[Black Friday Discount] Automatic Agency System Review By Luther Landro – How to Earn $2,500/Month Lifetime Commissions by Helping Local Businesses with SEO and Social Media Marketing

Automatic Agency System Review : Done-for-you Coaching Program That Uses Inbound Client Attraction ‘lead Magnets’ To Fill Your Inbox With Local Business Owners Who Need Help With Their SEO, Social Media Marketing, And Other Services. Then Pays You $2,500/month Lifetime Commissions For Referring Them To Local Agencies.

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Automatic Agency System Review 2023 By Luther Landro

If you are looking for a way to make money online without doing any of the hard work, then you might be interested in the Automatic Agency System. This is a done-for-you courses that will help you how to attract local company owners that want assistance with SEO, social media marketing, and other services. You don’t have to do any of the work yourself, you just refer them to trusted agencies that will handle everything for them. And the best part is, you get paid 2,500/month lifetime commissions for every client you refer.

The Automatic Agency System by Luther Landro is a proven system that has never been revealed before. You will learn how to use 7 secret lead sources that will fill your inbox with qualified prospects. You will also get access to a pre-made funnel that will sell your leads on working with the agencies. And you will get an auto payment system that will pay you directly into your preferred account every month. This is a no-brainer opportunity that anyone can do in just 30 minutes a day with zero out of pocket expenses. Join Automatic Agency System Today!

You can start earning your first check in as little as 24 hours”. Imagine: how your life would change if you had a passive income stream that pays you $2,500 a month or more.

[Black Friday Discount] Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro
[Black Friday Discount] Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro

Automatic Agency System Features & Benefits

The Automatic Agency System is a DFY coaching program that uses inbound client attraction ‘lead magnets’ to fill your inbox with local business owners who need help with their SEO, social media marketing, and other services… Then pays you $2,500/month lifetime commissions for referring them to local agencies.

Inside Automatic Agency System program, you’ll discover

  • How to run this opportunity in just 30 minutes a day with $0 out of pocket
  • 7 never before revealed client attraction lead sources that fill your inbox with biz owners needing help.
  • Pre-made rejection-proof funnel that sells your leads on working with agencies
  • ​Auto payment system that pays your lifetime commissions directly into your PayPal, stripe, or bank account (get paid how YOU want to)
  • How I scaled this system to over $50,000 a month in passive revenue in just 6 months
  • The best part is you can get started with this system right now and earn your first check in as little as 24 hours.
  • Checklist: 7 client magnet lead sources
    I’ve taken the 7 lead sources and compiled them into an easy-to-follow step-by-step checklist. Follow this checklist every time you want to generate more leads and grow your business. Each of the 7 lead sources is outlined step by step.
  • Checklist: Client sales formula
    Follow this checklist to turn your leads into cash! Just copy and paste the email funnel to refer each lead to the agency that can help them and let them do the rest. Know which agencies to avoid (THIS is crucial), which ones pay the highest commissions, and which ones are the best for each biz owner that comes into your funnel Every step is done over email with pre-written fill-in-the-blanks templates. YOU will earn while you learn using these checklists to shortcut your way to new clients.

Automatic Agency System Is A Shortcut! Before Luther created the Automatic Agency System, He was struggling in his business and was on the verge of giving up. Endless cold calls to business owners, dealing with constant rejection on a daily basis. Then even when He landed a client – “He had to work 12 hour days to rank their site in Google and post on social media“. Once Luther discovered this system, He never looked back. Here’s how it works:

Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro
Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro

The best part about this new strategy is how easy it is for beginners. Regular folks with no previous experience, no technical expertise, and no sales background are earning huge lifetime commissions once they set up this pre-made done-for-you funnel.

Automatic Agency System Review – Overview

How to Earn $2,500/Month From Biz Owners?

Biz Owners “NEED This Solution And Will Pay A Fortune To Anyone Who Can Provide It”.

As lockdowns have been lifting, local mom-and-pop business owners are actively looking for help with SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, Google My Business listings, and yelp reputation management. By putting the right’ lead magnet’ in places where business owners are searching, you will have these business owners reaching out to you for help (a single lead magnet can fill your inbox with 3-4 inbound leads per day).

