Link2vid Review- Amazing Cloud Based Software Turns Links & Keywords Into Content Videos & FREE Traffic In Minutes

Link2vid Review- Amazing Cloud Based Software Turns Links & Keywords Into Content Videos & FREE Traffic In Minutes

Link2Vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2Vid is a cloud based software which enables users to turn any content based link (URL) or Keyword into a quick ranking… traffic sucking ‘Content Video’ Simply insert a link or keyword into the software and get a full video created for you in minutes… Then instantly upload to YouTube and rank it with our built in SEO Link Sharing Element. Link2Vid is a revolution in traffic marketing, the absolute pinnacle of what years of content marketing have led to. This brand new software lets you create video after video in as little as 60 seconds and then lets you drive 100% free traffic from Google – starting today! It works by turning links & web pages into videos! You heard that right – all you have to do is insert the URL of some old article or site you have and Link2Vid will grab all its content, let you add images and create a stunning video out of it in no time. You can send your evergreen traffic anywhere you like, even directly to affiliate offers! Link2Vid is DROP DEAD simple: getting targeted traffic is easy with it, and then they even have a “SEO MAX” module that lets you boost your videos to #1 in Google and Youtube fast.

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Link2vid Review- Amazing Cloud Based Software Turns Links & Keywords Into Content Videos & FREE Traffic In Minutes

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop


Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Link2vid Review by Mark Bishop

Features of Link2Vid:

» Full Access to Link2Vid: SaaS (Web Based) Software

» Turn any content based URL into a content video

» Turn any keyword into a content video

» Direct upload finished videos to YouTube

» Add Voice Narration

» YouTube & Vimeo API Integration

» Download finished video as an MP4

» Access to Facebook Mastermind Group

» Video & PDF Tutorials

» Access to Content Video Step-by-Step Formula (in use since 2015)

» Instant video slide population

» Fully editable slide formatting

» 10,000 DFY Content Database – Turn as many as you like into traffic sucking content videos

» Choose from 15 professional templates / including eye-catching animated elements

» Add sound file, music loops, background music or voice over

» Instantly add royalty free images to your videos… or upload and use your own images

» Video SEO: Instantly share YouTube link for fast and stable video ranking.

» In browser video preview (before render)

How Does it Works?

Its as EASY as: Follow These 4 Steps

Step 1: Enter a Link or Keyword

You can enter any link (URL) you like (doesn’t have to be a site you own). If you enter a keyword Link2Vid will extract relevant content from our huge database. Link2Vid will quickly format and populate video slides ready to turn into a video with 1 click, or edit if you prefer.

Step 2: Edit & Upload

If you wish to edit you can. Edit & reformat slides… Choose one of the animated backgrounds, add images, add audio, background music, Voice Overs and narration.
Upload completed video directly to YouTube from Link2Vid. Plus: You can also download MP4

Step 3: SEO

You can quickly SEO each video you generate from inside the Link2Vid dash with just a couple of clicks… for fast and seamless ranking. If you follow the content video formula (Included) additional SEO / effort is not required.

Step 4: Traffic

Content Videos rank quickly with little effort providing you follow our content video formula. Ranked videos often remain at the top of Google for long periods, many of ours have ranked on page #1 and continued to drive traffic daily for 3 years.

Check This Video Demo:

If you’re a struggling affiliate, just getting started, looking for quick and effective ways to drive FREE Targeted Traffic, sell more and make more LINK2VID is the ultimate solution… Imagine the possibilities

Why Should You Get it?

If you want to create video content to attracts customers, Link2Vid is a great product for you. Even if you have the experience of creating video content, you still need it to make your work faster and more efficient. I think video designers, graphic designers, affiliate marketing, local marketing, businesses cannot miss this product.

