Read This Before You Want To Start Running Affiliate Promos!

Hi, Lucas here. Lemme tell you something…

Getting your start in online marketing isn’t easy.

Believe me, I know.

Results are slow, and it’s a constant grind without any assurance you are going to make it.

This is why most newcomers struggle – they give up, and move onto something else.

However, if you follow the right system and do the right things CONSISTENTLY – the results will follow.

There’s many ‘gurus’ and courses out there, but how do you know how to trust?

If it were me, these are the things I would look for:

Information from someone who’s close to your level – not some out of touch millionaire An actual case study where the course methods were used – without a real life demo it’s all just theory! Testimonials from more experienced marketers, who back-up what the course is saying. F-ree methods and softwares to help newcomers speed up their results.

Now what if you could get all these things, for the same price as a pizza? (nom nom)

That’s exactly what The Newbie Affiliate Playbook is all about.

This brand new course and case study shows the exact methods a total newbie marketers used to CRASH the affiliate leaderboards on one of the biggest launches of the year so far.

He did this with:

  • A small list
  • No ads
  • No reputation
  • And not much experience

If you’ve wanted to start running affiliate promos, or want to take your promos to 5 figures every time (like the course creator) then you will be hard-pressed to find better value than the Newbie Affiliate Playbook!

The course is taken from the viewpoints of BOTH a newbie marketer, as well as two experienced product creators.

They validate the methods used, as well as showing you their own method of how they built their list to over 600k using a F-REE METHOD.

The best part about this is that the course methods can be used by total marketing newbies, as well as veterans who want to add a zero to their bottom line.

Did I tell you it also comes with a suite of SaaS software, downloads and high-ticket webinars to promote?

If you’re looking to build a profitable online business during the lockdown period, or simply want to take your affiliate campaigns to the next level then don’t hesitate!

The Newbie Affiliate Playbook is the ONE course you will need this year.