With automatic agency system, you’re getting not 1… but 7 different client attraction funnels that each generates dozens of leads around the clock, Set up 1 or 2 of these funnels to earn some extra cash, or all 7 to build a 6-7 figure recurring business:

  • Lead source 1: Google/YouTube funnel hack – This evergreen funnel starts generating leads within 2 hours and keeps going for YEARS after you set it up. This is my go-to method for client leads, and the best part is you can set up as many of them as you like.
  • Lead source 2: High-fee client attraction source – This is my source of high-fee clients that will pay top dollar for services. These are biz owners already looking to spend money which means closing rates as high as 30%… 1 in 3 leads turns into a high-fee recurring commission payment!
  • Lead source 3: Biz online community sharing – This is my highest volume lead source. Set up just one of these funnels and flood your inbox with consulting leads every day.
  • ​Lead source 4: LinkedIn Lead generation software – Use free software to automate lead generation on LinkedIn. Most people get LinkedIn wrong… This funnel will pull leads daily automatically.
  • ​Lead source 5: Amazon lead stealing – The sneaky way I have been generating leads from Amazon. NO ONE is using this making it a completely untapped source of leads (I almost didn’t include it in this program because it’s THAT good)
  • ​Lead source 6: Automated viral Facebook leads – Target the leads that make the most commissions and grow virally with this Facebook client attraction funnel. This lead source starts small yet grows over time and can become your biggest source of leads within 3 months.
  • Lead source 7: Commission referral program – The simple ‘second tier’ funnel that gets other people sending you leads for a cut of the commissions.

Remember: it only takes one of these lead magnets to flood your account with local business leads. Set up as few or as many lead magnets as you like. You are in full control of your income.

All The Work Is Already Done For You!

Pro tip: NEVER try to pitch these business owners or provide the service yourself.

With an inbox full of local business owners begging for help, it may be tempting to try to sell consulting and do all the work yourself. Just remember that you have a team of professionals already in place to handle the dirty work.

  • These are large marketing agencies with teams of professionals ready to handle every aspect of the business for you:
  • Their sales team calls your leads and closes deals with a professional sales presentation
  • Their staff of marketing experts runs every aspect of your client’s digital marketing
  • Their SEO experts guarantee your client’s first position ranking in Google over their competitors
  • ​Their 24/7 support staff answers all your client’s questions

Bottom line: Let these agencies do ALL the work and pay you your commission (I’ve already negotiated top dollar payouts on your behalf). I mean, why try to start your own agency when all the work is already done for you?

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Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro
Automatic Agency System By Luther Landro

Try Automatic Agency System 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Try This Risk-Free On Me! Take advantage of my unconditional triple guarantee. Just try the Automatic Agency System on me for a full 60 days.

  • If you don’t book at least 3 clients in that time
  • If you don’t earn money, you feel you deserve
  • Even if you don’t like the color choices in the guidebook and reason at all

Just send me an email with the word “refund”, and I’ll send you back every penny. No questions, no hassles. You can even keep the coaching program and all the bonuses as my gift for trying it out.

And As a special bonus, I’m giving you my client attraction agency, WordPress theme. You can use this theme to build your own professional agency site. Refer local businesses you do business with every day to this site to convert them into customers or use the included SEO and social media plugins to generate traffic to your site. The included lead capture system turns curious visitors into hungry leads that you can forward to the agencies to earn your commission.

So, if you are looking for a way to earn passive income online without any experience, skills, or investment, then you need to Join: Automatic Agency System Program. This is a coaching program that teaches you how to connect business owners with marketing agencies using automatic sales funnels. You don’t have to do any selling, servicing, or dealing with clients. You just set up one or more of the seven lead magnets and let the agencies do all the work for you. You get paid a monthly lifetime commission on every client you refer.

This method has never been revealed publicly before“, and it works with any niche and any location. You can start making money in as little as 24 hours, and you have a full 60 days to try it out risk-free. Don’t miss this opportunity to create your own automatic agency system. Click the button below and get instant access to the member’s area.

» Join here: Automatic Agency System – Special Black Friday Discount>>

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