LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro – Brand New Revolutionary Marketing System 2019 That Can Landed $5,000 per Month Consulting Clients from LinkedIn! Turn your profile into a lead generating sales letter, Rank your profile to the top of LinkedIn search, & Generate endless free leads with the power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro – Brand New Revolutionary Marketing System 2019 That Can Landed $5,000 per Month Consulting Clients from LinkedIn! Turn your profile into a lead generating sales letter, Rank your profile to the top of LinkedIn search, & Generate endless free leads with the power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Local Raider is a brand new revolutionary marketing consultant system created by Professional online entrepreneur and marketing consultant for over 8 years, Luther Landro. This system is a done-for-you program that turns your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine! Why LinkedIn? Linkedin is one of the most used social media channels for professional use. Students, professionals, freelancers, small vendors, small-scale shop owners, etc. can use LinkedIn to find more career opportunities. Let us see some interesting statistics about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn has more than 590 million users worldwide
  • 154 million users of LinkedIn are from the USA
  • 13 percent of Millennials use Linkedin
  • 44 percent of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 in a year
  • More than half of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs come from LinkedIn
  • 92 percent of B2B digital marketers include LinkedIn in their campaigns
  • 41 percent of millionaires use LinkedIn

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, linked has space only for career talks and career opportunities. Linkedin is one social media platform that has a free version as well as paid version. The premium version of LinkedIn offers you different options like advanced search functions and the “Who Viewed My Profile” feature. Linkedin has different premium plans with different features. The plans range from 30 dollars to 100 dollars. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also has a news feed. Users get to know all the updates about their connections. Users can connect with other people on LinkedIn by either searching them by name, company name, designation, etc. similar to Facebook, businesses can create pages on LinkedIn. Businesses can promote their services and products on these pages. Users can follow any business pages. This is not the only way businesses can benefit from LinkedIn. There are different LinkedIn marketing solutions for businesses. And with LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro you can Landed $5,000 per Month Consulting Clients from LinkedIn. You can start generating leads and collecting huge fees from your profile in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Turn your profile into a lead generating sales letter – The first step is to turn your profile into a sales letter that gets the business owners you connect with to reach out to you for help. I’ve been generating 10-15 inbound leads organically from business owners who have read my profile.
  • Step 2: Rank your profile to the top of LinkedIn search. Turning your profile into a sales letter is great as long as you can get traffic to your page. I’ve managed to crack the code to LinkedIn’s search algorithm and can quickly rank any profile to the top of search results in minutes. Check Inside!
  • Step 3: Generate endless free leads with the power of LinkedIn Groups. Writing your profile like a sales letter and ranking it in LinkedIn’s search is more than enough to generate 10-15 sales leads each week. Using Local LinkedIn groups you can multiply the number of leads you generate by attracting more local businesses (a customer of mine generates over 100 inbound leads per week with groups).
  • Step 4: Use LinkedIn messages to uncover what a business owner needs. Then sell it to them! Most marketers use the ‘pay and spray’ approach to sales. They send out thousands of messages hoping to close 1% of the contacts they reach out too. This approach wastes a lot of time, kills your chances of ever connecting with the other 99% of businesses, and will eventually get you banned from LinkedIn.

Facebook may be the largest social networking site in the world today, but LinkedIn has been supporting its users for a longer time period. And more importantly for those looking to network and develop business connections, LinkedIn users know the platform as the “professional social networking site.”In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the longevity of the tech company, which was founded in 2002, is a tribute to its utility and dominance within its niche in social media. In fact, the search intent of the term “LinkedIn” has more than doubled in the last 10 years. And, when it comes to interesting LinkedIn statistics and LinkedIn facts, there is a surprising abundance. LinkedIn is an especially good source for discovering leads. Hubspot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. Given this, it’s no surprise that 79% of marketers see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads, with 43% of marketers saying they have sourced at least one customer from LinkedIn. That number increases for B2B marketers, who report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn. And LinkedIn Local Raider discovered h4ck leapfrogs you to the top of linkedIn search. combined with the right profile,this hack generates 10-15 inbound consulting leads per week. LinkedIn Local Raider will be the last system you need to build a consulting business. I Highly recommend this system for you!

