PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal* – Get Complete Funnel Package FE + ALL 4 Upgrades + Reseller + Agency For Highly-Discounted Price (Over 60% OFF)

In this PodCentric™ App Special Bundle Deal, Victory Akpos as a vendor will give you Highly-Discounted Price over Over 60% OFF, & Shave Literally HUNDREDS Of Dollars Right Now

PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*
PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*

Here’s What’s the details what is Included In This MEGA Bundle:

– FrontEnd: PodCentric Elite (Limited Edition)

Start Getting THOUSANDS of fresh clicks DAILY from popular podcasting sites like spotify, apple podcasts, pandora & more WITHOUT the hassle of creating a podcast?

PodCentric Takes Care Of ALL The Steps From Podcast Creation To Getting Them Automatically Featured On The BIGGEST Sites In Just 3 Clicks

  • 3 steps is all it takes to get the best quality of traffic with this First of it’s kind software, – never done before.
  • Get traffic like NEVER before from TRUSTED sources like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & many more podcasting giants!
  • Passive traffic opportunity – turn all your content into published podcasts in 1 click
  • No prior experience needed, start in minutes.
  • Limited time & low pricing
  • Works for anything, listbuilding, blogging, affiliate marketing, ecom and more!

Getting Fresh Traffic With This Is As Easy As 3 Steps:

  • Step #1 – Create
    Create a professional, high converting podcast from any text, blog post, article, page or email in 1 click
  • Step #2 – Publish
    Publish To Pandora, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts & More Instantly In 1 Click
  • Step #3 – Traffic
    Get Instant Presence, Traffic, Authority & Leverage Without Any Additional Setup Or Steps. (Yes, It’s THIS easy)

It’s truly an all in one podcasting solution that’s PERFECT for marketers! You HAVE to see it in action here:

And Here’s The OTO details:

Not only you’ll get the Main App (PodCentric App)… you’ll also get all of this OTO in one price!

– OTO 1: PodCentric Unlimited Edition($67 Retail Value)

  • Instantly 10X Your Traffic Potential From Podcasts In Just 1 Click Without Extra Work, Just Extra Features!
    Go Unlimited On ALL Features, Get New Powerful Features & Speed Up By 10x The Amount Of Podcasts You Can Publish In A Few Clicks!
  • Advantage #1 – Go Unlimited & Never Worry About Hitting A Limit. With your current package you have ENOUGH to start and crush it with podcasts. But, at some point, sooner or later, you’ll hit the limits and will be forced to stop and wait until the limits replenish the next month. But when you go unlimited, you literally have no limits, everything can be scaled into infinity.. which brings me to advantage #2
  • Advantage #2 – Scale Endlessly, Feature On Podcast Sites SIGNIFICANTLY Faster
    Thanks to having absolutely no limits you can scale endlessly, but it goes beyond that, the new features will also unlock the ability to be featured on pandora, spotify, apple podcasts and other major podcasting sites ALOT FASTER. I’m talking getting traffic TODAY. But the advantage don’t end here..
  • Advantage #3 – Create Higher Quality & LONGER Podcasts With MORE Voice Over Styles. Imagine having FULL length podcasts created in 1 click, I’m talking 40 – 50 minutes of voice overed content in 1 click. Beyond that, we provide you with dozens of new voice over styles that are NOT available on the base. This is VERY exclusive and A MASSIVE advantage.
  • Advantage #4 – Supercharge your traffic with social media instant publishing. So you get featured on spotify and pandora, now you’re getting traffic, now you have successful podcasts. Why not instantly publish the podcast to ALL social media networks in 1 click and get MORE exposure, faster? This feature was not available in the base, but in the pro, it’s all yours!
  • Advantage #5 – Get More From Your Podcasts With ENDLESS Automation Loops – Already Activated & Running In Your Pro Upgrade, For the first time ever, you’ll be able to connect episodes and podcasts to each other, creating an endless automated loop of podcasts that your listeners just can’t get enough of. This feature alone is worth hundreds of dollars, no other podcasting software allows such automation.

