge teams of people to work with clients and sophisticated software that the average joe consultant simply did not have access to. And so, Kenny gave up on his ambition as a freelancer and decided to join an SEO firm as a hired gun. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, he figured.

He interviewed with a number of firms in New York City, big firms that make millions of dollars a year in sales and only offer top-of-the-line software and consulting for their clients. He expected their offices to be huge, with teams of programmers and Ph.D. computer scientists doing SEO for their clients. To his surprise, every office he went to was well tiny. No teams of people, no huge I.T. department with custom software—just small offices with about five or six salesmen making phone calls. When he asked the owners of the firm how they serviced their clients, they all replied with the same answer: “private label services”.

Imagine multi-million dollar consulting and SEO firms all built using white-label services for their clients. This took Kenny by surprise; it was like he stumbled upon a dirty little secret of the consulting and SEO world.

How does Kenny’s white-label consulting business work?

• Reputation management: Kenny sent emails to businesses with bad Yelp reviews, offering them the services of a white-label reputation management company. The sales executives for the reputation management company would then contact the businesses and try to close the deal. If the deal was closed, Kenny would get a 50-75% commission.

• SEO: Kenny sent emails to businesses that were not ranked properly on Google, offering them the services of a white-label SEO company. The sales executives for the SEO company would then contact the businesses and try to close the deal. If the deal was closed, Kenny would get a 50-75% commission.

• Lead generation: Kenny sent emails to attorneys, contractors, and finance professionals, offering them the services of a white-label lead generation company. The sales executives for the lead generation company would then contact the businesses and try to close the deal. If the deal was closed, Kenny would get a 50-75% commission.

In general, Kenny’s business worked like this:

  • He would identify businesses that needed a particular service, such as reputation management, SEO, or lead generation.
  • He would send them an email or sales video pre-selling the service.
  • The email or sales video would direct the business owner to get on a call with one of the white-label sales executives.
  • The sales executive would try to close the deal.
  • If the deal was closed, Kenny would get a 50-75% commission.

Kenny’s business was successful because it was based on a simple and effective formula: identify a need, offer a solution, and then let the white-label sales executives do the rest. He didn’t have to provide any of the services himself, and he didn’t have to spend any time on direct sales. He simply had to focus on finding businesses that needed help and then connecting them with the right white-label service provider.

The best part about white labeling: is that everything carries Kenny’s brand. From the client’s perspective, it’s Kenny’s sales executive who contacts them, and they are using Kenny’s software. Whenever a business requires additional services, they call Kenny, and all he has to do is direct them to the branded service the client needs, and he gets paid.

Kenny started this business in 2015. In October of that year, he generated $47,559.69 in sales and commissions. He put in extra effort for the Black Friday and Thanksgiving rush in November, a time when business owners are eager for services that boost customer traffic.

Consequently, in November, he earned $61,749.34. In December, he continued to secure clients for the Christmas and New Year’s rush, amassing $87,032.89 in fees.

January 2016 saw him take some time off to travel and enjoy his newfound success. He only spent minimal time corresponding with clients and still managed to earn $81,726.65, mostly from residual fees and commissions stemming from his holiday work. Currently, he’s on track to consistently earn over $80,000 a month in residual commissions, working just a few hours each week to maintain his client relationships.

A huge benefits from Kenny’s white-label consulting business work

What’s particularly appealing is that clients now contact him whenever they require something for their businesses.

Whether it’s addressing negative Yelp reviews or boosting their website’s ranking on Google, Kenny provides the solution. He offers the best SEO services in the business, making business owners continue to hire new services from him and refer their friends. He’s grown his business part-time, exclusively from referrals. The best part of his business lies in the fringe benefits, which is “why I dub him the James Bond of consulting”.

  • Kenny’s clients are always hitting him up for help with their businesses. This is a good thing, because it means he has a steady stream of customers and doesn’t have to worry about finding new ones.
  • Kenny can help with a variety of business problems, from bad Yelp reviews to low Google ranking. This makes him a valuable asset to his clients and helps him build strong relationships with them.
  • Kenny’s SEO services are the best in the business. His clients love the results they get, which leads to repeat business and referrals.
  • Kenny has grown his business part-time, just by word-of-mouth. This shows that he has a great reputation and that his clients are happy with his services.
  • Kenny enjoys the perks of his job, like being treated like a king by his clients and getting free meals and drinks.