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LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

Inside LinkedIn Local Raider guide, you will learn:

  • LinkedIn Profile Mastery:
    • Why you should NEVER use LinkedIn’s default job title – 90% of profiles make this mistake. Your job title is the headline for your sales letter. Written properly, you will double your click rate, boost your rank in LinkedIn’s search and get more prospects messaging you.
    • Simple photo tricks you can do on your Android or iPhone to make your profile picture look professional and attract more businesses to connect with you.
    • Why I always use this ‘photo tester’ service BEFORE changing my profile picture – Use this free service on EVERY photo you add to your LinkedIn profile to guarantee you are using the best one that gets the message across that you want. (this is important NOT just for LinkedIn but ANY time you use a photo. This includes on business cards, Facebook pages, Sales letters, or heck even dating sites.)
    • How to use free stock images throughout your profile to boost your search rank AND increase engagement with your posts – Engagement is a BIG factor not only in getting your profile to the top of LinkedIn’s search but in getting biz owners to reach out to you. Use these free images throughout profile the right way to give you a boost (less than 10% of profiles use this trick, and you will leapfrog them immediately by adding these images)
    • Why you need 501 connections and how to get them quickly – Fact: Linkedin publicly shows the number of connections you have, yet once you get to 501, it simply displays 500+. This could mean you have 501 contacts or 10,000,000 contacts to the biz owners who see it. You’ll appear to be as connected as me, tony robbins, or Tim Ferris who all show 500+ connections.
    • Where I buy connections and endorsements – This course will show you how to organically build connections and endorsements, however, if you’re like me and want results fast you can buy endorsements for pennies. There are hundreds of gigs and services out there; however, I only use 2. The 2 I use will connect you with REAL people and work in the terms of service of Linkedin. DON’T put your profile at risk working with a bad vendor, stick to proven and honest vendors.
  • LinkedIn Search Mastery:
    • The simple hack that ranks your profile to the top of Linkedin Search in under 3 minutes for ANY keyword – This is the craziest trick I have EVER seen, and almost NO ONE is doing this. This hack is the first step to get you ranked in search, and is the biggest factor in LinkedIn’s recommended profile system.
    • Keyword strategies to attract the right clients – Use my quick formula to know what terms you want to rank for so you ONLY attract the business owners who will be eager to hire you and avoid the tire kickers who will only waste your time.
    • How to get your LinkedIn Profile ranked in Google – Google sees LinkedIn as one of the most prominent authority sites in the world. I’ll show you how to get your profile ranked in Google search for your chosen keywords providing you with yet another source of traffic to increase your weekly lead count.
    • Why you MUST choose your endorsed skill carefully – People can endorse your skills on LinkedIn, the skills you get endorsed for DRAMATICALLY impacts your rank in LinkedIn’s algorithm. Learn how to pick the right ones and make sure your contacts use them. DONT let your contacts choose them randomly
    • How your chosen interests affect your LinkedIn In rank – Linkedin allows you to follow ‘personal interests’ similar to Facebook. The interests you choose will affect who LinkedIn connects you with (if they have similar or DIVERGENT interests). Picking the wrong interests will not only prevent you from showing up in their feed; it will turn off business owners from hiring with you if you pick the wrong ones.
  • LinkedIn Group Marketing Mastery:
    • Full walkthrough on creating groups including how to get them ranked in LinkedIn’s search – Step by step instructions on creating groups that local biz owners WANT to be a part of and getting these groups to show up in their feed. Just by creating them with the right settings and the right keywords will get business owners joining daily.
    • Advanced Tip: Make biz owners APPLY to join your groups – Instead of setting your groups open for anyone to join, make them an exclusive club that requires an application. This increases the group’s prestige making biz owners want it MORE, and eliminates spammers from entering. (PLUS during the application you will be collecting the biz owners information, opting them into a mailing list, AND finding out what troubles they are having in their business all in one swoop).
    • How to generate the most number of leads with group mass messaging – Learn the weekly digest email I send out to every group that always pulls in leads for my consulting business. Warning: Sending the wrong email at the wrong time will cause group members to leave and flag your messages as spam. Learn to avoid this and keep your messages generating steady leads for years.
    • How to moderate spam in your groups effectively – LinkedIn states that SPAM is the BIGGEST reason people leave groups. You’ll learn an easy way to prevent spammers and how to make the group self police and eliminate the spam problem making your groups one of the few that biz owners look forward too and recommend.
    • Top group examples for you to join and learn from – Find out how the best groups do it, steal their content to use in your groups.
  • Advanced LinkedIn Sales Mastery:
    • The sneaky trick to connect with every employee in a company BEFORE you connect with the owner – I’ve landed Name brand companies as clients with this simple approach. Start by connecting with everyone in a company before you approach the owner or primary decision maker. They can provide you with introductions and social proof that is needed to land big contracts. You’ll learn the ins and outs of this advanced tactic used by big whale hunters (I’ve booked name brand fortune 500 companies I can’t mention utilizing this strategy.)
    • How to use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to get clients – Creating content for LinkedIn is another untapped source of leads. You’ll learn how reposting infographics and outside articles can help sell your contacts. Add this to your weekly routine (or outsource it) to generate even more leads from your LinkedIn network.
    • The funny first message I send to every contact that gets a 70% response – This ice breaker message will disarm your prospects and get them hooked into your 10 message sequence. Connecting with businesses on LinkedIn should be a friendly conversation instead of a cold sales pitch.
    • The one-line question that doubled the response of my first message – I stole this idea from a message that I received on LinkedIn, and it has since DOUBLED the response I get from biz owners. (Biz owners just have to answer this and creates a FUN atmosphere for all future conversation)
      Simple hack in LinkedIn that allows you to send messages to people you are not connected with for free –
    • I discovered a simple hack that will enable you to send a message to people you are not connected with. This only works on specific profiles, and you will learn a simple search trick to take full advantage of this exploit.
    • The privacy setting you MUST turn off to prevent your leads from being stolen – Linkedin has a sidebar that shows ‘related contacts’ to whoever with viewing your profile. This is practically an advertisement for your competition and will send YOUR leads to other profiles.
    • It turns out that you can turn this ‘feature’ off. It’s a setting deep inside LinkedIn that took me months to find, and I’ll walk you through it in 5 minutes.
    • Saved searches trick that gets fresh leads delivered to your inbox daily – There are powerful search tools inside of LinkedIn to find your perfect ideal client. Did you know that when you save these searches in a certain way, LinkedIn will do the search daily and deliver the results to your inbox? It’s like waking up every morning to fresh leads and business at no cost.
    • Pro Tip: Always end your client relationships by writing them a review on LinkedIn (even if you landed them from another source) – When you write a review, it prompts them to write a review for you. This is the fastest way to get testimonials from clients AND helps boost you in LinkedIn’s search algorithm.
    • Easy way to build a ‘company page’ even if you don’t have a company – YOU can create a personal company page on LinkedIn to increase your credibility, and you don’t need an actual company to do it. This trick helps boost your credibility in the local markets and being connected to a company does help you show up in other recommendations on LinkedIn.