OTO 2: DFY PodCasts Creation In 5 Hot-In-Demand Niches ($197 Value)

One simple mistake in setting up your podcast could cost you your entire career..avoid it with our help. How Would You Like To Have Our Talented & Professional Podcasting Experts & Developers To Create You 50 Winning Campaigns Completely Custom Tailored To Your Niche? This Means Making NO Mistakes In The Process, Getting Up To 10X MORE TRAFFIC While Getting EVERYTHING Done For You.

Here’s what you get:

  • 50 Done For You Podcasts In Your Chosen Niche Or Our Top Recommended Niches
  • 50 Done For You Offers To Go With The Podcasts
  • Have Podcasting Professionals, Copywriters & Tech Experts Create Perfectly Optimized Podcasts For You.
  • 100% Hands Free Business Model DFY
  • BONUS: Tap Into 10 Times More Listeners Instantly

– OTO 3: PodCentric DFY PodCasting Agency($97 Value)

Launch Your Own Podcasting Marketing Agency That Gets $1K/Month Clients Without EVER Contacting A Client.

This is A COMPLETE Done for you opportunity- get a FULLY Fledged DFY Pro Site With Clients & The Service To Provide.

  • Done For You Website (to start selling Podcasting marketing services and make money)
  • Lead generation prospecting App (Find & Contact Clients Who Will Pay Top Money For Podcasting Traffic)
  • Cloud based admin area
  • DFY Proposals – PowerPoint & Word
  • Vip Support – faster than normal customers.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Ready Made Email/Sales Script, DFY Pimped-To-Sell
  • Telemarketing Scripts, Letterhead, Business card, Invoices & Everything A REAL Agency Has.

– OTO 4: PodCentric White-Label license – ($297 Value)

We’ve spent $40,000 on developing Podcentric, you get the same power for less than 0.5% of that. But with this OTO 4 you will Get FULL, Clean Cut Whitelabel Rights To Completely REVAMP Podcentric And Make Recurring Passive Monthly Income For The Rest Of Your Life.

Steal The Podcentric Software Which We Spent $40,000 To Develop & Sell It As Your Own UNIQUE PRODUCT With Our Whitelabel License Package.

Here’s what you get in DETAIL:

  • Whitelabel License to Podcentric Including:
  • Podcentric Commercial
  • Podcentric PRO (upsell)
  • Affiliate Network Quick Start Training
  • Easy Traffic Training Based On Our 7 Figure Experience
  • Separate Admin Dashboard
  • Whitelabelled Software (Strip away our branding, design, text, domain and websites)
  • WE DO the support for you
  • WE take care of the hosting for you
PodCentric™ Bundle bonus
PodCentric™ Bundle bonus

IMPORTANT: The Moment This Launch Closes, The Bundle Deal Will Be Gone.

This deal is only for a limited time…So you have no reason to wait. Hurry!!

Don’t let this opportunity slip by your way. Don’t Wait… Get Instant Access Now!

PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*
PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*

PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to record anything using a microphone or any other form of recording to make this work?
A. Absolutely not, while podcentric is a 360 all encompassing solution to ALL podcasting needs, from upload to publishing, we also have a powerful beginner friendly podcast creator which creates a professional, captivating and high converting podcast with strong call to actions from text only. The voice generated A.I is extremely natural and smooth and will captivate listeners for 45 minutes easily, tested and proven many times over, hundreds.

Q. Can I really expect traffic from this without any podcasting experience? Be specific please, what do I need to prepare before I purchase?
A. The most attractive part about PodCentric is that it handles everything from podcast creation to publishing, featuring & sending traffic to your chosen links. The only thing you’ll need to prepare is WHAT it is you want to promote, basically where do you send the traffic? That is up to you.

Q. What kind of offers or niches work best for this traffic?
A. Anything, podcasting is just another targeted traffic source that is based on people’s interests. If the audience you want is interested in weight loss, podcentric will create a weightloss podcast and get it featured. If your audience is interested in woodworking or ecommerce, PodCentric will do that too. The whole point of PodCentric is to make this as easy as a few clicks.

PodCentric™ App *Special Bundle Deal*

Check more details and get your account here: Podcentric™ App 

– *PodCentric Special Bundle Deal* –
(“Only for 100 members”)


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