350K Words Expert IM Content PLR Volume 5 Review By Barb Ling & Dennis Becker – Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority Starting Today!

350K Words Expert IM Content PLR Volume 5 Review By Barb Ling & Dennis Becker – Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority” Starting Today!

350,000 words of premium expert IM membership content is the best Content PLR you’ve never seen in the end 2018 created by Dennis Becker, Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank. Inside this Content PLR you will Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority” Starting Today! Plus also included (for personal use only) is an in-depth workshop titled “Content Repurposing Workshop” so that buyers can get full use out of not only this content, but also they’ve created on their own, or have purchased as PLR separately. We’re talking about content created by well-known IMers with long histories of success (Dennis Becker, Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank). Here’s what we have for you today:

» Never before released in this format, The IM Inside Track Diaries! I’ve taken 4 of the most popular and important categories, and extracted the best (long) articles from each category, to give you full sized books on the following:

  • Income Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Email Marketing

Though some of (but not all of) the individual articles contained in the diaries have been part of other volumes of our PLR, they have never been presented in this format, and unless you’ve purchased all of the previous 4 volumes, you’d be missing out on a large number of the articles contained inside the diaries. Each “diary” contains at least 28,000 words of content (as much as 48,000+ words). Extract from them, add to them, convert them to audio or video individually or in whole, publish as a full book, use in any of the ways detailed further down the page here. Or, just learn from them by reviewing a chapter or two a day to round out your online marketing training.

» Jason Fladlien/Robert Plank 16 full-content interview webinar transcripts (no pitch, of course) (4,800+ words each on average)

» 4 full eBooks written by Dennis Becker, from his best-seller list, so on topics already proven to sell (around 30,000 words each on average)

» PLUS, the icing on the delicious cake, a complete workshop, titled Content Repurposing Workshop, where you learn how best to repurpose not only this amazing content, but also anything you currently possess that you’ve created yourself or purchased elsewhere. This workshop sells for $37 on its own. No PLR rights are included to the workshop, but they are for the other components of this package.

First, inside 350,000 words of premium expert IM membership content You’ll Receive These 16 Premium Jason Fladlien/Robert Plank Interview Transcripts! Each averages around 4,800+ words…. ebook-sized… Crafted by the now-famous Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank. Imagine being a fly on the wall several years ago while 2 brilliant young, soon to be uber-successful IM gurus talked one-on-one, no holds barred, about what was working for them then, what plans they had for the future, their best ideas, totally uncensored. You won’t believe the amazing insights in these interviews! These are hefty, meaty full-length reports…. that you can break up into multiple installments, use to build your own authority site, and more (see 20 ways below)!

Additionally, in this volume I’m including 4 of Dennis Becker’s best selling books, with PLR rights just like the above content. Titles include: Unlock the Creator in You, Unlock the Ideas inside You, Week One Profits, Starting From Free. In all, another 119,000+ words of content that you can slice, dice, break up, use portions of in blog posts, and all the other things that the very liberal PLR license allows… and if you would like to resell these books for 100% profits, there is a low-cost enhancement available after this purchase that allows you to do so. The books sell for me on my site for up to $27 each, and I’ve sold well over 1000+ of them in total.

And don’t forget, you also get the Affiliate Marketing Diary, Income Generation Diary, Traffic Generation Diary, and the Email Marketing Diary. full book-sized compilations of some of the best content inside the IM Inside Track written and distributed over the years by Dennis Becker. Each diary is at least 28,000 words in length, up to over 48,000 words! But That’s Still Not All! Here’s the big PLUS: To help you get started on the right track, we’re including the entire Content Repurposing Workshop, a comprehensive course in PDF format that will help you make the most of the content you have, including the content you’re acquiring here. It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create–and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!

So, if you want to: Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clients–or your family!), Get leads and make more money from the same piece of content over and over again (This is a real thing–and I can show you how to do it!), Win more customers with less work!, Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative way? Then this is exactly what you need! And that’s exactly what you’re getting inside this 4 module, self-paced course. And it’s included with this latest, maybe best, certainly underpriced 350K Words Premium IM Content offer. All of those topics… already done for you…. waiting for you to claim as THE Marketing Expert of Choice! Just imagine that…. Instead of you having to spend literally months if not years mastering evergreen IM topics…. You’ll have the work already done for you, waiting for you to slap your name as the author and begin branding yourself! Think how much time that will save!

Check Here >>> 350K Words Expert IM Content PLR Volume 5 Review By Barb Ling & Dennis Becker – Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority” Starting Today!

Here’s 20 Ways You Can Use This Premium Content Today!

