Web Agency Fortune DFY Restaurant Website Theme & Templates Review By Dawn Vu – Beautiful, Functional Restaurant Websites With Professionally Designed Layouts And Modules. Also Get Access To Divi Theme/Divi Builder with GPL license, plus 07 Full-Page Website Templates 6 for Restaurants, 1 for your Agency Website

Web Agency Fortune DFY Restaurant Website Theme & Templates Review By Dawn Vu – Beautiful, Functional Restaurant Websites With Professionally Designed Layouts And Modules. Also Get Access To Divi Theme/Divi Builder with GPL license, plus 07 Full-Page Website Templates 6 for Restaurants, 1 for your Agency Website

I’m Dawn Vu. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world. Basically, I partner up with businesses in their online marketing efforts. I have been creating websites, videos, funnels, etc. and getting these marketing assets to work together to bring results – leads and sales. I also create marketing materials in various forms for other consultants. There are thousands of professionals who are using my products every day in their clients’ marketing campaigns. When it comes to offering marketing services, choosing the right market to target is important. Knowing to whom to market your services can result in a much higher chance of success. And today, I’m going to share with you one of my ideal niches: RESTAURANT!

Restaurant are great clients to work with because:

  • You will find many of them even in your area only. Never run out of prospects.
  • It’s usually easy to contact the owners, especially with small to medium restaurants.
  • Most of them are non-techie and desperately need help with online marketing.
  • They have a constant demand for growing with multiple marketing channels.
  • They’re open in communication and easy to negotiate with.

More Importantly… 90% Of Local Businesses Don’t Have a Good Website. Surprisingly, right now in 2020, around 600,000 restaurants in the US only don’t even have a website! In this exponentially growing online world, not having a website is like leaving 80% of monthly revenue to the competitors… Around 80% of customers searching for the website of a restaurant to check out the menu and price. During Covid-19 pandemic, the needs for online reservation, delivery ordering and takeout ordering have grown higher than ever. Many restaurants are using old, outdated, unresponsive websites for PPC Advertising, which is literally money throwing.

So, it’s already 2020. Why don’t they invest in a good website?

Well, from my experience, the most popular reason is that an average web agency is charging around $2K-$10K for a website, which are always beyond the marketing budget of most small to medium restaurants. What If You Can Give Local Restaurants An Affordable Website That Boosts Their Online Appearance and Increases Their Revenue? A good website can indeed DO MUCH MORE! You can instantly see a great income, but I even see a bigger opportunity ahead. Once you sell a website to a business, you’ll have a great chance to offer other services like GMB, Video Marketing, Social Media, PPC Advertising and more.

And as I said, I’m here to make it possible, for YOU! I’ve spent the past few months to:

  • Research the most popular restaurant types and find out what they need in a website.
  • Design 6 professional restaurant websites in 6 niches that can be installed in minutes. Each website has 2 home page options, inner pages, built-in booking form and order form with all the content ready.
  • Build a beautiful, functional agency website that can be installed in minutes with ready-to-use content and images.

And Today, I’m Putting All of These Assets Together And Giving YOU the Rights to Use.  So That You Can Set Up a Restaurant Marketing Agency INSTANTLY! And today Let Me Introduce You to My Latest Product Web Agency Fortune ‘Restaurant Edition’.

What is Web Agency Fortune Restaurant Edition?

