Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro – How To Create a Successful Direct Mail Campaign That  Can Lands $2,500 Website Deals With New Businesses Using A Cheap Online Direct Mail Service

Passive Consulting Profits System – Choosing the right direct mail service is critical to your business. From ensuring your message gets seen by the right people, to getting your materials printed and delivered on time, the best direct mail service can help you achieve your goals.

Believe it or not, a direct mail campaign is still an effective and affordable marketing strategy. Direct mail campaigns allow you to target local audiences, generate leads, increase sales and connect with new and existing customers.

How to create a successful direct mail campaign?

To be successful in the direct mail space, you need to use a dedicated direct mail service. These are companies that allow you to create, design and send marketing content straight to your prospects’ inboxes. Amazingly, direct mail has open rates of up to 90%, which is actually much higher than traditional email marketing.

And today in this article I’ll show anything you need to succeed in the direct mail marketing space, And also for a proven examples I’ll show you how group of rookie consultants make a huge profits… banking $2,500$5,000… even $10,000 deals with local business owners by using a done-for-you system with new businesses using a cheap online direct mail service. It’s called Passive Consulting Profits System

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro
Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

Passive Consulting Profits System – What is it?

Passive Consulting Profits System is the only done-for-you system created by Luther Landro. An expert marketing consultant who primarily works with small, local businesses, helping them to add a website to their marketing tool set. And he earns a good living doing it.

However, he also runs his own online business, selling software. And he reports that business is doing quite well, too. He is offering other marketers the key to his success in this software business in his new system, How he can easily earn $2,500 with new businesses using a cheap online direct mail service.

This is a quick way to get over $2,500 worth of consulting clients before the end of the month. With this system you get everything you need to convert $80 postcards into $2,500 consulting offers: ALL “government” sources for new business opportunities, ALL postcard designs and retail copy in a format made for you, copy and insert. And the names of all subcontractors I use to serve your customers.

Passive Consulting Profits System is the unusual way that an underground group of rookie consultants have been banking $2,500… $5,000… even $10,000 deals with local business owners… All by using an online service to send $0.40 post cards from their kitchen table.

Passive Consulting Profits System is unlike anything you’ve seen before… You see a small, ‘rag-tag group’ of internet marketers have spent the last 3 years milking government websites that list new businesses the day they start their corporation ( sometimes before they have even opened).

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro
Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

It usually takes about 60 days for these businesses to appear in lead companies’ databases, and months before they are listed in the yellow pages or other online directories. This means one thing: YOU can have a 60-day head start to start selling these business owners before anyone else has contacted them. Fact: More than half of these new businesses don’t have a website, and they cite the cost of developing one as the main reason:

The system outlined on this page is NOT about mass mailing, spamming, Facebook ads, or any of the generic sales advice you read about on marketing blogs. “This is about tapping into a little-known but FREE ‘government list’ of new businesses, and using cheap direct mail postcards to sell the business owners a service they are already looking for”.

The strategy is simple: Contact these businesses in a unique way before anyone else and offer them a website for only $2,500… an offer these new entrepreneurs can’t refuse. According to Forbes Magazine there are 543,000 new businesses started every single month in the US alone. Tapping into this free government lead source means YOU will have access to a nearly endless supply of hungry clients.

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro
Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

Here’s how it works

Step 1: ONLY target new businesses

We use little-known government websites to find new businesses even before they open:

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro
Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

You’ll have the contact address, owner’s name, number, and business information for every prospect. It typically takes about 60-days before these new businesses show up on ‘lead lists’ that most big agencies use.

That gives YOU a 60-day head start on every other agency who wants to sell them.

Step 2: Use postcards to do the selling for you

Use a point-and-click online service to send these businesses a carefully crafted post card selling them a discounted website.

Listen: The mailbox is the still cleanest inbox. You’re likely to be the ONLY mail that these new businesses receive for the first few months ( outside of bank statements and IRS forms).

These ugly post cards stand out, and get read by decision makers. Biz owners will stop what they are doing and pick up the phone to take you up on your offer IF you include all of the right sales elements:

  • A compelling offer – Offer the business owner a website at a fraction of what other designers charge.
  • A strong perceived value – Make the price seem like a steep discount from what you normally charge to avoid looking ‘cheap’.
  • A ‘reason why’ that makes them feel like they earned this discount – Explain that your ‘discount’ is only available to new businesses.
  • A strong call to action – Tell them exactly what to do to claim their discount.
  • A fear of missing out – Include a deadline for when the client will LOSE their discount.

This formula by Luther Landro may sound simple, and it is. However, if you miss any of these sales elements, or get them in the wrong order you will KILL your chances at getting the sale ( Read on to get you’re your hands on proven post card templates in a copy-paste format ).

