Secret Traffic Code Video Training Course Review – Step-by-step Video Training Course & Traffic Intensifier Software That Show You 10 Minute “trick” Boost Conversion Rates Of Every Website, Landing Page And Online Property Its Applied To.

Secret Traffic Code is a complete, step-by-step video training course along with an incredibly powerful proprietary software to help deliver results to clients faster and easier than your tribe has ever imagined!

The Secret Traffic Code uses the Traffic Intensifier to boost conversion rates of every website, landing page and online property its applied to …and it takes only 10 minutes! It consistently turns losers into winners, multiplies acceptable results into solid hits… and turns good results into LANDSLIDE-BLOW-OFF-THE-DOORS- SUCCESSES!

The passive prospecting approach completely eliminates any rejection, spam complaints or angry replies. You’ll discover how to fill your inbox with positive emails… and your roster with happy clients.

Imagine the impact of being able to tap into an exclusive customer acquisition strategy that leaves prospects no choice but to say YES. Most marketers think it’s out of reach, but in today’s market, new winners will rise to dominate because they are armed with the tools and strategies to create massive value. And that means opportunity-losers miss out because they are stuck in overwhelm… hoping the ole’ status-quo will still work. The conditions couldn’t be better for your tribe…

That’s why we want to introduce to you… The NEW Secret Traffic Code: the Strategy that literally puts your audience in the top 1% of all marketing services providers!  We’ve combined our strategy with emerging technology that allows your customers to do what most marketers have only dreamed of.

The Secret Traffic Code comes with over 30 Trainings and Automations to Help You Close New Clients every week…

WELCOME MODULE: Introduction

  • Welcome (Watch This First!)
  • ​Introduction From David Sprague
  • How To Get the Most Out of This Course
  • ​The Secrets You’re About To Learn…
  • ​Course Overview (Traffic Expert)

MODULE 1: The ONE Service

  • Paid Traffic Industry
  • Cold Traffic vs Intensifier Traffic
  • Business Opportunity Revealed

MODULE 2: The Intensifier Strategy

  • Website Intensifier
  • ​Website Segment Intensifier
  • ​Conversion Page Intensifier
  • ​Landing Page Intensifier
  • ​Email Intensifier

MODULE 3: New Client Strategies & Selling Your Service

  • Creating Opportunities & Sales
  • ​New Client Strategy 1: Pay-Per-Click + Intensifier
  • ​New Client Strategy 2: The $500 Free Banner Ad
  • ​New Client Strategy 3: Social Media Secret Message
  • New Client Strategy 4: Groupon + Video Recording
  • ​New Client Strategy 5: Free Banner Ad Referral Strategy
  • ​New Client Strategy 6: Online Training / Free Assessment
  • ​Residual Sales: The Power Of 10x Intensifier

MODULE 4: Mastering Fulfillment

  • Pixel Mastery
  • ​Ad Strategy & Creation
  • ​Campaign Creation

MODULE 5:  Over-the-Shoulder Walkthroughs

  • Over-the-Shoulder Traffic Overview
  • Creating An Ad
  • ​Install A Pixel
  • ​Create A Campaign

PLUS! 4 Special Bonuses – Crack The Client On-Boarding Code

  • Done-For-You Consulting Services Agreement
  • Invoice Delivery Message
  • 3-Part Professionally-Written “Get Paid” Sequence
  • ​5-Part Payment Collection Series

This new course is just what I say: Completely New and Unique. Nick and I have been searching for a better way to make traffic convert online for years. Once we discovered what works, we built this training course around it.

And it’s not just some good instruction, we include up-to-date case studies and our “Traffic Intensifier Software” along with Referral Strategies, Residual Sales methods and a treasure trove of the lastest marketing materials. Check here!

Imagine What That Looks Like For a Minute…

Dozens or hundreds of new customers/prospects daily, walk right up to your clients digital door and then simply leave… and the business owner is clueless it happened! And every day there are businesses in all markets actively spending thousands more to get and keep the attention of their market.

But there’s an even bigger problem… Technology giants like Apple and Google keep businesses (and out of touch marketers) scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off, after every new algorithm release. The more these tech giants tinker with their formulas, the more most businesses lose ground and suffer big losses.

So, without the right strategy, businesses & marketers are constantly burning loads of cash trying to build a predictable and profitable system that they can scale.

That’s Where The Secret Traffic Code Changes Everything…

Now, for the first time, imagine just a few minutes work and a couple clicks… turning this chronic problem into an opportunity you can solve that SAME DAY!

Seriously, do you think ANY client would really say no to that?

And that’s BEFORE you explain how you can help decrease marketing costs and increase reputation, brand awareness and even conversion rates!

It’s a 100% Game-Changer Opportunity For Your Business…

Because all it takes is a few minutes following the Secret Traffic Code to show decision-makers exactly how you could reach their perfect audience! Instantly making all their marketing 100%, 200%, 300% more effective

Making you an incredibly valuable resource to their business now and for years to come…


Secret Traffic Code video training course Review
Secret Traffic Code video training course Review
Secret Traffic Code video training course Review
Secret Traffic Code video training course Review
Secret Traffic Code video training course Review
Secret Traffic Code video training course Review

So Let Me Ask You Again… What if you could copy a simple, perfected system which comes down to a couple of clicks… And transform this universal marketing problem into an opportunity you can solve that SAME DAY! … without loads of money or time?

You’ll never hear this from most so-called experts, so count yourself lucky, since you’re here now and we want you to have this secret… In fact some of the gurus do know this, but intentionally keep it from you… they’d rather you waste your money and time on old cliched methods that simply no longer work.

I highly recommend you to try It today. And that’s why we’d like you to make this small commitment to test it…with absolutely no risk on your part.

No matter what your experience level is, no matter how unsure you are, no matter whether you even fully understood all you’ve read, we sincerely believe taking action now will answer all your questions.

If it’s a good fit for you, you’ll be first in line for the rewards, and if for some reason it doesn’t feel right, just let us know and we’ll refund your fee.

Click the button below to see for yourself just how well the Secret Traffic Code and the Traffic Intensifier will work for you.


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