Web Agency Fortune Restaurant Edition is a DFY web agency system that helps anyone create beautiful, functional restaurant websites quickly, without any design skills. Basically, you will get an agency website with ready-to-use content, aprospecting video PLUS 6 restaurant websites for 6 biggest restaurant types to sell for unlimited clients. All of these websites are built for WordPress. You will get a theme with GPL license, plus all the templates that you can import in minutes. After importing, you can edit these websites with a Visual builder which is very easy to use. Dawn has a lot of experience from working with businesses in multiple industries and he has spent months of researching to ensure the websites fits the needs of these specific businesses. Each website has 2 home page options, inner pages, built-in booking form and order form with all the content ready. You can go to his sales page and preview the exact demos of these websites. Web Agency Fortune series is created to solve the problems of BOTH local businesses and local marketers when it comes to website development:

  • For Local Businesses: Most of them don’t have a good-looking and functioning website. Even those who are PAYING for ads are using poorly-design websites to drive paid traffic to. The most popular reason is hiring a web agency to create a website may cost them from $2K-$10K.
    For Local Marketers: Website design is one of the most profitable services, but not everyone can design and sell a website. Setting up a website agency take a lot of time and money.

Web Agency Fortune Restaurant Edition Comes with:

  • A beautiful, functional and high-converting agency website filled with images and content – be a professional website designer instantly.
  • A prospecting video – use for your website or Youtube ads.
  • 6 DFY restaurant websites with ready-to-use content and images and unlimited developers rights
  • Detailed tutorials so that you can start selling quickly

Web Agency Fortune Restaurant Edition Main Features

  • DFY restaurant website design system that helps anyone create beautiful, functional restaurant website quickly.
  • An agency website with ready-to-use images and copy.
  • Unlimited developer rights included. Use for unlimited clients.
  • Built for Divi Theme (Divi with GPL is included in the purchase, no extra investment needed)
  • Each website has: 2 home page options, inner pages, built-in booking form and order form with all the content ready.
  • Installed to a WordPress website in a few minutes
  • Beautiful, professional layouts, designed with conversion in mind.

And do you know what the best part of selling website services is? Once you sell a website to a business, you’ll have a great chance to offer other services like SEO, Social Media, PPC Advertising and more.

Web Agency Fortune Restaurant Website Theme & Tempaltes Review By Dawn Vu

Web Agency Fortune DFY Restaurant Website Theme & Templates Review By Dawn Vu Web Agency Fortune DFY Restaurant Website Theme & Templates Review By Dawn Vu

Here Are the Details of What You Are Getting Inside:

  1. Restaurant Websites
    6 Local Business Websites in 6 Niches. Each website has 2 Home Page options, 1 Landing Page and 4 Inner Pages. Pizza Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, Coffee Shop, General Restaurant.
  2. The Agency Website
    Agency Website with Home Page, Landing Page and 4 Inner Pages. Home page, Landing Page, About Page.
  3. Prospecting Video
    Web Design Promotion Video in US and UK voiceover with easy-to-edit PowerPoint templates

Why Should You Start a Website Design Business in 2020?

  • You Have a Huge, Hungry Market
    There are currently over 1 MILLION local restaurants and drinking places in the US only. 50% of them are using outdated websites and 40% don’t even have a website. There are also 100,000 NEW restaurants register ed per year. Most of them NEED new websites. If you didn’t join this multi-billion web development industry yet, Web Agency Fortune can give you an awesome start.
  • You Get Professional Website Designs That Sell Themselves
    These websites are not created by a random designer, but by me, a marketer who has years of experience working with businesses in multiple industries. So you can assured that your clients will love them, and of course, pay you well for them.
  • You Save $1000’s on Site Content
    Stock images usually cost $10-$30 each for a single client. With an everage 10-15 images per website, it’s a huge investment for any web designer. With Web Agency Fortune, all the beautiful and ready-to-use images are included in your DFY websites for free.
  • It’s EASY to Work with
    I’ve done all the hard works for you. With Web Agency Fortune, you only need to install the pre-designed templates and edit them with the client’s information. I repeat. No design skills needed. The websites are built for WordPress and it’s really easy for non-techie marketers.

Is That Everything? You Wanted More? So Here It Is!

To add even more value for you, I’ve prepared a couple of specials.

