Webcam Advantage Training Review – A Professional Training Explains Everything Required To Produce Top-quality Videos For Digital Products, Live Online Stream, Youtube Channels, Lives, Webinars!

Webcam Advantage Training Review – Create Top-quality Videos For Digital Products, Youtube Channels, Lives, Webinars & More… Just Follow The Simple 7-step Process To Dramatically Improve Your Videos For Lives, Sales Pages, Youtube, Instagram, Info Products, Webinars And More.

Webcam Advantage is a fantastic video training created by Steve Mellor. He is one of the best Content Creators I’ve met & recently he has turned his hand to teaching everything he knows about creating content for businesses. It’s the best business focused video training out there, teaching you the shortcut methods to getting great looking videos that are exactly what you need to boost your credibility & create videos your customers are going to want to watch. This traning also can help you boost your confidence on camera and put out incredible looking video your competitors will be jealous of.. and by the end of this training course, you are going to know exactly how to stream & record with your webcam and get the best out of the equipment you already have. Plus, you will have a good understanding of the best settings to use if you want to record or stream yourself and your screen, just like the 13-year-old kids on Twitch do all the time. What’s more, you can do all that by following just 7 simple steps.

Inside the training, Steve explains everything required to produce professional-quality video and live online streams, that will ensure you stand out from the crowd and then some. Steve also helps to solve these issues straightforwardly and practically. He doesn’t just tell you what to do. He demonstrates it live and shows you his exact setup. The course is worth just one of these solutions. Looking at a couple of modules, you might think this is for more advanced WebCam users. This perception is certainly not the case. I found his material covers instructional lessons for those just starting out using video and more in-depth modules for those who want to take their recording to the next level. And Steve’s recommendations on equipment and software and using what you have helps you to make sure you get excellent quality videos.

Nowadays, Webcams are an important part of an online business, and learning how to use one professionally is a necessity if you want to do well. Steve Mellor has created outstanding training for anyone who wants to learn how to record and stream with a webcam. The delivery is professional and looks and sounds like a million dollars. The content is detailed and explained in a way that anyone can understand. Steve knows what it takes to teach a person to succeed in this business and he delivers on that promise.

If you are making videos that feature you as the presenter, and especially if you are broadcasting live video, then Steve Mellor’s ‘Webcam Advantage Training‘ is an educational package you should consider a ‘must-have’. Webcam Advantage’ has eight in-depth modules on equipment selection, how to organise your video recording space for maximum effect, positioning your camera, lighting, camera settings, sound and an introduction to a popular, professional live-streaming tool.

I can highly recommend this product to anyone interested in making awesome videos and streaming online. This isn’t some pie in the sky tool you won’t use and it’s being presented here in the most concise format possible. This is something you could start in the morning and have working for you by the end of the day. The quality of this program shows you Steve practices what he preaches. There have always been two issues for me when it comes to recording my videos. One, I had trouble getting the proper lighting and two, creating the perfect background. As a result, I often did my videos outside to eliminate some of the stress.

Webcam Advantage Training Review
Webcam Advantage Training Review

Here’s what they get inside Webcam Advantage Training

  • The Newbie-Friendly, Step-By-Step Process that even top filmmakers use to quickly get their cameras looking great.
  • The Super-Secret settings most people don’t know about (and that most people can’t access) that let you take control of your camera (and exactly what to do with them)
  • A super sneaky tool that opens up all of your camera’s settings and puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • The FREE streaming software that professional streamers use to create broadcast quality productions (and that can replace the expensive monthly fees of StreamYard) on any platform you can think of.
  • The BEST streaming & recording settings to use to get your productions looking a million bucks in record time.
  • How To Set-up & Add multiple people to a single stream, meaning you can record or stream your own interviews with ease.
  • How to get your sound right: They say 60% of the experience of watching video is the sound. I show you the tricks the professionals use to make their mics sound more professional (even if you don’t have the best mic around).

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL You’re also going to get these:

  • How To Be Comfortable On Camera
    Learn some simple techniques that will help boost your confidence in front of a camera and discover the simple process you can go through to make your presentation more professional.
  • YouTube Planner
    Kindly donated by Tom Griffin, the YouTube planner is a handy little tool that will help you when you’re planning out your YouTube Videos. I’m really impressed with what Tom’s put together here and he has kindly allowed me to include it here for you as well.
  • How To Conduct A Video Interview
    Interviewing people is HUGE, it makes for great content and it’s simple to do with a little planning and thought. In this quick & easy guide, you’ll learn exactly what makes an interview great, how to prepare questions, how to conduct your interview and what to do if everything goes wrong

This course is not only going to save you money but loads of time too! and Imagine how much you’ll be able to achieve when you start using Webcam Advantage and how great you’ll feel: No more wasted time struggling with incomprehensible webcam settings or complicated software.

No More Wasting Money on expensive tools that promise the Earth but don’t solve your issues. Finally, get the professional results you’ve been dreaming about. Now is the time to put YOU first and to finally maximize your marketing success AND profitability!

Get your training here: Webcam Advantage Training Review – A Professional Training Explains Everything Required To Produce Top-quality Videos For Digital Products, Live Online Stream, Youtube Channels, Lives, Webinars!

Webcam Advantage Training Review OTO/UPGRADE

» OTO/UPSELL 1 – Streaming Masterclass

Your clients will get a Streaming Masterclass that will teach you the insider secrets of turning your basic videos into fully blown professional broadcasts in no time at all. Inside Streaming Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • What equipment do you need (and what you don’t) to give yourself an instant boost in quality
  • The Seemingly Secret but Incredibly Powerful Tool Most Marketers Have bought And then just left in the box… And how to use it… This thing is an absolute game changer!
  • The Anatomy Of A Professional Stream: What exactly should each stream contain and how you can easily set this up for yourself.
  • The advanced transitions you can add to your broadcasts that will make your audience sit up and take notice.
  • How to up the quality level of your streams by making elements of your scenes animate in and out. I used this on a charity Minecraft stream recently and the audience were absolutely blown away.
  • The top tips for running successful live streams, straight from the mouth of a Twitch affiliate
  • How you can leverage your live streaming set-up to create professional videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Sales pages & more.

» OTO/UPSELL 2 – Video Pro Masterclass

This is the exact system I have taught to other business people that lets them to up their video game, engage more clients with great looking videos and produce more engaging content that’s not just them sitting at their desk. Here’s what you learn inside Video Pro Masterclass:

  • The simple process professionals use daily to make their videos super-profitable
  • The quick & easy way to edit your videos, making them look razor-sharp in record time
  • How to maximise your results & get superb quality video without relying on complicated camera or lighting setups
  • The idiot’s guide to music: Learn how your soundtrack tells a story and how to manipulate your audience through the music they hear
  • The tricks, hacks and secrets that make editing such a powerful tool & can keep people watching to the very end
  • Simple cinematography tricks that add oodles of value to your videos without taking hours of work… All of which can be done with your mobile phone
  • The video hacker’s guide to framing shots and camera movement. These tricks alone will make any video you shoot look more cinematic, right out of the box.

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