Here are the checklists Inside LinkedIn Local Raider:

  • Checklist 1: LinkedIn Profile Sales Machine – This checklist walks you through every step in creating a profile that generates 10-15 leads per week, including:
    • Writing your profile like a sales letter to generate leads
    • Getting your profile to the top of LinkedIn search
    • Getting LinkedIn to recommend your profile to biz owners in your target market
    • If you’re already on LinkedIn, this checklist will become your profile makeover turning it into a lead generating machine.
    • If you are not currently on Linkedin, this will walk you through every step of setting up your profile and working on getting your first inbound lead.
  • Checklist 2: 30-minute LinkedIn lead generation routine – This checklist walks you through the 30-minute daily routine that fills your inbox with more leads than you can handle. Every step to squeezing the most out of LinkedIn, including:
    • Group posting and mailing schedule to pull in dozens of leads from every group you create
    • 10 message sequence to convert contacts into clients
    • Daily maintenance to keep your profile at the top of search and recommendations.
    • Just having an optimized profile is enough to generate 10-15 leads per week.
    • Following this checklist will more than double that count AND consistently turn those leads into paying clients.
    • Now there’s nothing stopping you from working more than 30 minutes each day in Linkedin. The more time you put into following this checklist, the more business, and income you will generate.
    • However, following these two checklists and working for 30 minutes is enough to build a 6-figure business in as little as 30 days.
    • I want to make sure you have everything you need to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a massive opportunity when used properly and is the ONLY source of Leads you need in your business.
    • And so I have taken everything I have learned over the past few years selling on LinkedIn and compiled it into a hard-hitting guide.
    • This guide is a master class in LinkedIn marketing that will arm you with everything you need to build a 6 or 7 figure business.