This is very successful and provides him with a lot of benefits. It’s also relatively low-risk and flexible, which is always a plus.

Imagine having local restaurants, contractors, and salons as clients, paying you each month to help them grow their businesses. When you visit these clients, they treat you like royalty, offering free drinks and even complimentary meals at their establishments. Contractors, roofers, and other home repair companies are willing to offer their services at cost for SEO assistance.

Kenny is earning $10 or even $100 each month by selling white label solutions to business owners, just by knowing which services to offer. Kenny has assembled a handbook for members of my Profit Hackers coaching program, listing all the white label services he uses in his business. You can implement these services immediately to replicate his success.

>> Get your copy of $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 by Luther Landro and Earn $80,000 a month, just like Kenny did!

What will you get inside $5 Consulting Handbook 2023

• Drag-and-Drop App Builder

Imagine having a tool that lets you effortlessly create mobile apps, which you can sell for a cool $5,000 each. These apps are the secret sauce for businesses looking to keep their customers coming back for more. They’re like a digital magnet for customer engagement and loyalty.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

• Lead Generation Service

Think of this as your golden ticket to playing matchmaker for all kinds of businesses. You’ll be hooking them up with fresh customer leads. Whether they’re lawyers, doctors, or car salespeople, you’ll be the cupid connecting them to potential customers. It’s like a cash-fueled love story!

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

• White Label SEO System

This is your online magic wand for businesses looking to conquer the Google search results. It’s like putting them on the digital map, and they’ll think you have some secret SEO superpowers. You’ll even have snazzy features like branded dashboards – you’re basically the online hero they never knew they needed!

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

• Reputation Management Service

Ever wanted to be a superhero online? Well, this service lets you monitor social media for any business mentions and swiftly vanquish bad reviews. Businesses will see you as their online savior, keeping their reputation sparkling clean.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

• Customer Tracking Software

It’s like having a personal GPS for businesses, but instead of directions, it helps businesses keep an eye on their top customers. Imagine restaurants using it to figure out who their best customers are and tailor their marketing just for them. It’s like having a VIP pass for customer data.

• Email Marketing Service

This is your backstage pass to becoming an email marketing pro. You get to create slick, branded email campaigns that look like a million bucks. Businesses will be thrilled to pay you month after month while you make their email marketing a breeze.

• Marketing Service with Sales Executives

These are your sales A-team, reaching out to your clients like your personal ambassadors. They’ve got your back, using your name and brand to close deals. You get a sweet slice of the profits without even breaking a sweat.

$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro
$5 Consulting Handbook 2023 Review by Luther Landro

With these services in your arsenal, you’ll be the go-to guru for businesses trying to thrive in today’s digital world. You’re like a one-stop shop for making clients happy and securing a steady cash flow – it’s like having a cool business toolkit in your back pocket!


Kenny has spent months identifying these high-demand services. He has built an $80,000 a month business in under a year by offering these programs that benefit his clients and help him secure new ones along the way. With access to this master list, you can offer top-tier services to local businesses.

Right now, only members of my Luther Landro coaching program, have access to this handbook. This is a fantastic deal as members receive not only the list of services but also access to all the sales materials and software used in my business. To make it even more enticing, I’m offering you five days of complimentary access to $5 Consulting Handbook 2023. All the software, sales materials, training, and Kenny’s guide will be yours to keep!

>> Get your copy of $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 by Luther Landro and Earn $80,000 a month, just like Kenny did!

** Consider this: Kenny earns $80,000 a month reselling these services to just about 20 clients. If you put in just 10% of Kenny’s effort and secure two clients with these white label services, you could be earning $8,000 a month, which is a substantial income to help you quit a day job, provide supplemental income for your family, or build a steady stream of income that lasts for years.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your life. Click here! to download your copy of this guide and look forward to connecting with you inside $5 Consulting Handbook 2023 by Luther Landro.