Effortless Dental Consulting By Luther Landro: Proven Training Shows You How To Get $2,500 A Month From The Dentist By Fixing The Dentist’s Google Listing

Effortless Dental Consulting is a complete program that includes the training and other materials necessary for your consulting business. Inside this training program you’ll learn how to manage Google’s simple listing service that dentists pay $2,500 or more a month for. Also, don’t worry about where to get the customers as it will show you how. And even how to write the perfect no-bounce email that will secure new clients 2-year consulting contracts without haggling over their fees.

Generating $2,500 in recurring revenue per month offering a simple solution to an urgent problem that dentists have been struggling with is a good idea, right?

This amazing program was created by a professional SEO and professional online marketing consultant, Luther Landro. His passion is business development and the thrill of a well planned hunt. If there is a problem that can be solved with a sale, he is the first to seize the opportunity and approach it pragmatically and diligently to get results.

His philosophy is simple; Use the latest tools to understand exactly how customers go through their buying journey and discover ways to influence their decision. Spends time and effort analyzing, testing, comparing and improving every aspect of the digital marketing experience for my clients and projects. “Effortless Dental Consulting” is one of their “Effortless Consulting” series. And in this specific program, it focuses on the dental niche.

Check Luther Landro’s full review below:

In today’s digital world, local businesses have no choice but to launch their businesses online to get more clients as people nowadays intend to google anything before buying any products/services.

Dentists is not an exception. I noticed that when I went online looking for a dentist address, I just got a few results to consider. Even worse, they didn’t not provide full details, which made me feel doubtful about these places.

What a pity that dentists are missing out on one Google’s most important features! 96% of dentists have not set up their Google Listing properly!

It is understandable as these SEO skills are not a professional of the dentists. They are eager to pay $1000s a month to anyone or agency who can manage their business’s Google Listing. Well, here comes your chance to make money!

You can get hired by dentists to fix the problem and keep it working for a fee of $2,500 per dentist.

The work only takes about an hour and can be done from the comfort of your home.

You might be thinking: This is impossible because I am not a real expert in this field…

Trust me, with Effortless Dental Consulting, you will discover everything from finding the dentist clients to landing them with big contracts.

We all know that A Google My Business listing is a huge benefit to any business. By having a profile they can reach more potential customers, increase your brand awareness, increase visits to your website, and even increase the calls you get. That’s why the dentists are more than happy to hire you!

All you need for this consulting career is to follow these simple practices and the strategies Luther has applied before to catch loyal and high paying clients.

It’s up to you to keep 100% of the profits or share a little bit to outsource to have more businesses.

Luther Landro has put together the complete system! 

From the emails to send to dentists to find clients in your area, to how to find people more than willing to do the work, while you cellect a handsome fee in the difference!

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