Step 3: Outsource all the real work

It costs on average $500 to hire a web designer to build a professional looking website when you use a pre-built WordPress theme. ( Look below to find out which ones I use )

We’ve been charging $2,500 for the websites, which is a sweet spot price that business owners are saying yes too with few objections, and still provides you with a healthy profit:

  • $2,500 payment from the client
  • $80 in advertising costs ( 200 post cards at $0.40 each)
  • $500 in outsourcing fees ( paid after you collect your fee)
  • Total: $1,900 in profit per deal.

Remember: That’s $1,900 in pure profit before selling the client monthly services like the ones mentioned in the survey above.

New businesses need everything: Social media marketing, Web hosting, SEO, reputation management… Services that you collect monthly fees to provide while outsourcing the work for a fraction of those fees. (My typical client is worth around $5,000/month in fees)

Oh, and don’t forget the best part: you’re the only one offering these services for at least 60 days. And think about it: It only costs $0.40 to get your hands on a physical postcard. Manufacturers… Possibly the ONLY mail they receive when they first open their doors.

Physical mail stands out, gets read, and lingers on their desk until they pick up the phone or visit your website to take action… All for $0.40. Compare that to spending $1 or more PER CLICK with Facebook ads where you have to compete with dozens of other ads promoting dozens of other offers… AND compete with all the funny cat videos and ex-girlfriend photos that your prospect is probably on Facebook to look at in the first place.

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro
Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

Features & Benefits of Passive Consulting Profits System

First you are getting Jessica’s tell-all guide that walks you through her entire process of selling not only websites, but every monthly service that a new business wants. Inside you will learn:

  • The little known local government websites that provides a daily list of new businesses – Quickly search more than a dozen different sources for new business leads that include the owner’s direct contact information. Within minutes of reading the guide, you’ll be able to download thousands of free and exclusive leads to your desktop.
  • How to legally claim 20+ years’ experience from day 1 -By outsourcing all the work to the designers of this guide, YOU can use their portfolios in your advertising. This creates instant credibility and trust with your customers.
  • The sweet spot pricing for any service you want to sell – It took years of testing to figure out how much to charge the new businesses that made the most profit AND made the business owner happy they got a good deal. (These prices make business owners say yes without objection)
  • How to earn passive income by offering free websites to new businesses – By offering new business owners a free website, you open the door for them to sell you other monthly services like SEO, reputation management, web hosting, mobile apps, etc., all of which can be outsourced for a fraction of the fees that They pay. Position. (Jessica makes up to $5,000 a month from some of her clients.
  • How to have new business leads sent to your inbox daily – Skip the prospecting process and send them to your inbox with an affordable service that saves time and makes you the first person to reach out to the new business owner with an offer. (You’d be surprised how receptive business owners are when you’re also the FIRST one they talk to)
  • Why will business owners turn down other offers to pay you more money for the same service when you become a “niche specialist”? a result (I’ve had clients turn down cheaper, more experienced designers just because I mentioned that I specialize in restaurant sites)
  • The ‘rejection proof’ sales scripts that close every inbound phone call generated by these post cards – This rolodex of selling lines and refutations will have you, or whatever subcontractor I name you, smooth as silk on the phone. End every conversation with the customer by thanking them for the pleasure of shopping with you. (Make sure your salesperson pays close attention to the muscle building exercises in this section that can make or break any sale)
  • How to skip client phone calls and close deals over email – These postcards can be customized to have business owners email their order to you… Use the included email scripts to take prospects from the first reply to the thank you for their first payment . Packed with answers to the most common objections, this email conversation in a box is designed to close deals no matter what a prospect throws at you.
  • The online service that makes sending post cards as easy as sending an email – if you can copy and paste text, this new online service lets you send postcards to new businesses in minutes for just $0.40.
  • How to lock clients into annual contracts that will keep you paid every single month – Learn how to use PayPal to automatically collect payments from your clients every month and lock them into an industry standard annual contract.
    – EARN Passive income, paid on the first of every month BEFORE you do any work
    – NEVER have to handle a check or credit card directly
    – NEVER have to chase down clients for YOUR pay
  • Earn $5,000/month or more from every new client by offering the 5 ‘core services’ every new business needs – Once these postcards got their foot in the door, THEY established themselves as the go-to resource for EVERYTHING the business owner needs. (Customers would see an ad for a new service, they bring Jessica, and Jessica finds a provider and ups the rate.) Learn what services you offer, how much they charge, and where they can do the work for you at a fraction of what’s available from prices charged to you.

Here is what you need to succeed in the direct mail marketing space

Inside this system you’ll also get “Bag Of Dirty Tricks” That Multiply The Response Of Any Ad Campaign

Add these dirty little tricks to any advertising campaign (including postcards) to double or even triple the response overnight.