  • Add it into a paid membership site – Charge a monthly fee!
  • Add links and articles to the products – increase commissions on sales –
  • Add your byline to the products – share with other bloggers or even do guest blogging to create quality backlinks and traffic.
  • Brand everything as yours – increase your authority.
  • Combine all the content – Create pillar content blog posts.
  • Convert the content into podcasts – Profit from that medium
  • Convert the product chapters into podcasts – Create your own show
  • Create a coaching program from the material – and charge premium prices.
  • Create a monthly paid newsletter – Add it as an upsell to another offer.
  • Create a webinar from the content – pitch a mid-ticket related affiliate product.
  • Create lead magnets from the content – build your email list!
  • Create videos based on the material – upload them to all video sharing sites.
  • Develop a members only portal – Provide special training and charge a monthly fee.
  • Establish yourself as THE authority of choice – Build your reputation in your niche.
  • Make an eBook out of segments of the content – sell it and keep 100% of profits.
  • Monetize everything with your own specific affiliate links – share online.
  • Translate the material to a foreign language – create an authority site in other languages, so very few are doing this, you know.
  • Turn each chapter into a video article – Create video series
  • Use it as niche training in your seminars or webinars – Charge premium prices.
  • Use it on your authority sites – Build individual brand
  • Use it to train your VAs – profit faster!
  • Post articles or chapters, or parts of articles or chapters, to your blog on a regular basis. – The search engines will love it, and your followers will also, causing them (along with the new readers) to come back over and over (and of course you’ll want to monetize those posts somehow!
  • Hire a ghostwriter from Fiverr – Rewrite content, contact niche bloggers and offer them as unique posts.
  • Niche the content into a unique report – Use that as a lead gen.
  • Promote content as a Do It Yourself home study course – Charge premium
  • Publish the products offline – use it for local marketing)
  • Sell some as a “I Will Teach You” gig on Fiverr – Use others as upsell gigs
  • All of that PLR goodness you can claim as your very own… but we’re STILL not done, stacking up the value!

Inside 350K Words Expert IM Content PLR:

1. 78,200+ words of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank, now exclusively owned and operated by Dennis Becker

There are 16 long seminar transcripts (average is over 4,800 words each), on the following topics:

  • PLR Secrets
  • Instant Product Creation
  • Robert Plank on Video
  • Killer Offers, part 1
  • Killer Offers, part 2
  • Coaching
  • Be a Success, part 1
  • Be a Success, part 2
  • Double Your Money Back Guarantee
  • JV Giveaway Marketing
  • Negotiation Secrets
  • Day Job and Internet Marketing
  • Life Tips Jason Learned from a House Painter
  • The 9 in 9 Method for Your Product Line
  • Perfect Formula for Resale Rights Sales Letters
  • Tiny List, Big Profits

2. 4 full eBooks from Dennis Becker, former best-sellers on the Nanacast platform, total approximately 119,000 words.

  • Unlock the Creator in You!
  • Unlock the Ideas in You!
  • Week One Profits
  • Starting From Free

3. “Diaries”, which are compilations of articles previously published inside the paid IM Inside Track membership site, total approximately 154,000 words on the following core subject areas:

  • Affiliate Marketing Diary
  • Income Generation Diary
  • Traffic Generation Diary
  • Email Marketing Diary

Thus the total is over 350,000 words of premium content (super premium!) that can be used as the basis for:

  • Blog posts
  • Coaching and/or training
  • Paid membership site content
  • Bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate
  • Used as scripts for Youtube videos or podcasts, etc.

In total there are several dozen separate pieces of content, many are full book or short report length, but any or all of them can be sliced and diced into multiple parts, suitable for a year or more of ongoing content to deliver to a membership site. Or ideally, it can be used as inspiration for additional content with the buyer’s own personality injected. But that’s not all – to make it even MORE massive:

4. Here’s the “Plus More”… A workshop titled “Content Repurposing Workshop” (for the buyer’s personal use only, not PLR) to help them learn to repurpose the content they receive here, content they’ve created in the past, or other private label rights material currently occupying space on their hard drive, into cash-in-the-bank content.

The workshop alone sells for $37 normally. The rest of the content in this offer has not been sold with PLR before except as mentioned above for the diaries. Personal use only rights for just the 4 ebooks were $17 each or more.

So let us now ask you… How would it feel if you had hundreds of pages of ready-made content, each page tailor-made to the topic at hand…. and all you had to do was claim ownership and put it to use?

Are you imagining that?

Ready-made quality content… Most of it never before released…. Available to you within 30 seconds of purchasing….
You’re getting more than a YEAR’S supply of premium IM niche content! And what you’ll receive!

You will receive all of the source files packaged neatly in .docx format…. Note: Can be opened in MS Word, Apple Pages, Open Office or Libre Office, etc. And all you have to do is pick/choose from what topics you want to share… And then simply copy and paste them to your blog, membership site, etc. … And when you finally see your reputation growing…

That would make you feel so good, wouldn’t it?

Okay, here’s the thing, this is powerful stuff!

This will:

Drastically shorten the time to increase your authority online and put buy buttons up!

Provide you with over a YEAR’s worth of content you can use as you choose

ALL without having to write a smidgen of the content yourself!
But I can hear you about to ask me… what if I already purchased the 235K Words or the 320K Words or the 500K Words or the 325K words of content before? Do I need these extra 350K Words?

How much is enough?

You alone know the answer to that for your own purposes, but remember, “content is king” on the Internet,, and you can never have enough premium content.

If you purchased 235K Words and/or 320K Words and/or 500K Words, and/or 325K Words, you have enough for hundreds of blog posts or lessons in your membership or coaching program or podcasts or videos or lots of lead magnets or new reports for sale…. and now you’ll have more!

Remember, nothing was duplicated between volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, and now Volume 5 (except the diaries duplicate some previously released content but in a different format), so if you have all of these, you have way over 1.5 million words (!!!), and even if you don’t use them in memberships or in the other ways, you can learn from them, be inspired by them, and maybe some day you might use them for huge profit.

Plus, if you didn’t purchase the other volumes (yet), the diaries will give you great articles/books about some of the most important skills that online marketers are looking for. Right now, the price is as low as it ever will be, so don’t wait long to decide. Get 350K Words Expert IM Content PLR Volume 5 Now.

Check Here >>> 350K Words Expert IM Content PLR Volume 5 Review By Barb Ling & Dennis Becker – Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority” Starting Today!

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