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

Here are a few other quick, fun facts about LinkedIn and what they mean for you as an influencer or thought leader. (source:

    There are two important takeaways from this stat; 1) 146 million is a HUGE audience if your audience is primarily based in the U.S., and 2) if your audience isn’t in the U.S., you likely still have a huge audience. Case in point, a lot of my audience is in the U.S., but a healthy part is also in China where I’ve spent time, and there are over 32 million users there as well.
    And those companies are posting over 3 million jobs on LinkedIn, just in the U.S., every month. If you’re producing thought leadership content to upgrade your career, put that content on LinkedIn where it’s clear your audience (companies looking to hire people like you) are obviously active.
    I had to do a double take with this one, but that’s exactly what LinkedIn claims on their blog. I supposed the study results may be skewed in some way (perhaps they only polled LinkedIn users), but regardless, if you’re a B2B marketer and you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn or it isn’t a heavy part of your focus…well, you would appear to be missing out, big time. Start producing content, become the expert in your field, and figure out how to get a piece of that action.
    Want to make quality connections on LinkedIn? Consider trying out LinkedIn’s Career Advice feature that connects you with mentors or mentees, depending on whether you’re in the advice-giving or advice-getting stage (or both). Alternatively, you don’t have to use any special feature on LinkedIn, just recognize the fact that people want to be mentored, and start mentoring by producing content on LinkedIn that answers questions you are an expert on.
    They’re also contacted more by other LinkedIn members, and receive up to 17x more profile views. Make sure you have the skills section of your profile filled out. Oh, and don’t list Microsoft Word as a skill, that’s so 2001.
    You’ve heard it say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? That’s more true than ever, but the good news is that today it’s easier than ever to “know” a lot of people. Not only can you connect directly to up to 30,000 people on LinkedIn, you can reach many, many more by creating compelling content that establishes you as an expert in your field.
    Specialize, Experienced, Skilled, Leadership, Passionate, Expert, Motivated, Creative, Strategic, Focused. And why should you care? Because if people are using these words in their profiles, they’re also searching for them on LinkedIn, and noticing them when they come up. Does that mean you should make sure to include every one of these words somewhere in your profile? No, but you should at least be aware of them. Also, notice the words that aren’t on the list like “visionary” and “guru.” I would also recommend not using the words “thought leader” or “influencer” to describe yourself. If others describe you that way, that’s fine, but it’s weird for you to say it about you.
    LinkedIn surveyed 2,000 business leaders and found out that what most of them are looking for isn’t technical ability, but soft skills. The soft skills they said are the most valuable are leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management. Consider creating content for LinkedIn that includes these topics. For example, if your genius zone is sales, then create content talking about what it means to exhibit leadership in a sales role, or interview some of your sales leadership heroes. If your focus is HR, talk about the latest trends in the HR space that have to do with time management.
    All talk about soft skills aside, here are some of the more technical skills employers are looking for: Cloud and Distributed Computing, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Middleware and Integration Software, Web Architecture and Development Framework, User Interface Design, Software Revision Control Systems, Data Presentation, SEO/SEM Marketing, Mobile Development, Network and Information Security. As LinkedIn recommends, “If any of these skills speak to your strengths, make sure to add them to your LinkedIn Profile.” And if you don’t have any of these skills, you may want to consider picking them up. As a thought leader, the takeaway here is that if you have one or more of these skills, you should be creating content about it. If you’re an expert at mobile development when’s the last time you wrote a post about it or posted a video talking about a challenge you recently overcame?
    Some of the stats I share below may not come from LinkedIn, where video is still a new thing, but the fact is that video on LinkedIn is hot. When it comes to what gets share on LinkedIn, the network says users are 20x more likely to share a video as opposed to any other type of content.If the trend on other networks is any indication (and my humble opinion is that it absolutely is), video is going to be huge on LinkedIn. In a mere 14 months Facebook grew from one billion videos views per day to 8 billion. Is less than one year Snapchat went from 4 billion to 10 billion views. Instagram video consumption is up, and there’s a similar trend on Twitter.

