7 Apps for Creating the Best Instagram Story Templates in 2020

Do you want your Instagram story to look anti mainstream? Download this application

A day does not open Instagram, it seems there is something missing in our lives. Seeing friends’ stories, seeing and liking new uploads to updating stories is our daily activity. However, you feel bored with the story that is all?

You’re lucky to be here! For you who want to be different and anti-mainstream, use this application to beautify your Instagram story! Don’t forget to download it!

1. Canva

The first application that you can try is Canva, which you can find on both Android and iOS. Here, you can choose square-sized templates for regular or extended-sized posts specifically for Instagram stories. Then, just choose which template you want, some are free and some are paid.

After that, you are free to enter photos and text into the template according to your creation. ANd then, there is an option to save to the device or directly uploaded to Instagram story. Oh yes, not just stories, you can also design invitations, business cards, logos, resumes, posters, photo collages and so on. Very multifunctional!

2. Adobe Spark Post

With the number of downloads reaching more than 1 million, you don’t need to doubt the quality of this application. Adobe Spark Post is specifically designed to make your story look more alive. In it, there are more than 3 thousand templates that you can try one by one. You can also make animations to make your story even more unique!

To access its features, you need to sign in first using a Google account, Facebook or create a new account. Adobe Spark Post provides various categories, ranging from photo collages, templates to the categories of lifestyle, business, travel, food, craft and so on. Guaranteed to make your day more colorful!

3. Unfold

Not only Canva, and Adobe Spark Post … Unfold is equally popular! Similar to Canva, you can create stories according to your wishes through Unfold. However, prepare a large storage space because Unfold has a size of almost 80 MB! Don’t worry, because the quality is equivalent to the size, so it’s very worth it!

You can add photos and then insert text in them. The types of text fonts, frames and templates also vary, it won’t bore you. After that, you can share it directly to your Instagram story. You can create story designs without the hassle of creating an account first. It’s easy, right?

4. Story Art

You can also try StoryArt to make your Instagram story look different. With a size of 55 MB, StoryArt is equipped with various superior features. Like more than 500 templates, 40 kinds of themes and so on. You can also add text, choose filters and edit the exposure, brightness and saturation of a photo.

As with other applications, there are some premium features that can only be accessed when we make a purchase. However, don’t worry because the free StoryArt feature is enough for your daily story needs.

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5. Mojito

But If you want to use a lightweight application, just try downloading Mojito because the size is only 25MB! However, do not worry because the features in it are no less cool. With Mojito, you can choose a template, then edit with the filters provided. Of course, you can insert text in it.

In addition, you can add multiple photos and make it a unique collage. Guaranteed, your story will look different! Reviews of this application are quite positive and get a rating of 4.7 on Google Playstore.

6. Over

too many choices and make you confused? You can directly download the Over app! In it, there are more than 84 thousand designs, more than 350 fonts to more than 500 templates to choose from. So many, you will not be bored! No need to worry, because Over only takes up 22 MB of space.

If you want to access premium features, just make a purchase and get superior features that are different from the free version. After editing, you can directly upload your work to the Instagram story. It’s very simple!

7. Hype Type

And the last is, you can enhance your Instagram story with this one application: Hype Type! Slightly different from other applications, because Hype Type is more focused on adding text to our story posts. There are various font choices that can be tried, besides that we can also add music in it.

However, some users complain about the watermark in the free version and can only be removed if we make a purchase. Not only that, some users also complained about the results of posts that could not be saved. Well, hopefully the quality will be improved over time!

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Well, that’s 7 Instagram story provider application templates that you can try. Which are you interested in downloading?