Take a look at just some of the dirty tricks you’ll learn:

  • Triple your response by adding Jessica’s 3-word ‘implied scarcity’ sound bite to every ad – NOT inspired to act like the fear of missing out… Stop wasting money sorting out prospects for good and converting them into paying customers. (Business owners are busy and will delay purchasing decisions even after being persuaded of your discounted offer.) .
    – Scarcity is the number one thing missing from a rookie’s campaign.
    – Do this right and a biz owner will drop whatever they are doing to respond to your offer.
    – Do this wrong, and you will kill any chance of selling them in the future.
  • My ‘location offer’ trick that increases your offer’s credibility: Adding the line “Special Offer for New Businesses in City X” will double your answer by adding credibility, but ONLY if you follow up with the right offer (companies often compete to hire you so their competition won’t caught first ) so I became a consultant in my area…
  • The ‘faux coupon code’ trick that generates hot phone call leads – 80% of prospects who call with this “coupon code” turn into expensive buyers. The great thing about these “personalized” postcards is that they require NO additional costs, NO expensive tracking software, NO individual postcards. (In fact, all postcards are the same! This is based on a line cleverly disguised as an excellent retail copy)
  • Calls to action that will have the clients contacting you on your terms:
    – Generate inbound phone calls from pre-sold clients and take their order rather than sell your offer
    – Fill your email inbox with business owners who are hungry to claim their expiring discount and buy from you
    – Generate visits to your website and let sales videos and funnels do the selling for you

The Passive Consulting profits system works for rookies and veterans alike…

If you’re new to consulting local businesses… I’ve included a 30-day challenge course designed to take you from newbie to first paying client in under 30 days.

Just follow along for 20 minutes a day to the instructions you are given:

  • Days 1-10 will walk you through building your consulting business and give you the confidence-building exercises that will transform you into a productive machine.
  • Day 11 to 20 You start sending your first postcard campaigns by copying and pasting the templates you have created into the online mail service. It’s as easy as sending an email.
  • Days 21-30 Receive calls and emails from business owners. I’ll walk you through the process of processing customer orders using proven sales scripts, copy-paste email replies, and quick checkouts set up with PayPal.
  • After just 20 minutes a day for 30 days, I promise you a new consulting client…guaranteed.

And if you are a consulting veteran…

  • I’ve included two quick start videos to help you skip the learning curve and get to work making deals: The Lead Velocity Video – Look over my shoulder as I hit 10,000 in about 20 minutes generate new leads. . Prospects who can expand your consulting business or even sell it to other consultants for a nice profit. Whether you do the work yourself or as a subcontractor, you’ll learn by working with me.
  • ’20 Minute Direct Mail’ Video – Copy and Paste Join me in this video to set up your first lead generation campaign in under an hour. AVOID all the common newbie pitfalls to ensure your postcard campaigns are profitable from day one.

Passive Consulting Profits System By Luther Landro

Now legally I have to warn you that results like these are not typical. In fact, most people who try this make no money at all, usually for one big reason:

Most people don’t take action and don’t follow through. in their commitments. However, students who take the time to use these sales materials earn thousands of dollars in fees for every $80 they spend sending postcards to new businesses.

Imagine: You spent an hour a day searching for businesses that have opened in the past week…

Spend another 20 minutes creating a direct mail postcard using an online service. It’s as easy as sending an email: just copy and paste a verified sales copy, then click send. Within a few days you will receive calls from the company. Owners who are dying to send you $2,500 for your new website…

And after they receive your deposit in their PayPal or bank account (then use my additional sales funnels to close them by paying $1,000 a month or more for a pay for another service), you send $500 of that fee to a subcontractor who does all the work.

Listen: Local consulting is more than a work from home opportunity… It’s a way of life.

Sure, you’ll experience the financial security that comes with making 6-figure annual earnings… You’re also the one helping startups in your community get started and build their customer base. The city’s taste makers will come to you and recommend you to anyone thinking of opening a new store in your area.

The perks are almost better than the money she makes… Jessica gets a ton of free meals from her restaurant patrons… I have received free back adjustments from of my chiropractic clients to help me sleep at night. .. And I have instructed students to specifically contact solicitor clients so that they can get free legal advice when they need it.

Warning: Don’t try this out on your own! 🙂

Don’t be fooled by how simple this system looks. Sure, all it takes is a few post cards sent to new business owners with the right sales message. Yet there are so many ways to get this wrong and ruin your chances of turning these business owners into paying clients.

There are hundreds of free lead sources that are outdated and have the wrong information… There are mailing services that don’t actually deliver all the mail you order (in fact most bulk mail gets dumped), And Most direct mail is flashy, expensive, and completely botches the sale with the wrong message.

The Passive Consulting Profits System is your short cut… Why spend years of trial and error, thousands of dollars in wasted ‘test mailers’, and the embarrassment of rejection figuring this our on your own when all of the work is already done for you. It took Jessica 3 years to perfect this system, and that’s after starting with her father’s 20 years of experience to guide her.

Learn this system while you earn money putting it into action. Just follow along, use the proven sales templates included with this program and start seeing results immediately.

Get your copy of Passive Consulting Profits System here~

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