Check Inside : LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro – Brand New Revolutionary Marketing System 2019 That Can Landed $5,000 per Month Consulting Clients from LinkedIn! Turn your profile into a lead generating sales letter, Rank your profile to the top of LinkedIn search, & Generate endless free leads with the power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro

Special Bonus Section: Mastering LinkedIn’s Premium tools:
LinkedIn Local Raider is all about generating leads for FREE on LinkedIn and you not required to use any of their premium or paid services (especially their terrible ad platform that just NEVER seems to convert for me). However, I have used them effectively and its a great place to re-invest your earnings to grow your business further. Inside you’ll learn about all of my experiences:

  • How to use LinkedIn sales manager to keep track of leads and increase your sales – Most of the time you DO NOT need sales manager, however, I found it to be helpful in my business and ill show you the tricks that have sped up client communications.
  • LinkedIn Premium features that boost leads – LinkedIn’s premium account has a few features that I’ve used to double the number of leads my profile generates. I’ll show you how to see an immediate return in your investment in this premium service in the first week you use it.
  • How to use LinkedIn’s InMail service to book clients – Inmail is LinkedIn’s cold messaging service that is a GOLD MINE if you want to land consulting clients quickly. You’ll learn how to adapt my 10-message sequence to get the most out of this service.

Special Bonus section 2: Software I use to automate LinkedIn lead generation:
I’ve been using a few free Google Chrome plugins to automate my LinkedIn lead generation, and they have freed up my time in tremendous ways. This software helps:

  • Autoresponder for LinkedIn to automate your message sequence
  • Export all your leads to CSV/Excel
  • Build a targeted mailing list by scraping LinkedIn
  • Mass endorse contacts to gain endorsements back

Ok Luther I’m in, what will this cost me?

I’ve landed $5,000 per month consulting clients from LinkedIn that have been with me for years and will stay with me for years to come. With all of the services you can sell clients once you establish a relationship with them, consulting clients are easily worth $60,000 over their lifetime. LinkedIn Local Raider is guaranteed to fill your inbox with dozens of leads and paying clients every week. How much would this system be worth to you if you only booked 1 paying client?




If you landed just one client, paying $5,000 to get your hands on this system is well worth it!

However, I want more people to experience the power of LinkedIn Local Raider in their business, and I don’t want cost to get in the way. Next month I will be selling this course via webinar for a flat price of $197, which I’m sure you’d agree is a small price to pay for everything I am offering here. However, before I do that I want to let my previous customers in at an even better deal, and gather more testimonials from regular folks who have turned their LinkedIn accounts into lead generating machines. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow KNOWING that your bills for next month are already paid? All because of a few emails you sent out the week before. This feeling of security comes from one thing: Action. You must take action on this in order to see results. Take an hour each day for the next 30 days to go through the training and follow the instructions. Some days will be simple goal setting and motivation exercises; some will have you sending copy & paste sales materials to local business owners. By the end of the month, you will have built a steady stream of income that you can rely on for the rest of your life. Act right now, and you can have everything inside LinkedIn Local Raider.

Get LinkedIn Local Raider Below:
LinkedIn Local Raider System By Luther Landro – Brand New Revolutionary Marketing System 2019 That Can Landed $5,000 per Month Consulting Clients from LinkedIn! Turn your profile into a lead generating sales letter, Rank your profile to the top of LinkedIn search, & Generate endless free leads with the power of LinkedIn Groups

Thank you so much for reading my LinkedIn Local Raider review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This pack is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Product Funnel:

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