Pluckr PREMIUM Buyers Traffic Method – Imagine being able to pluck out only the most serious buyers in any market – buyers who are STARVING for your product, service, CPA offer, affiliate offer, ecommerce offer & whatever else you offer!

Pluckr PREMIUM Buyers Traffic Method – Imagine being able to pluck out only the most serious buyers in any market – buyers who are STARVING for your product, service, CPA offer, affiliate offer, ecommerce offer & whatever else you offer!

In this simple, step-by-step method, you’re about to discover how to target only the most proven buyers – people who have no problem spending money on YOUR products and services.

You can use this method to target people in ANY venue, building, niche, convention and much more.

The Super Bowl example we just showed you is just ONE of MILLIONS of premises and niches that you could do this with.

Imagine being able to PLUCK OUT all the marketers that paid thousands for tickets, travel and hotel to attend “Traffic and Conversion Summit” – and hitting them with YOUR RELEVANT MESSAGE OR PRODUCT, DURING THAT ENTIRE WEEK while they’re attending the conference.

These are the “FREE-SPENDERS”, the people who can be the hardest to reach without you having to spend thousands of dollars to find them.

We are going to prove to you that there is an EVEN BETTER market than a BUYERS MARKET!

These people are hidden to the normal eye and are what we call the HYPER BUYERS.

What is a HYPER BUYER?

A HYPER BUYER IS The ULTIMATE BUYER In Your Niche. A HYPER BUYER is someone who is SO SERIOUS, that they have spent HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of dollars in your market already.

You’re about to be shown how to tap into THESE HYPER BUYERS immediately
while filtering out the rest!

We have never revealed this process before
and will not show it again once this offer comes down.

Imagine tapping into a market of the most serious people – people who have already spent thousands of dollars in your market.

You will be able to offer them HIGH DOLLAR PRODUCTS.
You could offer lower cost products as well and do a LOT MORE VOLUME…

The point is, this is the best audience you could ever sell to.


Because they are without question the HIGHEST SPENDING BUYERS in your market!

Crazy Benefits of Pluckr Traffic Method:

  • Market ANYTHING with this method
  • Use it for yourself, or make $1,000s offering this to BUSINESSES as a consultant.
  • Extremely LOW cost per view and click
  • Extremely HIGH CONVERSIONS on your ads
  • Extremely HIGH ENGAGEMENT from those who see the ads
  • You’re tapping in to the most INTENSE HYPER BUYERS on the planet
  • You’re reaching these fanatical buyers at THE PERFECT TIME.
  • Never worry about nailing your demographic targeting again.
  • Know exactly when to run your ad (down to the minute ) saving you tons of money in testing.
  • Retarget these buyers to sell to them over and over again at a later time.
  • You don’t even need a website to benefit from this!


  • Local & Offline Business Sales
  • CPA & Affiliate Marketing
  • Information products, eBooks, Digital Products
  • Ecommerce, T-Shirts, Dropship, Niche-On-Demand Printing
  • Real Estate Agents… get more buyers in your area.
  • You can use this no matter what you need exposure to.
  • It doesn’t matter your experience level as a marketer, your country of residence, your age, your gender, what language you speak, or any other reason you might think this wouldn’t work for you.

James Renouf & Dave Espino here,

Imagine being able to tap into the most lucrative markets, in any niche, and ONLY run ads to the RAVING FANS in that market when they are hottest to buy using a never-before-shown method.

Imagine being able to run ads for pennies on the dollar to ONLY those who have already PROVEN themselves to be BUYERS!

(most of whom have already spent thousands of dollars in your target market)
We live in a world where everyone is categorized into an avatar.
Our focus is usually tough and depends on demographics when finding our target market.

» Are you selling to a man or woman?
» What is their age?
» What country are they in?
» What are their interests?

Is that truly the best way to find customers?

We are taught that this is sales and marketing 101 – know your customer avatar and sell to them.

That model we all think of as standard practice is wrong.

If you want to disrupt the marketing game, there is a better way.
Everyone does the former… But you don’t want to be like everyone else.

We want to show you how to be like a maverick – who stands out from the pack and can pluck extremely targeted customers like no one else.

We want to show you how to be like a magician and shock buyers with marketing that is so accurate it’s spooky.

Where they can’t even comprehend how you’d know WHO THEY ARE at such a deep level.

They can’t understand how you would know that they want to buy right now.

Today, we are bringing you a profound marketing “h@ck”.
Not a literal hack but a brand-new, CRAZY marketing process.

What you’re about to discover is something no one has taught ANYWHERE before.

Right Now, You Have The Opportunity To Go “Deep Into The Matrix” And Find A Whole New World That You Never Even Knew Existed.

If you’ve been in the online marketing game for any length of time, then you know that the absolute BEST group of people to advertise to (in any market) are the people who have ALREADY BOUGHT something similar to your product.

If you sell weight loss supplements, then your best target market is the people who’ve ALREADY BOUGHT a weight loss product.
If you sell “make money online” products, then your best target market is the people who have ALREADY BOUGHT “make money online” products.
√ If you sell relationship advice, then the best people to advertise to are those who have ALREADY BOUGHT relationship products.

No matter which product / service you sell, the FANATICAL BUYERS are a special breed.

As you probably already know, only a tiny percentage of website VISITORS turn into BUYERS. (Between 2 – 5%) to cold traffic, for example.

This means that, in order to FIND these BUYERS, a marketer had to FILTER through 95% – 98% of their visitors

So, out of 1,000 visitors, you will only potentially get 20 to 50 BUYERS in this scenario. (Obviously your numbers could be different depending on what you are selling, but you get the point)

THE FANATICAL BUYERS in your market (who you REALLY want to deal with) are the ULTIMATE prospects, but you have to sift through the 95% to get to the 5%. (Even then, you still wouldn’t be sure if they were the fanatics or not)

NORMALLY, you have no way to “pluck” the money makers out of the herd and kick the rest of the people to the curb.

That is something that has never existed before in the marketing world. (Until now)

The BUYERS are the ones who were SO SERIOUS about solving their problem or enjoying their niche that they’ve ALREADY been through the steps that lead up to a sale, and are now READY TO BUY.

These are the SERIOUS-SPENDERS in your market – you want them – and ONLY them! Leave the tire kickers in the market for your competitors…

What If you Could be Handed Proven
BUYERS On A Silver Platter?

What if you knew (before you ever paid one penny) that you were going after the perfect group that has already shown they WANT TO spend money with you?

How is this possible?

Well, today we can show you a simple, unknown, but ridiculously effective way to ONLY reach the most lucrative BUYERS MARKET – IN ANY INDUSTRY – and ONLY advertise to these FREE-SPENDING BUYERS at the perfect time!

Think about this… With this method, you can run ads DIRECTLY to those people who are THE ULTIMATE AUDIENCE for a football offer in the stadium, while they are at the height of their passion!

And, this is just ONE example!

You don’t have to use this for sports niches, you can use this for any niche!

You name the niche market and we will show you how to target the HYPER BUYERS in that market.

Imagine reaching the perfect buyers – at the perfect time!

We’re not talking about “location targeting” where you can, for example, target a 10 mile “radius” AROUND a stadium or place… And we’re not using demographic targeting, either.

We’re talking about targeting ONLY THE PEOPLE IN THE STADIUM or currently AT AN EVENT during a special time.

You can use this method to target people in ANY venue, building, niche, convention and much more.