Product Funnels OTO/Upsell:

» link2vid (FE): User friendly Content Video Creation SaaS Platform

» OTO1 – link2vid PRO

› Unlimited use
› Sell as a service (Developers)… I.e turn posts, articles, content into videos for customers
› Automated SEO MAX your videos – share videos to 200+ sites with 1 click
› 20+ additional Premium Templates
› 50,000+ DFY video ready articles

» OTO2 – Vid2Niche

› Video Training based on creating, ranking and profiting in niches using Content Videos
› Niche packs, containing: Keywords, Niche Articles (ready to turn into videos) & royalty free images

» OTO3 – link2vid MAX

› Access: Cloud Graphics Editor… Full cloud based APP
› + 3 Brand New Premium Templates every month (No recurring)
› + 10,000 Fresh Link2Vid ready articles every month (No recurring)
› + 1 click access to 1000s of premium video graphics

» link2vid Agency / Reseller

Sell link2vid (2 Options).

› 1000x Reseller Pack
› 30x Reseller Pack

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Are there any monthly charges

A : No… If you purchase today you will pay one price which will grant you ongoing access to Link2vid. You will not be charged again.

Q : Can I really make money with this?

A : The simple answer is yes you can… but as with anything relating to business you will have to include a little effort. You will have to use the software to make your content videos & upload them so you can drive traffic to your offers. If you use the software, follow our formula – apply a little effort, you will reap the rewards.

Q : I’m on a tight budget… will it work for me?

A : There are no additional costs required. You do not need domains, hosting or anything else.

Q : Does Link2Vid violate any YouTube / Vimeo TOS?

A : No… Link2Vid connects to YouTube & Vimeo through public API… Your API is set within software settings. Connecting L2V with your YouTube & Vimeo account is 100% within YouTube & Vimeo TOS.

Q : How much traffic can i drive?

A : The amount of traffic you can drive really depends on the niche, the audience in that niche and the phrase. Most of our videos drive traffic every day, some significant amounts while others drive smaller amounts. The point is the whole process takes minutes and all the traffic we do get is 100% Free

Q : Do you have tutorials?

A : Yes we do… Inside Link2Vid you will find video tutorials which detail how to use the software. Plus you get access to our Content Video formula (training)

Q : Is this another Loophole?

A : Absolutely not… we have been using content videos to drive traffic in all sorts of niches for 3 years plus continuously. If you follow the ‘included’ plan your content videos should rank and stick for evergreen passive traffic.

Q : Is it really easy to use?

A : Yes! Link2Vid is 100% Newbie Friendly… Designed to be very simple to navigate and easy to use. Simply enter your link or Keyword and the App builds you a content video in minutes.

Q : What if I experience a problem?

A : We have dedicated technical support on hand 6 days per week. Support is easily accessible from inside your Link2Vid dashboard.

Q : Will I get the Content Video Formula?

A : Yes we are including our own content video formula when you purchase today. This is the same very simple process we have been using since 2015. Most of our Content Videos ranked quickly on Google page #1… remained on Page #1 and consistently drive free targeted traffic to our offers and pages.

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Link2vid Review- Amazing Cloud Based Software Turns Links & Keywords Into Content Videos & FREE Traffic In Minutes

Link2Vid is a very – very Best Software Now. Unlike nearly everything else out there Link2Vid doesn’t just work in the Internet Marketing space. You can target absolutely any niche… without actually knowing anything about it… Simply drop a link or keyword into the software and Link2Vid makes you a Content Video in minutes which will continue to drive traffic and sales on complete autopilot. All you have to do is log-in to LINK2VID… watch the Step by Step Training, choose a niche, grab a link or drop in a keyword and you’re all set. LINK2VID will generate a Content Video in Minutes… as soon as it does, click to upload it to YouTube and SEO the video from the dash… Then rinse & repeat. Link2Vid is 100% guaranteed. If you use the software follow the content video formula and do not rank and drive traffic. We will offer help and advice on how to get Link2Vid working for you. In the event that we are unable to help you we will refund your payment. What Are You Waiting For? Get Link2Vid Now!

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