  • 1. Step-by-Step Training
    • In the training videos and PDF, you will learn:
    • How to install the websites
    • How to customize the Theme Builder
    • How to work with the website efficiently
    • Web Agency Fortune Checklist
    • Plus a special list of the best resources you need to grow your website agency business (most of them are free)
  • 2. Covid-19 Notification Section
    Notification box is a great element to add to any business website as it provides important information to visitors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants need to keep their customers updated with their operation schedule. Adding the notification box is a great way to do it. With Web Agency Fortune Restaurant, you will get a Covid-19 Notification Section that you can add to any page, or the whole website.
  • 3. VidOne Agency Software
    A powerful cloud-based software to find, close, and manage clients combined with training on starting and growing a successful agency business from scratch.
    • Prospect Clients through Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages
    • Detailed Lead Opportunity Finder (Identify the Services that Your Prospects Need)
    • Instant Site Health Audit Reports
    • 1-Click Email Contacts with Custom Templates
    • Built-in Mobile Optimization Analysis
    • CRM Dashboard Manage Opportunities and Projects
  • 4. WP Training Kit
    Designed for complete beginners, this WordPress course can take you from nowhere to fully control your WordPress site. Below are what you will be learning:
    • How to Create and Maintain a WP Site
    • Manage Your WP site, from Dashboard to Pages and Posts
    • How to use WordPress Plugins
    • WordPress Security, from Basic to Advanced Stuffs
    • Common WordPress mistakes to avoid
    • WordPress and Page Builders


It’s Dawn again and I want to say thank you for reading this letter today. I can’t wait to let you in and tell others about your success with Web Agency Fortune! And I’m totally confident in my product and I really appreciate that you’re here, today. So I wanted to give you an easy decision. Along with this crazy launch discount, I’m still willing to offer a guarantee just to make you confident with your purchase. Within 30 days, if you have any issues with the product that I can’t help you resolve, I will gladly refund you every single penny. This is a completely risk free investment in your business that will help you get results as soon as you take action. Wish you all the best with your business!

Web Agency Fortune DFY Restaurant Website Theme & Templates Review By Dawn Vu 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So exactly what is offered here?
You’re about to get a copy of Divi Theme/Divi Builder with GPL license, plus 07 full-page website templates (6 for restaurants, 1 for your agency website)

Q: Do I need to buy Divi to use your templates?
No. Divi Theme/Divi Builder is released under General Public License and I have the right to give you a fresh copy to use. The only disadvantage of using Divi in Web Agency Fortune is that you won’t get support from the theme developer, which is not really a problem because I will support you with any issue you may have.

Q: Is your product a part of Divi subscription?
No. Web Agency Box is not a part of ElegantThemes subscription.

Q: What else do I need to get started?
You will need a domain and hosting to install WordPress to use theme and templates.

Q: I don’t know WordPress, can I use your product?
You will be working with WordPress website so if you don’t have any experience with WordPress, you will need to learn at least the basics. There are many free WordPress courses out there and I’ll be glad to refer you to some of them.

Q: My client doesn’t use WordPress…
I usually convince my clients to switch to WordPress website if they’re using another website CMS and charge them some fees to move their current content. So you should do that too.

Q: Can I create other pages for these websites?
Yes, you can use Divi Builder and the premade templates to create other pages for your clients. There are many free training about using Divi out there, and I have tutorials for you too.

Q: Will you provide tutorials?
Yes. I will provide a PDF instruction and short videos to show you how to install and edit the websites. You can also access Divi Documentation on the official ElegantThemes website for free without having to purchase Divi.

Q: What if I can’t install your template to my website?
If you have any problem when using Web Agency Box, please get in touch with me and I’ll be glad to help.

Q: Are your websites compliant with ADA?
ADA compliance is a complicated topic. As a template developer, I can’t ensure that all of your end websites will be ADA compliant. However, all of my templates are well-structured and I’ve included some free resources that can help you with ADA compliance.

Q: Do you have other niches?
There is an one-time offer you will see after you purchase this product that includes 20 other local business niches. I’m also working on other local business templates and other types of agency website. Get in touch with me for more details.

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